Hilton Honors Full Point Awards At 60 Hotels February 28 & March 8, 2017 (Before And After Award Changes)

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When I wrote about the Points & Money award changes last week (read more here), I promised to have comparison between number of hotels how many points were required for awards on February 28 and after Hilton had moved to the new award schedule on March 1.

Hilton Points & Money

I just tabulated the differences for the hotels listed below and was somewhat surprised with the findings. Note that I searched for fifth night free awards for August 18 – 23, 2017.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Here’s the sample of 60 hotels:

Hilton Points & Money Changes 1Hilton Points & Money Changes 2

Those hotels that don’t have any changes are likely at their “category” maximum price.

When Hilton Honors announced this change and removed all the award categories, they promised that no one hotel would cost more than their previous category maximum. How long this will last? Nobody knows.

These variable award prices are tied to the paid rates charges at the hotel. I would assume that Hilton’s goal in the medium term would be to link the award prices directly to the paid rates dynamically and remove the category ceiling.

This change is beneficial for those that book cheap hotels using points. Your point is valued around half a cent each. There won’t be difference for those that always book during the high season when the paid rates are expensive. The point price is then at the category maximum.

Losers are those that book hotels that are expensive that previously weren’t pricing at the category maximum, as was my booking for the Hilton Reykjavik that went up by 50% by this change. The previous Points & Cash awards that were often good value are scrapped and replaced

Previously there were no advantage of booking an award room early besides availability that may disappear. Now that the non-maximum rates are directly tied to the paid ones, booking early ma save you points.

Here are the previous award categories with seasonal pricing:

Hilton HHonors Award Category Changes December 30, 2014 Standard Room Rewards


I am not personally sure if I like this change or not. The sample above indicates that on average for these hotels and the August dates, the price using points has gone down and often significantly.

My personal use of points is different, however. I only use them when the paid rates are very expensive and using points makes most sense. As long as Hilton Honors keeps the previous category maximums in place and don’t move hotels up in award categories that are supposedly abolished, this change is mostly non-event for me.

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  • JJ

    So in your sample 34 hotels went down, 11 went up and the rest were unchanged. Not bad at all IMO. I’m quite happy with the changes in the hotels I want. Almost all have gone done. The added bonus especially when you add in tax and resort fee’s that some hotels have; you still come out way ahead when using points and 5th night free.

    • Jovan UK

      And it is a sample for a specific date[s] only.

      I was looking at London earlier today as well, 2 weeks from now, and one night at Conrad is 120k points [or more], not down to 53k.

  • Grider

    Daaaamit i was planing to visit Asia that year but planes got changed. And now every asian hotel i was interested as a Diamond has gone up significantly, two of them by 50% :(. But some of the gone down with pricing. Now i need to visit Hilton Berlin :D.

  • Alun Hill

    Really useful list, thank you!

    Fascinating, and perhaps understandable, to see Paris rates drop.

    Can’t understand re Netherlands, but useful for me!


  • Robert Kennedy

    Am I correct in saying that unless the hotel you are booking is at its category ceiling points price, you will not be able to get greater than .05c a point value with redemptions?

    Or to put it another way, points are now just pseudo cash to use at a set rate EXCEPT when the hotel has reached its points cap?

    This means buying hilton points at .05c each in one of their promos will only save you money if you book a hotel that has reached its cap. Otherwise you break even.

    If they do get rid of the cap in the medium term, then the Hilton program is essentially the same as the Accor program for redemption’s. I lose interest in reward schemes that just give you points that can be used at a fixed rate against cash prices of hotel rooms.

    • Remember that you get fifth night free and the award cancellation rules are likely less onerous than paid ones. Otherwise, I would say that you assessment is correct.

  • Dr.Florida

    Cool…all my Asian Hotels up….lovely (WA Shanghai, Conrad HK)
    And the 16000 of Doubletree BKK , not when I want it lol
    Nice List ! Good Job

  • Dr.Florida

    A question….is there any way to decide the amount of points and money a guest wants to use? Wasn’t there a tool ?

    • You can do that on Hilton’s website. You can basically use any number of Hilton Honors points towards a paid rate at 0.5 cents per point value.

  • Thanks for putting this together. It is interesting to see the changes that happened. At least there were some savings!

  • Holiday_Hero

    I have seen a huge number of standard rewards not offered even when standard room paid for stays are available (and were available before march). Leaving just premium rooms and 60% more points to book.

    Is this an accident? Or a business move.