Reader Question: IHG PointBreaks – Only Two Reservation Max Two Nights Each Per Hotel?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question by email about IHG Rewards PointBreaks. How many reservations and nights each member is allowed to book at any of the hotels?

Reader Question IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks

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You can access IHG Rewards Club PointBreaks here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

The new point breaks states one is only allowed 2 two night stays with Point Breaks. I have called them and get different answers as to what that means. One stated I could only stay a TOTAL OF 4 NIGHTS AT THE SAME point break HOTEL. The other stated I could only stay twice at the hotel regardless of days in a row. Do you know their new policy? I do not want to lose all my points and status.

Here are the IHG Rewards Club Terms & Conditions that deal with PointBreaks awards:

IHG® Rewards Club PointBreaks is a Reward Nights special offer. PointBreaks are Reward Nights priced at 5,000 points at selected hotels for a limited period of time, instead of the standard redemption rate. IHG® Rewards Club PointBreaks Reward Nights are based on availability and PointBreaks locations may be added or deleted at any time. Due to the limited availability, each member may only book two PointBreaks Reward Nights reservations per hotel during the special offer time period. The PointBreaks special offer may be restricted, suspended, modified, or substituted at any time without notice. Reward Nights booked through PointBreaks may not be sold or used for commercial gains. Doing so is a program violation and may result in the freezing of your account, the forfeiture of all point transfers, rewards, vouchers, or merchandise issued pursuant to point redemptions and any accrued points or miles in your account, as well as cancellation of the account and your future participation in the Program. All other Reward Nights terms and conditions apply.

The Terms and Conditions are very clear about this issue and I have covered it every time the new PointBreaks are released. Not sure why readers keeps getting different answer on each and every call from IHG employees in Manila.

Member can book TWO reservations for each PointBreaks hotels. Each of these two reservations can be for as many nights as the person would like to stay or availability exists. There is no limit how many days each of the reservations can include.

In the past, you could make as many reservations as you wish (many did this – myself included) and then just cancel the nights that you didn’t need when your plans firmed up. This no longer works.


I would like to make this crystal clear for all of our readers. A member can have maximum two reservations for each of the PointBreaks hotels. There is no limit on the number of nights booked.

Not quite sure why there is still confusion surrounding this booking restriction surrounding PointBreals hotels. Only the number of reservations that one should make is limited to two (system still allows anyone to make any number of bookings).

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  • Richard

    Cancellations are an issue. Speculative bookings are an issue. Unclear if checking out prior to the end of the booking is a good thing or not a good thing. The arrival and departure are often determined by the availability of airline award availability. The option no longer exists to adjust the dates unless PointBreak dates are available.

  • broguy

    In addition to the limit of two reservations, each reservation can be for only one room. Perhaps this is die to the IHG reservations system that ultimately assigns a separate confirmation number for each room before check-in. I tried to get two sets of two rooms at a PointBreaks location last month, but could only get one room in each PointBreaks reservation.

  • Boobaholic

    There has definitely been an availability issue over recent years and this has needed to be addressed. One of the issues being the quality of the list has plummeted and as such the very few desirable properties are booked up within minutes.

    Further to this a meaningful number of people do seem to make speculative bookings immediately and then figure out which they want to actually attend, cancelling days or weeks later with that availability not going back on the list. Perhaps IHG could have brought in a rule to address this; putting the availability back and penalising the booker if they do it more than once over a couple of years.

    I’ve never booked a points break deal but I do keep hold of points in the hope something comes up I fancy. Reducing nights to 2 is a shame but will help address part of the availability problem.

    • The number of nights has not been reduced to two per PB hotel. Only the number of reservations one should make has.

      They could always make PointBreaks hotels non-refundable that could be a fair solution IMHO.

  • Kflik

    if they want to increase availability of Points Break nights in most popular hotels, they could e.g. restrict Point Breaks nights in best hotels (IC, CP) only for Elite members.

    Another option would be to add e.g. 50USD fee which would be given back to the customer in form of food/beverge voucher.

    • The problem is that their system cannot handle such a restriction and not sure if they are willing to use some cash to implement something like it. Would make sense IMHO.