IHG Rewards Club E-Rewards No Longer Elite Qualifying Points

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IHG Rewards Club seems to have changed what counts and what doesn’t towards Elite Qualifying Points that are used to determine one’s status in the program.

IHG Rewards Club E-Rewards No Longer Elite Qualifying Points

Last week, I wrote (access here) about a reader’s case where the point deposits from the dining program changed from qualifying to non-qualifying. This same apparently happened to points from E-Rewards too.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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I have tried to get a clarification from IHG spokesperson:

For the purposes of determining Elite status, IHG® Rewards Club points are classified as either Qualifying Points or Non-Qualifying Points. Qualifying Points, which count toward Elite status, are those earned from:

· Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays

· Spend on IHG® Rewards Club credit cards

· Select partner activities

· IHG® Rewards Club Bonus Points Packages

· Qualified Spend through IHG® Business Rewards are considered Qualifying Points and are counted toward Elite status.”

IHG Rewards Club is not able (or willing) to provide a list of partners for which activity still counts towards elite status.


It would be better for all if they could provide a list of partner activities that count and don’t count towards IHG Rewards Club elite status.

Changing something suddenly without giving any advance notice for program members is not a good thing. At least the member above was able to get IHG Rewards Club to change them to Elite Qualifying Points one time.

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  • AngelynnD

    Thank you for this post! I have been e-mailing and calling them nonstop for the past 2 days only to get vague answers that just made me even more confused to the point where I thought I was the only one that was going crazy lol. I had recently just signed up with IHG Rewards in January and I was disappointed that my latest 4,000 points from e-Rewards didn’t go to my Elite Qualifying Points. Good to finally know, but still disappointed as well that I wasn’t informed. :-/

    • You can push IHG and perhaps get them to repost them as Elite qualifying. This change was not well (no communication a all) communicated to the program members.

      • tvlr_

        ER T&C just updated and clearly stated, “IHG Rewards Club Points earned through e-Rewards do not count towards Elite tier status”. Period.

        • Those that made transfers before T&Cs were changed can contact IHG to have them post these as elite qualifying. Have worked for some.

  • Viktor

    Well, I’m wondering if this should be a ‘class-action’ type of response directed at IHG on this. This is a change of the terms and conditions as far as what constitute IHG status ‘qualifying points’ is concerned. This happened to me too on my e-Reward conversion to IHG points last week.

    • They should have given clear advance warning when this change would take in place and they haven’t.

  • Jason

    I have had so many issues in the last few years with IHG Spire Royal Ambassador program I have just about given up. The rules are not consistent and the continual calls to the Philippines call centre and the frustration of long holds are just not worth the trouble. What IHG seems to have forgotten is we do have choices and IHG has gone from my first choice to my fourth choice in the 235 nights on the road I spend each year. It used to be such a great program and now its just a mess. No membership kit or a delay for 17 months was really the final straw. How can they justify this mess???? Now this rate qualifies this one doesn’t this spend isn’t qualifying its just a headache. By the way was I the only one who did not get any points or status for Vila Roma last 2 months of operation? I and several of my colleagues got no points for these stays, or perhaps they were mailed with the membership kits!

  • AngelynnD

    UPDATE: just checked my IHG Rewards status now, and they “magically”
    gave me credit 2 days ago for all my e-Rewards points made last month.
    Hoping they did the same for all of you. I doubt we’ll get credit for future rewards points made through e-Rewards, but at least we got credit for the ones made before the switch.

    • That is fantastic. They really should be clearer with member communication and not make any changes without prior communication to its members.