Another Turkish Airlines Scam: Miles & Smiles Amends Some Members 2x/4x Status Miles Promotion Conditions


Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles have outdone themselves once again after yet another walking-back from original promotion conditions, baiting customers into purchasing their tickets and then switching the original offer.

In February Miles&Smiles targeted select members with a very generous promotion to earn 2x status miles in Economy and 4x status miles in Business Class until June 15th 2017.

Now we have received several emails where members complain that they received another mailer from Turkish Airlines which outlines their promotion now ends on March 25th instead of June 15th 2017

It appears though as if not all targeted members were the victim of these rollback as I was personally targeted as well and even though I received an email on the 17th of March the promotional dates remained the same in my email as well as the linked, web based content.

This was the original promotional offer (access web version here):

Then here is the new version of T&C that were sent to select members (access web version here):

When you refer back to the original article I wrote about this promotion (see here) I was already skeptical about the passage that Turkish reserves themselves the right of retroactively adjusting the Terms&Conditions of this campaign.

… But what’s up with this: “Turkish Airlines has the right to change terms and conditions of the promotion”? To be honest I don’t like this type of wording, especially from a company that engaged in bait and switch before.

Indeed it’s not too long ago, just a few weeks since we learned that Turkish also walked back on members participating in their status match challenge which requires 15,000 Miles to be credited to the account within the first year (see our related article here).

It appears that they realized their offer was a little bit too generous and now they correct their mistake by just sending some members amended versions of this promotion, utilizing their passage of changing the promotional terms.

Is the airline in such bad financial shape that it has to bait customers into buying tickets and then do a 180 degree turn without offering refunds?


I don’t know what to make of this or what’s going on with Turkish Airlines and Turkey in general at the moment. From the looks of it both the country and the company are in a downward spiral and you simply can’t trust either entity anymore to do business with them.

Two affected members who already purchased Business Class tickets during April Easter Holiday were extremely disappointed when they contacted us. Others voiced their frustration in the comment section of the original article. Complaining to Turkish Airlines will likely fall on deaf ears. Maybe the best would be to see if there is a way to cancel these tickets and receive a refund, even if it’s with a penalty. Since Turkish engaged in unethical but not illegal conduct (as per the provision of the T&C) customers won’t have a basis for a charge back from their credit card company here.

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  • McCaron

    Not the first I hear about scams from Turkish Airlines
    I’m very surprised that this company ranks among top European airlines
    I flew with them once, it is just above average, nothing spectacular

  • Flying Piggie

    Fingers crossed here. Elite level with no account activity in 3 years after one regular 25K miles re-qualification after a status match.

    I booked direct with TK, after 8 March to be safely within promo period and my T&Cs appear untouched despite 2 emails. Flying end of month, luckily not to US so missing out on that ridiculous laptop ban.

  • SergeyF

    Somehow it is really misleading or at least confusing. However, it can be also called “Turkish style”.

    On March, 17th I’ve received the second promotional e-mail, showing the time range as “from now until June, 15”.

    There is a link inside if this e-mail, opening the following version of T&C:

    @This promotion is valid from 8nd March 2017 to 15th June 2017
    @20.03.2017 Update

    • Sebastian P

      Same as me, it still shows the original dates. So only select members have been downgraded? I don’t have a lot of love for this “Turkish Style” to be honest.

    • Same as me, it still shows the original dates. So only select members have been downgraded? I don’t have a lot of love for this “Turkish Style” to be honest.

  • balage

    turkish, qatar – they have no idea of loyalty programs, customer loyalty, business culture, business reliability.

  • Citizen of the World

    I fail to understand who is voting for this airline several years in a row to receive the status of “best European airline”. After being scammed by Turkish airlines at several occasions I avoid this airline at all cost. Old dirty aircrafts on European destinations, ridiculously arrogant security staff, overcrowded Ataturk airport and lounge.

  • superduper

    doesnt it just mean you have to purchase the tickets by March 25 to enjoy 2x or 4x status miles?

  • Henrik Johansson

    This will be intersting to see where it ends up. I booked a ticket today for next week. TK was by far the cheapest for me, although I have to live without the laptop and ipad on my way to the US. 🙂 I have only received one email regarding this promo and that was on March 17th. My link still says June 15, so from what I can read, it should be valid. Seeing on Flyertalk, it doesn’t seem to be anyone there who has received any bonus miles yet though.

  • Henrik Johansson

    I just received my extra miles. So 103.000 miles for a round-trip to San Francisco. Not bad. 🙂

    • Seems that the promo was very badly executed from the communications points of view (nothing unusual with TK). They should have offered clear registration page that would have indicated eligibility and if the registration was successful or not.

  • Tobias Mattsson

    I received the original email which states “until June 15”.
    Flew economy ticket, upgraded at check in at Manila NAIA airport on May 16th to Stockholm via Istanbul and have only received the ×1 miles, no bonus.

    How long time did it take for the extra miles to come in?
    If I remember correctly I saw your post on another forum that they came in at the same time or within a few days?