Hilton Honors Extending 2016 Diamond Matches To March 2019?


Hilton Honors (then HHonors) ran a very generous status match promotion back in 2015/2016 where competing program top tier members were offered straight matches without any stay requirements until March 2017/2018.

Hilton Honors Diamond Extension

Now, Hilton Honors has apparently extended some if not all matched member statuses until March 2019 based on the email that a reader had received.

You can access Hilton’s web page for status benefits here and my recent piece about the current status match here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Received surprise Hilton Honors email this morning  (pdf print attached) …. saying my HH-Diamond is extended to 31Mar2019

(ie no need to make at Hilton30stays/60nights during 2017 to extend for periodApr208-31Mar2019 , and not lose my HH-D on 31Mar2018 )


1) With crazy offer by HH of status match to HHD until 31Mar2018 anyone with almost any other brands elite status from Nov2015 through July2016, although I was already HH-Diamond I decided to complete the online match request in May2016.

(seemed unfair that I needed 30stays/60nights to get HH-Diamond for Apr2017-Mar2017 when matchers had that same 31Mar2018 for zero nights/stays )

2) My thought process was, if granted then no need to stay HH brand just to hit 30stays during Jan2016-Dec2016 to keep my HH-Diamond , but just do Hilton hotel nights that really suited me

3.A) HH email response May2016 confirmed I filled in/submitted online match request, but no follow up email saying matched as HH-D until to Mar2018

3.B) Used HH FT posted thread trick …order new HH MemberCard to get HH email confirmation which includes status expiry date … Email showed my HHD expiry 31Mar2018

3.C) During 2016  I thus only stayed enough to requalify as HH-Gold for Apr2017-Apr2018 , as knowing I had the status-match given HH-D for Apr2017-Mar2018 period

4) REALLY SUPRISED by UNEXPECTED Hilton Honors email this morning (31st Mar2017…(see attached pdf print) saying
..  “You’ve earned an upgrade to Diamond status, and that comes with some great perks!
… “Your new status is effective through to 31Mar2019”

5)So… for  Jan-Dec2017, unexpectedly I don’t need any stays to keep HH-Diamond for Apr2018-Mar2019, so I now can just stat at HH hotels when really suits me during 2017


Hilton Honors has certainly been very generous with all these status matches and extensions as of late. Perhaps they could have spent some effort spicing up the Diamond level benefits for getting existing members giving more business their way? The Gold level benefits however are inline with what other programs are offering.

Have other readers received similar extensions from Hilton Honors?

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  • KMIA

    Didn’t get the Email, but my account doesn’t show the info anymore that I would drop to Gold as of 1 April. Guess I’ll know tomorrow.

    • Chris

      Same here.

      • Chris

        Didn’t work out in the end, I’m not back to silver status with them. Looks like it was just a glitch?

  • Steffen

    I got an email last week saying my (matched) status will change from Diamond to Silver based on my stays in 2016.
    Thus I just ordered a new membership card per mail and received the above mail seconds later 🙂

    • mommyrmd

      Same thing for me. Previously received a similar email telling me I’ll be downgraded to Gold status after March 31st. Just now I ordered a membership card via mail and received the above email right after. Did this for my account and my husband’s account. (^_^) Perhaps ordering the membership card by mail is what triggers it.

      • Jeremy Link

        Probably obvious, but I don’t see where to order the card from my account… can someone help me out? TIA.

    • Pszczolka

      Thanks for this! I just did it (had also received email saying I would be downgraded to Silver) and got the email right after – hope they honor it!

    • mpeterson78

      Are you all suggesting ordering a membership card triggers a Diamond extenstion?

      • mpeterson78

        Oh wow. I just did that and instantly got an email saying my Diamond status is valid now until March 2019. Is this legit, or a bug?

        • Felix

          I think it’s just an error in the email. The only place that shows the date is the jpg in the header. I got the same mail saying 2019, but my account page still shows: “To maintain Diamond status in 2018, you need 11 more stays.”

          • Kyushuman

            It always says that when you get a card from a status match.

          • mommyrmd

            While I previously received the email telling me my Diamond status is extended until March 2019 — website and app both show me now that I’ve been downgraded to Gold.

          • Harry Webb

            Half glass broken perhaps? If it’s in the email, be confident.

          • Jonathan

            I’ve checked the hhonors card from the website and it is now showing the downgraded level card with exp 3/18 and the premium wifi ad now disappeared.. but the status still shows Diamond and the my way benefits options are still for Diamond.. but using the Hilton App… all features, including the card still show Diamond

          • Steffen

            App and website still say Diamond for me.
            If I click on my virtual membership card on the homepage it is silver.
            But if I make a reservation it is still DIA.
            The hotel I am currently staying in also says DIA.
            Let’s wait some days and see what happens…
            If I am downgraded I will forward the mail to customer service and whine a little bit 😉

          • Jonathan

            Their data has already synchronized on my end, now it shows silver on both app and website…

  • mpeterson78

    I’m in the middle of fighting with Hilton right now. I used IHG Plat to status match to HH Diamond back in December 2015. They confirmed the match, with an expiration date of March 2017. Then, a few months later, I was informed that actually I was matched up to March 2018. However, a few weeks ago, I got an email informing me that I was being downgraded to Gold in March 2017. I called Hilton and they are telling me that apparently there are two status matches on my account that have conflicting expiration info. I have a physical card from Hilton that displays the March 2018 expiration date. They are “investigating”, but I’m hoping that they honor the later expiration date!

