Qatar Airways To Offer Loaner Laptops For Business Class Passengers On US Bound Flights

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Qatar Airways made an announcement that they would provide loaner laptops for US-bound business class passengers to circumvent the large electronics ban instituted last week.

Qatar Airways Loaner Laptops US Bound Flights

All passengers are eligible to gate check their electronics in Doha that will be securely packed and tagged for delivery in the US. Passengers are also eligible for complimentary WiFi for an hour and unlimited option for the duration of their flight for just $5.

You can access Qatar’s announcement for this service here:

DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways has announced a unique solution to the recently imposed Electronics Ban by offering passengers a laptop loan service that takes their award-winning five-star reputation to new heights. Showing true commitment to travellers affected by the ban the Doha-based airline has taken the notable step to purchase laptops available for loan on all of their US flights; meaning uninterrupted productivity and service throughout their journey.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, said; “As an award-winning and global airline we truly appreciate the importance of being able to work on board our aircraft and that is why I have insisted on offering only the best possible solution for our customers. By providing this laptop loan service we can ensure that our passengers on flights to the US can continue to work whilst on-board. This unique ability to offer ‘business as usual’, above and beyond the competition, is yet another example of Qatar Airways justification for being the ‘World’s Best Business Class’.”

Whilst other airlines have relied on their existing on board offering to comfort passengers we have not rested until we could offer a true solution to our passengers. Our constant innovation and ability to react to changes in the industry is something I am very proud of. The launch of Qsuite, our new business class product just this month, and other announcements soon to come, are testament to our ongoing passion for providing the absolute best for our customers.”

The complimentary laptops will be available to Business Class passengers travelling on all US-bound flights from next week and and can be collected from the Gate just before boarding. Customers will be able to download their work on to a USB before stepping on board to pick up where they left-off. Qatar Airways is offering a special service at the gate for all passengers, whereby any electronic items prohibited by the new ban will be collected and securely packaged. These will be tagged, loaded as check-in baggage and returned safely to the customer on arrival to the US.

Once on board passengers have a choice of over 3,000 entertainment options on the award-winning in-flight entertainment system, dedicated kids activity packs in partnership with Hasbro, luxury amenity kits, a seasonal menu and snack bar, are able to browse the on board magazines and newspapers, enjoy the lie-flat beds in Business Class and utilise the complimentary Wi-Fi on all flights.

In another move to guarantee the comfort and productivity of all passengers on board US-bound flights Qatar Airways is providing one hour of free Wi-Fi for all passengers and a special Wi-Fi package of US$5 to stay connected for the duration of the whole flight. When most people’s smart phones will be the only device they can take on-board this generous offer will ensure passengers can stay connected and stay entertained.

Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, this year celebrates 20 years of Going Places Together with travellers across more than 150 business and leisure destinations. The world’s fast growing airline will continue to add a number of exciting new destinations to its growing network in 2017, including Dublin, Nice, Skopje and many more, flying passengers on board its modern fleet of 195 aircraft.


Etihad Airways is offering loaner iPads and free internet for business and first class passengers affected by the larger electronics ban (read more here). Emirates is the last one of the ME3 to announce how they would battle this issue affecting mostly business travelers.

I would still feel very hesitant to check in electronics because there is no guarantee really that they would arrive intact at the other end. If this ban (the UK edition) is still in place this coming May, I will personally experience it when flying to London from Cairo.

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  • fordpickup

    Although a nice gesture, this seems like a possible corporate privacy concern for people wanting to work on a flight. Will computers be wiped between use?

    • And if there are any keyloggers present after few use etc. Probably ok for browsing but not for sensitive documents.

  • Kflik

    Emirates already offer possibility to use laptop as long as boarding at gate.
    I can’t see any use with e.g. loaner iPad.
    For entertainment there is ICE.
    For work I still need my laptop with all documents, VPN configuration, applications etc.

    and for just browsing and e-mails I’m perfectly ok with my smartphone.

  • Gcs2006

    lol, maybe to surf amazon. No way I trust a foreign airline with my work stuff

  • LouS22

    I agree that any company should have serious data privacy concerns with a loaner laptop. On the other hand, I guess if you bring an OS install stick, that’ll help kill some time on the flight.

    If the wifi were faster then having the larger screen for random web browsing would be nice.

    Having a loaner iPad / kindle could be useful for reading my books.

    Has anyone experienced the gate check for the electronics? I’d be interested in hearing a first hand account of how that works.

    • Friend of mine flew from Sydney to Miami on Qatar and the laptop had survived the entire way.