Orbitz Flight Price Guarantee Case: Travelocity Price 3 Cents Less

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Orbitz, which is merely a skin of Expedia nowadays, also has a Price Guarantee program that promises to match the lower price and throw in a $50 in Orbucks (Orbitz’ own loyalty program currency that can be used towards prepaid hotels).

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee

There are several different rules depending if you are price matching hotel (must be 48 hours before scheduled check in), hotel and air package (must be within 48 hours of making the purchase) or in the case of a pure flight ticket purchase (within 24 hours). I have used the Orbitz guarantee a number of times for flights and it generally works as intended.

You can access Orbitz here.

I needed to book a flight last week from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro for this past Tuesday. There are several airlines operating these flights and I couldn’t really care less whether I would be on Latam, Gol or Azul.

Orbitz Azul GRU-SDU Price

So, I decided to purchase this Azul flight that was pricing at $49.13 on Orbitz.

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Travelocity

And just 3 cents less on Travelocity which is also merely a skin of Expedia.

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Travelocity Form

Filed the Best Price Guarantee form on the website.

Orbitz Azul GRU-SDU Form Confirmation

After submitting the form, there was a note that someone would look at the claim within 48 hours.

Orbitz Azul GRU-SDU Email Confirmation

Also received a confirmation by email.

Orbitz Best Price Guarantee Travelocity Reply

Ten hours later, received a message that the claim had been deemed valid.

Things to note:

1. It is easiest to match various Expedia owned websites against each other (Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity & Cheaptickets)

2. Make sure that the flights and prices are both clearly shown on the screenshot that you include with the submission

3. Orbitz credits a maximum of 3 Best Price Guarantee $50 Orbucks to your account per calendar month. These are credited after the flights are flown. Be careful that you don’t exceed this.


I prefer the Orbitz and Cheaptickets Best Price Guarantee programs over Expedia’s and Travelocity’s because they deposit the award to your loyalty balance rather than issue a coupon like the latter two do.

Orbitz Best Price Guaratee Orbuck History

Considering the number of flights that I purchase every year, it is easy to earn several hundreds of dollars in these guarantees and later use them towards hotel bookings where there are no chain hotels or independent hotels are better service, location, property or price wise.

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  • disqust101

    Orbitz needs to implement steps to stop this sort of gaming. Make it a minimum percentage difference (maybe 1%). What is likely happening is simply a rounding error or slightly different fx rate being used. Sad you scam companies like this.

    • Scam? There is a price difference and filed for the Best Price Guarantee per their T&Cs.

      • MWDB

        Come on John; 3 cents on a USD 49 fare, that’s 0.06%……

      • Daniel Kinnoch

        It’s alright John…. we all know the silent majority will do this for sure! While I agree it would make good business sense to tighten up the terms, they at least still earn commission off any further spend you make on the website for accommodation.

        I had a massive issue with Hyatt recently, where they were refusing to price match a claim for the Hyatt Centric Loop in Chicago. There was clearly a price difference of several hundred between their best flexible rate and the best flexible rate on Expedia owned sites (e.g. Wotif, Expedia, Lastminute, being AU/NZ). It was hilarious watching their attempts to get around their guarantee – they said that the rate on Expedia wasn’t eligible because it was a ‘special’ …. um isn’t that the point? Then they said that Lastminute wasn’t eligible – but they had checked the wrong site (lastminutetravel.com, being completed unrelated). Then they checked Lastminute again but the UK site, not the NZ one. Then they finally came back and said that they don’t match rates that are in NZ dollars, because their rate is in US… and I had to point out there T&Cs that they clearly even accommodate for currency conversions.

        I finally decided to kick up a public stink on Twitter with the screenshots of the emails, and low and behold they finally matched Wotif and gave me the 25% off – ended up being an absolute steal. But what was ironic is Wotif is essentially just a different skin for all the other sites, so why they matched them and not the others.

        Rant over!

      • Stefan_In_Vienna

        yes, but I think one can overdo it a bit. I wouldn’t bother with a difference that small. Basically by playing on the T&Cs, you flew for free and still had some additional money on top.

    • Brian

      It’s not a scam as such, but it’s obviously very much against the spirit of such best rate guarantees – it’s because of people like John that companies like Hilton and IHG make it practically impossible to file a successful BRG claim. It would be better if people used these BRGs for the purpose intended, without exploiting them too much. But this sort of thing is what I’d expect from the people running this site.

  • Richard

    One day I will pursue the price guarantees. Other options have proved to be the better options. Unclear if I have the patience to pursue the price guarantees. I have extremely successful booking endless first class international flights for the price of economy…

  • jfk

    “Total Orbucks issued are limited to the total amount spent on the booking (excluding taxes and fees). If the amount spent on the booking is less than the amount of Orbucks you are eligible to receive, then the Orbucks will be capped at an amount equal to the amount spent on the booking (excluding taxes and fees).” Seems that they forgot to apply this.