World Of Hyatt: The First Ten Days – What’s Your Stay Experience?

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It’s been ten days now since Hyatt Hotels launched the new World of Hyatt loyalty program after they scrapped the popular Gold Passport, much to the disdain of their customers.

The LoyaltyLobby Team has since stayed at various Hyatt Hotels around the world to test how the properties behave when it comes to the new benefits of Hyatt Globalist such as suite upgrades.

The Hyatt program was very popular for many years even though award categories crept up over the years and hotels often try to cheapen out on benefits promised under the elite schedules.

A few weeks ago Hyatt sent out an email outlining the benefits of the new elite levels including Hyatt Globalist (former Diamond). See our article about it here.

Since then the new loyalty scheme started and as promised by Hyatt the free night for hotels Cat 1-7 has already been deposited into the account, just as the four Suite Upgrade Certificates.

The new benefits have also been in effect since March 1st which are the following for Globalist members.

The most critical issue under this new framework will be the unlimited suite upgrade perk subject to availability at the time of check-in.

Here our experiences during the past ten days:

Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi: No Suite Upgrade offered, when pushing the front desk a spacious full front sea view was offered which was quite nice and satisfactory. Used 4PM Late Check-Out. No welcome amenity whatsoever, not even a welcome letter.

Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi: Suite Upgrade offered at check-in and the Duty Manager welcomed me enthusiastically as ‘the second Globalist member the hotel received’. Great service!

Hyatt Regency Sydney, Darling Harbor: Suite on a lower floor offered but it didn’t have a balcony so Kevin declined the Suite Upgrade. He mentioned the new lounge is pretty nice.

Grand Hyatt Bangkok: Grand Executive Suite offered. No complications.

Grand Hyatt Singapore: No Suite Upgrade offered, but placed in “Grand Deluxe” room which they consider a Junior Suite.  Same upgrade as Diamond and room type is truer to an actual suite than other properties so-called “junior suites”.

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur: No Suite Upgrade offered. Hotel argued with the guest that no suites are available despite online booking options showed Grand Suites for sale. After pushing them management reluctantly gave out the suite and then hassled the guest for company ID corresponding to his rate which he was able to provide.

I really don’t like the complete absence of any form of welcome recognition at some hotels such as the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi which (let’s be honest) isn’t a ‘real’ Park Hyatt in my opinion to begin with. Such resorts should not bear the Park Hyatt brand.


As expected the experience of our test stays so far is mediocre to average at best. I talked to many hotel managers and my assessment and advise to them was that customers, especially former Diamond and current Globalist elites will push the property for each of the benefits after Hyatt already scrapped many of the nice perks such as the welcome amenity of either points or food and beverage.

If hotels don’t like this then their beef should be with Jeff Zidell and his team, not the guest who themselves feel to be on the short end of the stick. Have you stayed at a Hyatt hotel as one their new elite levels? What was your experience?

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  • agpb

    Out of two attempts to use the guaranteed upgrades and two regular check-ins, all in California, I’ve received zero suite upgrades. I did not push it at checkin.

  • Christian

    No stays yet, but then again I’m still waiting for the Globalist welcome package. I got an Explorist package, and was promised that the correct one was already mailed. A week later, still nothing.

  • kerrigjl

    1 check in at Scottsdale Gainey Ranch, no Palm Suites available, and the manager on duty wouldn’t authorize a hospitality suite. Got a club king (upgraded from the most basic room). Free water, club access as expected. On a conference rate.

  • Phil

    Grand Hyatt Santiago de Chile, no suites “available”, was even downgraded to low floor noisy room. Turndown service not offered anymore.

    • This property has gone downhill and were still doing renovations when I visited last time at the end of 2016.

      • Phil

        The renovation is far from finished yet, the renovated rooms are pleasant and practical but you are in the wing where they are still working. With the Sheraton continuing its renovation the choice is slim.

