Hyatt Incompetence Strikes Again: Account Statement Email Without Account Statement?

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Hyatt has always had issues trying to keep their website up during US business hours (down hours at a time during some weekdays) and they must have the most incompetent IT team around.

Hyatt Account Summary U

Now, Hyatt strikes again. They have sent out emails “Your Account Summary – Discover the New Hyatt Centric Waikiki Beach” indicating that account summary would have been included, but it is nowhere to be found.


I guess that Hyatt here intentionally used a misleading subject line to get members to open the email that could be otherwise categorized as property spam.

It is sad to see how low the Hyatt and the World of Hyatt program have gone. I have been Diamond member from the early 2000’s and this is the first year I am contemplating if I should throw any business their way.

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  • Fellow Traveler

    Yeah, I just got the same email, likewise with no account statement.

  • Neal

    I’m continually astounded at the incompetence of Hyatt’s web and email functions. I guess it’s a miracle they don’t ask us to fax them credit card info.

  • YoLaViajera

    Not the first time it happens, and I’m sure not the last. In fact, I can’t remember when was the last time I actually received account info in the supposed “monthly” statement… Hyatt. I quickly delete these emails, since they’re pure marketing fluff..