Reader Question: Has Hilton’s Best Price Guarantee Turned To A Scam?


LoyaltyLobby readers have been sending me messages about the issues they are having with Hilton’s Best Price Guarantee program and I have covered the same topic several times before (read more here and here).

Hilton Best Rate Guarantee

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You can access Hilton’s web page for Best Rate Guarantee here.

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Here’s an email from Nathan:

Thank you for your website, despite being located in Australia I find it very relevant and useful.

I have just made a reservation through the Hilton Website for their Brooklyn Hilton Hotel.

I have noticed they have a best price guarantee which if proven they will discount the competing price by 25%.

I have found a better price on (both prices quoted in USD incl taxes), and have submitted my claim to Hilton.

I have not heard anything back and it has been more than 4 days, in your experience have you found that these guarantees are misleading and they are quite slow to follow up?

I am worried if they prolong the process, then the rate offered by Expedia will not be there when they finally get around to verifying it, despite a 24 hour guarantee.

I have tried calling the Hilton Honors call centre to get assistance, they have been of no help and will not provide a direct contact email or phone number for the claims department.

Here’s an email from Gary:

You are correct in your comments of this facility being a complete waste of time. Submitted the price match form within 30 minutes of booking.

You don’t get an automated reply to this as on the usual system.

I send an email to customer services about 2hrs later advising them of the price match and detailing it all out so there could be no confusion  with the time scale. I got acknowledgement to this mail, standard automated reply.

Then this morning get e-mail saying they can’t find my original e-mail and therefore it’s outside 24 hrs!!!

It’s a complete con and Hilton should be held to account!

Here’s statement from Hilton spokesperson:

We continue to see an increase in best price guarantee claims, which our Team Members are working diligently to address. We understand that some guests have been frustrated with their claims not being processed in the 24-hour timeframe and we’re committed to improving their experience. We are looking for a more long-term solution to streamline the process.

In the meantime, we continue to honor the best price guarantee to the best of our abilities as it was created as a promise to our guests, ensuring the best possible room rates are available through our booking channels. We appreciate your patience as we work through this for our guests.


Hilton Best Rate Guarantee Grand Palace Brussels

I made a claim for a stay at Hilton Grand Palace in Brussels.

Hilton Honors Best Rate Guarantee Brussels Grand Palace Submission

Filled out the form and pressed submit. The form states that I would be hearing back from Hilton in 24 hours. That was more than 13 days ago and haven’t heard a word.


There are obvious issues with Hilton’s Best Price Guarantee and they should take it offline until fixed (read claims processed by their internal guidelines). It is convenient for Hilton that many if not majority of the claims are “lost” after they have been submitted.

Why advertise a “guarantee” when you have not put adequate resources in place to back it up? I am sure that hotels are paying Hilton a fine for each and every successful claim processed.

Personally, I wouldn’t call their guarantee a “scam” but highly misleading. Both of the cases above were resolved after I forwarded the readers’ emails to Hilton. Seems that claims are not acted upon unless you contact Hilton by email, Facebook or Twitter. This is a class action lawsuit in the making…..

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  • McCaron

    I recently experienced 2 issues with price match with Accor

    1/ Accor refused to match with pretending that room types were not similar while they were exactly the same

    2/ Accor pretends that they would match with any other website within 24 hours… the problem was that I booked on less than a few hours before online sales on their website. When I requested a price match, they answered me that they would not match with a lower price posted… on their own website !

    I don’t believe in price matching anymore with any brand

    • Holiday_Hero

      I think sales rates are excluded. And u cant price match pre and post sales. Or id just book up all availability the day before the sale goes live (they tell you before it goes live) Leaving you to complain there were no rooms available on the sale.

  • Andrew Lee

    I had similar issues with the Hilton best price guarantee. I made a booking, then found somewhere cheaper, and made a claim, but didn’t receive a confirmation. I contacted customer service, who told me that as I didn’t receive a confirmation that my claim wasn’t processed and that I needed to submit a new claim (they also gave me 5000 points for my troubles. I cancelled the booking, and rebooked to stay in the deadline and made a second claim and also emailed them. In the end my claim was approved, but did take a while, and gave plenty of opportunity for the cheaper rate to go up. Actually I felt like I was a little lucky, as the terms of the cancellation were not 100% identical.

    • The cancellation terms no longer need to be identical for the BPG to be successful. They certainly aren’t following their own guidelines when it comes to processing these claims, however.

      • Andrew Lee

        Well it’s been a slight nightmare. I had booked two rooms on one booking. The BPG people said that both would be reduced. When I tried to check out only one was reduced, and the other was left at the higher Hilton rate which was more than double the cheaper rate. Following discussions with FOH manager, the assistant FOH manager and Hilton guest assistance over a few days the hotel decided they would honor the cheaper rate but not the 25% discount. Now complaining in twitter to try and get the extra 25% from somewhere.

        • You should get the 25% off too. Just follow up with the Hilton’s Guest Assistance and don’t give up.

          • Andrew Lee

            Thanks for the encouragement, I have been trying. Will keep fighting…

  • Jamie Curtain

    Hilton BPG is ridicolous, if you submit it via the online form and you do NOT receive an instant email saying they received your claim then they have not received it!
    You need to resubmit it over and over til you get an automatic email.
    Sometimes I need to fill out the form up to 30 times before I finally get an automatic reply.

    So again, no automatic email = no claim received