  • David

    It appears from posts on FlyerTalk (and my own experience) that emails were sent out a week or so ago advising any status change effective tomorrow for those who took advantage of that Diamond status promotion. In my case, I had three Hilton stays last year (one this year with two more coming this weekend), so my email advised as of tomorrow I would drop down to Silver. Some of FT posted they were soft-landed to Gold (but had more stays than I did last year).

    As an Amex Plat cardholder, I applied for their HH Gold status benefit but was told it would take 3-4 weeks to take effect. Suppose I’ll know for sure tomorrow my new (possibly interim until the Amex upgrade takes effect) status.

    My two bookings for this weekend (a Hampton Inn and a Hilton) show my Diamond status (and in the case of the Hilton one shows my upgrade request for $0 to an Exec room). Not sure how my status will be recognized when I check in, though on a previous situation similar to this (downgraded from earned Gold to Silver) I did get my Gold upgrade and lounge/breakfast benefit.

    I quite appreciated the benefits of Diamond on my stays and it did encourage my trying to use HH properties through a year that saw a much reduced travel schedule that also dropped my SPG/MR status (primary program) from Plat to Gold this year.

  • Dr.Florida

    So unfair ….. Why do I spend 8000 + if others get it for free…

  • Sarah

    Ridiculous!!! This is not a loyalty program anymore. I spent 3000 nights at Hilton properties to have my status, and others get it for nothing….and the hotel lounges are too busy. What do the true long time diamond people get???? Nothing! HPpy to see Hyatt moving in the right direction!!!

    • Mike

      If you have 3,000 nights, then you should have lifetime Diamond status as long as you’ve been Diamond for at least ten years.

  • Joe

    Woohoo! Got the upgrade too! Thank you!

  • Dr.Florida

    Just ordered the card and got upgraded too. That with already 25 nights this year ….. Ok…. I will stay more in Golden Circle Shangri La Hotels and Hyatt.
    Hilton is becoming more and more a Bestwestern Version ….
    I hope they are not trashing totally the Brand.

  • Joe

    We will see. Got the same email (March 31st, 2019 upgrade to Diamond). But the online card still shows expiration on 03/2017.
    I’ll check back tomorrow to see what the new online card shows.

    • Manxie

      Well, I also received a sort of e-mail from HH but no text, only title saying “You are now Diamond”. Well, today (1 April) I see the reality that I am back from Gold to Silver! Did anybody actually achieve Diamond, by asking for a new card to be mailed?

  • HanoiIG

    Hi! I was told I’d only be extended to April, 2017 but when I asked for a card, I got the same email saying 2019! I saved it and hope it will be honored. BTW, I have found Hilton to be not very much of a program, getting very few upgrades and some crummy breakfasts in “Executive” lounge when they wouldn’t let us eat in regular restaurant. My Le club Accor has proved to be immensely valuable, so much so that I almost never stay in non-Accor properties except the odd Hilton due to the matched status and the points I got with credit card bonuses.

  • KMIA

    Hah, also ordered a new physical card and got email confirmation Diamond until 3/19.

  • Kyushuman

    I’m in great gratitude for this mention, about 5 hours before my memberships drops to silver. Flowed directions here and got the Diamond email. Hope it sticks! I do stay with Hilton a lot so very grateful.
    I have a stay at Hilton CDG in a week so will know soon if it worked!

  • Jonathan

    I hope this is not an April fools joke. Was matched from Hyatt Diamond and also got an email before that I will be downgraded.. did ordered the card, and got that email instantly extending the Diamond to Mar 31, 2019… Asked someone who is a Gold and got the status from a credit card to request a card as well to check if he will be upgraded instantly to Diamond… no email…

  • colin

    Using HH site on ones account to order a physical membercard does not trigger any extension by a further year of ones elite membership. (or at least it should not and did not historically)

    Similar to this article i qualified on stays/nights as HH-Diamond for quite some years, and was miffed when I read/saw that anyone with any other hotel program status was being matched by hilton to HHD, initially with HH match program window Nov2015-Jan2016 which said program was kept going in 2016 past jan2016.
    At least in June2016, I read HH changed from gratis HHD until Mar2018 with zero nights, to a challenge of 8nights in 90days from attemptted matches (too little too late in my view)

    As HHD 2016-2017 period, I did not think it would work, but with nothing to lose filled in online match form after Apr2016 , and got the submitted match request confirmatio email from HH. I never received follow up email confirming extension given, but checking my account exp was set to 03/2018 up from 03/2018.. thus i did not split my stays so had 25stays/40nights which would have been HHG
    (spliting my 2017 25/40 stays+nights would be an easy 30stays HHD if I needed anyway)

    I also unexpectedly received the above HH email with this picture saying my HHD is now Expiring 31Mar2019. I did go and look to order HHD card online, but did not complete as HH site shows card exp 31mar2019 before I hit the order button.

