Reader Question: Avianca Flight Delay, Separate Tickets & $1,100 Fee?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a Tweet regarding am Avianca flight delay issue that caused missed connection on separate ticket and $1,100 fee?

Reader Question Avianca Flight Delay

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Here’s the Tweet from the reader:

‘Bad weather’ was 2 hours of fog in GUA. They then used aircraft for other flights resulting in 11 hr delay to ours.

Response I got from @Avianca after 11hr delay in FRS no food/water/wifi and had to pay $1100 to rebook flight home. thoughts?

Here’s the response from Avianca to the reader:

AV Response

Avianca’s responsibility is to transport the reader to the destination on the Avianca ticket. Seems that there was an unfortunate delay (first due to fog) and perhaps the airline chose to use the aircraft to some other destination.

Airlines swap planes all the time to minimize the disruption to the network. Sometimes this may play to your advantage while other times it doesn’t.

You always need to be very careful when flying on separate tickets. In case of long-haul flights, I try to book myself to arrive to the destination the previous day.

Seems that based on the Avianca’s response that the other flight was on Delta.


Unfortunate situation here. Avianca may throw some Lifemiles to the reader for the inconvenience caused, but they don’t owe any cash compensation, however.

There are pros and cons for flying on separate tickets (you can usually save a lot), but you always must be able and willing to buy a new ticket in case of missed connection.

Yesterday, I wrote about Cathay Pacific that again is willing to check bags through on separate tickets. Thought that it would be time to remind readers what might happen when things don’t work in your favor.

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  • Hassan

    John – thanks for covering this and big fan of your blog! My issue really is that they left us in a stranded airport (FRS has two flights a day) with no access to food/water/internet and blamed the weather even though it really was a scheduling decision that resulted in the 10 hour delay. What I expected from them was an apology and some lifemiles (whatever can justify that $1100 fee I paid), but as you can see in the response, all I got was a ‘sorry not your fault’.

    This is in contrast to Delta, where they forgot my special meal on a 3.5 hour flight and offered me 15,000 SkyMiles for the inconvenience!

    • Richard Kempton

      This is where travel delay insurance, whether bought or with your credit card used to purchase the tickets is handy. I had a missed flight a few years ago with separate tickets, my credit card insurance covered my hotel, meals and cost of replacement ticket.

      • You just need to read the fine print how they cover issues that may be result of flying on separate tickets. These are policy specific.

    • Gaurav Arora

      Always buy travelers insurance! It’s relatively cheap and covers a lot of situations 🙂

    • mishutkas

      This is exactly the case why for long haul I prefer to book ticket on same alliance at least.
      So far, has never had problems with Star Alliance, if lufthansa arrives late, SAS always rebook me on next flight. Same with anyone else from *A.

  • Danny

    This is a good reminder for all of us who purchase a second ticket. Buy it with a credit card with trip delay protection or a separate insurance cover. Thanks for the write up.