  • Me

    Whoa!!!! Hyatt is reneging on the offer to allow people to qualify for diamond in Jan & feb. and transfer to globalist.
    I qualified for diamond on stays in Feb. Because my last stay didn’t post until march 1 (it was completed in feb) I transitioned into the lesser status and was manually upgraded. However it was in name only. I only have 4 club passes and didn’t receive the upgrades.
    Hyatt has decided not to honor their word and confer status if your stays post in march. If i re qualify under the new term I can earn the status.
    This was a conscience decision to screw people because they offer those affected 30k points to use towards upgrades.

    • Escalate it to Jeff Zidell or Hope McCain. Worst case take legal action but I don’t think it has to come to that. Hyatt Customer Service is very inconsistent these days.

    • David Lin

      Thanks for the update. I also just make it to 50 nights in Feb and trying to reach out to Hyatt Concierge to see if they can transfer me to globalist. keep my fingers cross!

      • Jack Stonebridge

        I am getting no where with Hyatt Customer Service on this point after crossing the line in February

        • mary

          My husband and I each had 25 stays by the end of February. Hyatt posted the last of them after March 1st so we were manually upgraded to the Globalist level but without the benefits that went with the name.

          After much effort on my part, we received 60,000 points per account but no upgrades.

          Over on Doctor of Credit there’s an attorney’s offer to look at travel related problems. I posted on our Hyatt experience there.

          Perhaps we should let him know there are a number of us and if we all band together, perhaps we could get Hyatt to do the right thing.

          • mary

            Received a phone call from Hyatt corporate today (after posting here and at Doctor of Credit) and my husband and my situation has been resolved to our satisfaction.

  • John Everett

    I booked the Hyatt Lake Tahoe resort and asked for a suite upgrade. I was told that I could have a suite upgrade and would get an email in two hours. Two days went by and I received no email and still showed four suite upgrades in my bank. I called again and they said that the department was running behind and I would not be receiving an email. A week later and I still show four suite upgrades in my bank. I imagine I won’t have a suite when I get to Tahoe.

  • JR

    Stayed at Hyatt Regency Hill Country in San Antonio, March 2-6. Received upgrade to Hill Country Suite, 634 sq ft suite, which includes a private king bedroom, full-size sofa bed, large sitting area and table for 4. I made sure I mentioned I was a Globalist. But this was the slow season.

    The Front Desk was very courteous and had a “cheat sheet” with the World of Hyatt categories and benefits.

    I doubt seriously with a longer stay of 4 days plus, one will see an upgrade. Financially for Hyatt, not feasible. For long stays best option is off season or get short upgrade and then room hop. Short stays will be best of luck, my guess. Diamond member for 10 consecutive years.

    Last year, I lost 3 upgrades.

  • Karim

    Just completed a five night stay at the Park Hyatt in Seoul, South Korea and used a DSU to guarantee a suite. I noticed lots of suites available a few days before checking in so I emailed the hotel asking if I would be upgraded to a suite without using a DSU but they told me there was no guarantee. During my stay I inquired whether I would have been upgraded to a suite without a DSU and was told that the upgrade would’ve only been to a better regular room. It seems that every year I waste a DSU so I didn’t mind using one for this day. The service was fantastic and breakfast of course was included which was a buffet and a few items that you could order from a menu. They also offerd complementary drinks, nuts, and a small snack of a few chips, dried fruit, and some beef jerky from 6 PM until 8 PM at the Timber House which is their Japanese restaurant/ bar. For a Park Hyatt to offer limited cocktails in the evening is an extra perk which is not guaranteed since there is no lounge.

    • PH Seoul is a weird property in my opinion. They also play games with their suite availability and other things. Management there is horrible and the pool pathetic. Glad you enjoyed your stay though. For a five night stay I’d always use a DSU to be on the save side. The new Suite Upgrade function is good for award stays which can’t be upgraded in advance.

  • Not Me

    In relation to the GH KL: I stayed in mid-Feb and, while checking in, the lounge agent asked my opinion of WoH; they had just gone through training. I stated my concern that the ‘best room available’ upgrade was ripe for gaming by the hotel and she just smiled in a way that indicated agreement. Dollars to doughnuts hotels will be renaming/limiting their entry level suites before long.