    Quietly i am very happy that for this new calendar year 2017, I don’t need split with hotel hops, my lengthier Hilton stays to get 30stays from my usual 40nights to retain my HHD for Apr2018-Mar2019. Hilton will stil get same number of nights , just with less stays/hotel hopping.

  • Tom

    My comped diamond disappeared right on schedule 4/1. It’s no problem. I didn’t really use it when I had it and I’m even less likely to stay at Hilton after their recent changes. (So those outraged by other people being comped diamond can relax.)

  • Han

    Surely its justban error in the email for card requests?

    I added my number to a booking just now and hotel said rather than Diamond I’m actually Silver…

  • jacky

    recently did an accor plat to hilton diamon status match about a few weeks ago.

    so far 0 hilton stays.

    requested card, digital pic said 6/17. email says march 2019. hopefully honoured…

  • Corbett Kroehler

    Yes, I had the identical experience. Mine came a few minutes after I requested a replacement Honors Diamond wallet card but I think that fact was mere coincidence.

    As my previous status match came from Marriott Platinum status, which I just requalified for next year (another coincidence?), I speculate that Hilton’s generosity is an attempt to remain relevant given that my Marriott status soon will entitle me to preferred treatment at the largest lodging network in the world.

    I concur with the other comments about crowded lounges and mediocre food. One must separate the wheat from the chaff. I offer 2 examples where Gold or Diamond provides real value:

    1) While not a 5-star champagne brunch, the standard Hilton Garden Inn breakfast is decent. I typically leave $2 as a service gratuity but to have an all-you-can eat buffet with made-to-order fried eggs at no charge sets this brand apart from many.

    2) Occasionally, a mainline Hilton property has no lounge and thus provides a full breakfast to Gold+ elites. In the case of the Hilton Austin Airport in Texas, the full breakfast is a TREMENDOUS value. I only wish that my travels took me to the Lone Star Capital City more often. Austin has a nice airport and this nearby hotel offers its Gold and Diamond elites their fill of a quality breakfast. Anyone who leaves the restaurant hungry is on a diet or vegan (although those folks have good options, too).

    To be fair, the Honors breakfast at the Tropicana Las Vegas is a joke and insulting to all other DoubleTree properties. If you have the chance to visit Jolly Old England, try the DoubleTree Tower of London on Peyps Street. The Honors breakfast is the best you’ll find at a DoubleTree. The Executive Lounge is limited to Diamonds (although Golds receive the same excellent breakfast in the restaurant as Diamonds) and, while small, has many good options, including alcohol.

  • Ridoncularious

    A little bit different story on my end. Received the match to Diamond last year and was originally set to expire March 2017. Subsequent to the match, probably from reading about it here, many were receiving the match until March 2018. Contacted HHonors about getting the extra year and they wouldn’t budge. Went back and forth a couple of times and nothing.

    Fast forward to now. Hadn’t received any emails whatsoever about status changes, good or bad, saw this story and went in to my account to check. Had not been downgraded from Diamond as of this morning, looked at my card in my profile and saw that it said 03/18. Ordered a new hard copy card and instantly got the email that everybody’s talking about with the 03/19 news. This did not change anything on the account, though,

    Bottom line is that I expected to lose the Diamond status a few days ago and it appears to be good for at least another year so it is a good news story. Be nice for two more years but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Adam1222

    I think this was some fake news. While I ordered the card and got the email saying I was Diamond until March 2019, my status properly dropped to Gold on April 1.
    This wasn’t a trick and it seems like a lot of people were misled thinking just by requesting a new card they had their status extended.
    You should probably update this post so people dont start arguing with Hilton that they were “supposed” to be Diamond members for another 2 years.
    Notably *NO ONE* seems to have reported this *sticking*.

  • steve

    I got the same email about Diamond status being extended to March 2019. 10 days, but Aril 1 saw my status on the web site as Silver. I called customer care and they said to forward the email to hilton and my status would be back to Diamond. Two days later I get an email saying they don’t intend to honor their own emails. They say lost of Diamond notifications went sent in error and they will both no notify you of the incorrect email or honor it. They said their mistake is my problem not theirs. Not very professional or honorable (pun intended) in my opinion. Any suggestions as to what to do?

    • Jonathan

      Maybe file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission for fraud.

    • robdubluu

      You could always go and stay 30 nights in a year and do it the right way LOL! It’s a loyalty system, not a handout