Award Success: Japan Airlines Domestic Flight Tokyo-Osaka For Only 4500 Avios Plus $2 Tax (Economy Class)


This week our Award Success series features a domestic flight in Japan operated by JAL (Japan Airlines) which I was able to book for only 4500 British Airways Avios instead of a $180 revenue fare.

Avios Redemptions through British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) are calculated based on distance and that’s one of the huge advantages when it comes to very short to medium distance flights.

Especially in markets that are traditionally expensive or for one way flights Avios awards can be a life saver and in the very least a pretty good deal compared to revenue fares.

For my upcoming Japan trip I was looking at a flight from Tokyo to Osaka which was supposed to cost roughly 21,000 JPY (US$180) but was available for just 4,500 Avios plus US$2 in airport taxes.

The taxes are shown in THB here because I have a Bangkok address as account address on file with BA at the moment.

What I love about Avios redemptions is that basic award flights can be booked online without agent interaction and until very last minute (except the Cathay Pacific flights which are blocked out well in advance nowadays).

Usually I take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka but this time we have baggage and really don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving it around. Can just as well fly especially at such rates.


This particular award is decent value. There are much better ones though but sometimes I just redeem the points when I see a good deal otherwise I’d never end up using my points when I always were to look out for the best ratio possible.

I value 1000 BA Avios with US$20 (2 US$ cents per mile) and everything above that is a reason for me to redeem points.

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  • Whats that noise?!

    Thing to watch out for here is that when you gave an international itinerary to Japan you can often get discounted rates on separately booked domestic bookings that can bring the price down considerably.

    I saw some rates earlier in the year that were a few hundred USD but plugging in my PNR from an international ticket brought the cost to about $60! Not all flights were available but there were plenty.

    • BenniHK

      Yes it is still the case, just similar to qf arrangement in aust. U can always plug in domestic legs into certain international jl (sometimes ow too) itinerary at fixed price (around hkd500 oneway), anytime after ticket issuance, as long as there r vacancy except for certain “domestic extension” legs of international flights. Just call jal hotline can do.

    • gourmand73

      Whats that noise?! (or Anyone who can chime in)

      Could you elaborate on your comment above? I am unfamiliar with this booking process, and would very much appreciate just a quick tutorial. Thanks very much. Cheers!

  • I paid 9000 Avios for a Y ticket PEK-HND, dreamlinder service, priced at >400€.
    Best use I had of them, ever.
    Tickets in Business are double the price and also of great value!