Reader Question: Hilton Honors Diamond Status Match?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader send us a question regarding the Hilton Honors Diamond status match that we most recently wrote about here.

Reader Question Hilton Honors Diamond Status Match

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You can access Hilton’s status related benefits here and the match page here.

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Here’s the message from the reader:

A couple of questions on the HHonors gold and diamond status match. I was accepted for the diamond which requires 8 stays in 90 days; can points & cash nights count as a stay towards this status match? If I only have 4 stays will they extend gold status instead?

Hilton Honors has on-going very popular status match program that give you Gold or Diamond status up front and then you have 90 days to complete 4 or 8 stays after which your status is extended until March 2019.

The good thing that all kind of stays will count towards completing the challenge: paid, full awards or the new Points & Money.

Here’s snippet what Hilton Honors emails you after you sign up for the challenge:

If you complete 8 stays in 90 days, by April 25, 2017, Diamond status will be extended through March 31, 2019 or if you complete 4 – 7 stays in 90 days, status will only downgrade one level to Gold status, valid through March 31, 2019.

So, doing four stays would only drop the status to Gold and valid through March 2019! I would, however, try to do the 8 stays to get the Diamond status extended.


Hilton Honors status match program is very generous and the status is valid through March 2019 (essentially for two years). Also, all kind of stays count including full awards.

The reader should just do some hotel hopping to get the stays in.

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  • HBG

    Is Hilton Honors Diamond Status Match/Challenge (like this) only ONCE in a lifetime? Meaning, if we did it in the past, can we do it again now? (since I did not qualify for a one-time Diamond extension).

  • Zixuan Huang

    I tried matching it with my Accor Gold and Marriott Gold – neither of them get approved. Thoughts?

    • Well. Marriott Gold should qualify for the HH Gold match. Did you request that or the Diamond one?

  • Ramitran

    Got my Hilton Diamond status expiring after the end of month. Is there any possible status match options available nowadays?

    • You could always do GOld fast track or see if they are willing to do Diamond fast track.

      IMHO Hilton is still good value if you combine bonus point promotions with one of the airline ones.

  • Boobaholic

    “If you complete 8 stays in 90 days, by April 25, 2017” …….is this date relevant to all of us or just happens to be 90 days after the sign up date of the customer who this communication was copied from ??
    Is April 25th a cut off date for all of us irrelevant of the 90 days ?

    2nd question; I’m already Diamond from a status match (from Accor Platinum) 2years back without a stay requirement. My Diamond is due to run out soon. Can I take up a status match again ?? And can I do it whilst I’m still Diamond or should I wait until I drop down in status ?


    • This was just an example. Your challenge period is 90 days after they have signed you up.

      You can always try to do another status match/challenge and see what they say.

  • Robbie

    I submitted my documentation for status match on a Sunday, hoping they would get it done prior to a trip/stay on Wednesday I had planned. I even called, expressed my gratitude if they would check for me since it was a special occasion and would love to take advantage of being diamond, and they submitted a case for me. I got the letter saying congrats your diamond but not until like 9 days after I submitted it.

    I’m going to assume no, but would that stay apply to the required 8? It happened during the time submitted and time finished. I’m thinking they will say the required stays will be after the status upgrade date which saddens me.

    • Not much you can do unfortunately. You can always drop them an email and ask if they could apply it.

  • Steve

    I’ve just completed the challenge (had until April 10th) and no extension to my Diamond expiry yet. I have another stay next week that is after the promotion expiry so hope the status gets extended promptly and I don’t miss out on benefits then. Does anyone have any info on how long it took for their status to be extended after completing the challenge?

    • It should be extended within 7 days. Give it couple of days after the last stay has posted and give them a call/send an email if the status hasn’t been extended.

  • cloudybay

    I am a gold member with Marriott Rewards and just got matched to Gold by HHonors. Is there anyway I can get a diamond statu with HHonors? Thanks.