  • Delta Segment Flyer

    Only been staying at Hyatt Places so far , last night I realized I was not even offered the free water. Was to tired to go and get it.

  • Syed Hussain Taha

    I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta on 10 March simply to test if the hotel would provide me a suite upgrade. Unfortunately they didn’t (despite showing availability on online booking) and simply upgraded me to a Grand Club room which is the standard with Diamond membership. I was of course upset and made a complaint. The receptionist said that it is Grand Hyatt Jakarta policy only to upgrade to Grand Club room, so I told her to read the Globalist terms and conditions. Obviously she was not in a position to do anything so she said she will ask the duty manager to call me later. The manager called me later and offered an upgrade to the Grand Suite. He further said that the hotel has limited Grand Suite and not their policy to upgrade Globalist to a standard suite. He couldn’t argue with me when I read the terms and conditioned and later suggested that his receptionist may not have been trained properly. I then told him to stop giving excuses and said that he will face the same situation when other Globalist check into the hotel next time.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me that you need to “fight” to get the promised upgrade. They also use fictious exchange rate from USD to IDR.

  • Neal

    This evolution from GP to WoH will be a case study for marketing students to use as an example of how NOT do things; the logo looks amateurish, the elite levels are confusing and there is nothing aspirational to encourage more stays, especially to Hyatt. Very strange. And that is on top of all the cuts in perks during the name change/rebranding.

  • Flyboy

    After 18 years with GP and almost 11 years as Diamond, I had to bid farewell to this programme. There simply aren’t enough perks for me to stay at a Hyatt anymore. I’m aiming for my lifetime Platinum Starwood status this year and then its just Starwoods, Marriotts and the occasional Hilton for me.

  • Ian MacKenzie

    I have stayed at two Hyatt Regency properties in the same country since 1 March.
    Suite upgrade not offered at either property
    One hotel was very full so no complaints but other hotel probably 50-60% capacity (and I have very regularly got a suite upgrade in the past). The second hotel also defaulted me to standard Wi-Fi instead of premium. (I appreciate the premium service as FaceTime home / business etc rarely functions on standard). I complained about the Wi-Fi and the hotel I.T. guy manually reset my MAC addresses and access.
    Next up are 2 consecutive weekend award stays at Hyatt Regency Churchill London …..

  • Ian MacKenzie

    And no new WOH welcome pack / Globalist membership card … yet …

  • Fellow Traveler

    In India, at both Andaz New Delhi and Hyatt Regency Chandigarh, I received Globalist suite upgrades at check-in without needing to ask (though I had added a note to my reservation that a Globalist suite upgrade would be appreciated). Each stay was for two nights. Suites at both properties are tasteful and modern (and especially nice at the Andaz).

    • The Andaz really is an airport property. Stayed at the Marriott (or was it JW) next door last year.

  • Bader

    Checking in at the Grand Hyatt Seuol next week. I sent them an email for Globalist Suite Upgrade and they did confirmed it. Very happy.

  • Pamela Oestreich

    Checked into Grand Hyatt Tokyo last night for 6 night stay using a Suite Upgrade. Upon awakening and opening the shades, I realized my “view” was of a wall and window washing equipment. My last stay at this property, e were given a corner suite with gorgeous views of the city. Went to the lounge for breakfast and spoke to the concierge about changing my room – was told that under the new World of Hyatt program, this was the category of suite that given for upgrades and that they were all on lower floors. Apparently they used to give Grand Executive Suite, but now just the Grand King Suite. Did have a plate of perfect strawberries as well as a nice bottle of Bordeaux. As I am writing this, the assistant manager at the Lounge called and they are upgrading me to the Grand Executive Suite (originally told me they could do it for JPY20,000 per night). I have always been impressed with the service at this hotel and I must say, they have stepped up once again. I have been a Diamond/Globalist for 8 years and am beginning to question whether it is time to move on to another chain such as Starwood- always felt that Hyatt’s program was one of the best, but since the inception of WOH, can no longer say that.