Why I Didn’t Go For 5,000 BA Tier Points This Year?

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My British Airways Executive Club Tier Points (TPs) collection year ended yesterday on March 8, 2017, and ended up standing at 4,460 TPs for the past 12 months.

BA Tier Points

British Airways requires 1,500 TPs for Gold status (Oneworld Emerald), but offers additional benefits such as upgrade certificates, Gold Guest List status and Concorde Room Card (CRC) for reaching a higher number.

A year ago, I was standing at roughly the same number of TPs a couple of months before my membership year ended and decided that it was worth pushing for the 5,000 for at least that time. The Gold Guest List requires 5,000 TPs for the first year and a minimum of 3,000 for subsequent ones.

Based on my travels, it is not difficult to get 3,000 TPs in but 5,000 would be a stretch because I do fly on Star Alliance and SkyTeam too depending on price and convenience.

The only additional benefit for reaching the 5,000 TPs would have been the Concorde Room Card for an additional 12 months. Most of my Oneworld flying beyond using my upgrade certificates are not on BA metal so the CRC doesn’t provide me that much. Also, the current card that I got in the mail is valid through 2018 anyway (no idea why).


I used to credit all my Oneworld travel to American Airlines AAdvantage program, but made the change a couple of years back when BA benefits started to be superior (for my travel patterns). I also have more than 2 million lifetime miles banked with AA (before they made the change) and thus lifetime AAdvantage Platinum status (Oneworld Sapphire).

If I continue my travels at the current level, I should be able to earn lifetime British Airways Gold status in five or six years (if this option is still around at the time).

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  • Danny

    John, what were your most fruitful flights to earn TPs in 2016?

    • I booked more than 10 Malaysia Airlines business class tickets when they had the great sale ex-BKK/HKT and used it also to shuttle between Asia and Europe.

      Had great Qantas fare ex-WAW to AKL that was mostly on EK metal besides LHR-DXB segments (EK that is QF coded credits to all Oneworld programs). WAW-LHR-DXB-BKK-SYD-AKL and back in Business. Earned plenty of TPs are free stopovers along the way.

      BA flights that I upgraded to F using the vouchers. When you do the booking using a TA, these book into paid A (and you get the TPs associated with the F too) and there is no need for award availability in F like if you book directly with BA.

      • Wes Holland

        Hey John – can you further explain the voucher / TA thing? I don’t get it and am new to this game!

        • You can earn upgrade vouchers with BA for reaching certain number of Tier Points. These vouchers are valid for return travel and flights (most) need to be on BA metal and/or coded.

          If you book via travel agent, the upgrades book into revenue fare classes in business or first. If you do this via BA, there needs to be availability in the award business or first fare class (much more difficult). You earn miles and Tier Points for the business or first (upgraded fare class) when the ticket is issued via travel agent.