IKEA To Launch FLIKEA Airlines


IKEA, the Swedish furniture retailer known for its meatballs, today announced that it would launch a new low-cost airline called FLIKEA.


The FLIKEA plans to acquire excess planes from SAS that the airline no longer needs after selling all the Heathrow slots and repaint them in IKEA colors.

You can book FLYIKEA flights on Expedia’s website (access here).

Here’s the proposed cabin layout:


Dinner service in business class:


Breakfast service:

FLIKEA Breakfast

The airline also plans to install pancake machines:

FLIKEA Pancakes

Here’s the press release from IKEA:

We’re taking to the skies with the launch of a low-cost airline: FLIKEA!

We’re thrilled to announce plans to launch our own airline in 2019. FLIKEA will be a single-class, low-cost carrier that will travel to may international destinations, and will include the world’s first non-stop flight from Sweden to Australia.

The airline will utilise the five dimensions of Democratic Design unique to IKEA – exceptional form, quality, sustainability, function and price – to reduce aircraft weight and fuel requirements, resulting in a dramatically reduced transit time, lower ticket price, and cutting out the need for any stopover


This new FLIKEA perfectly complements the MOXY brand that the real estate arm of IKEA is developing with Marriott.

IKEA plans to use IKEA Cafe’s to cater the airplanes with Swedish food such as meatballs, gravlax and shrimp sandwiches. The airline is still waiting for an approval from Systembolaget so that mellanöl can be served on these flights.

It is interesting to see what the pricing is going to be when the flights are loaded to be sold.

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  • Mirko Fischer

    now isn’t that a coincidence…

  • JessicaT

    Almost as good as the Virgin Canine Crew from earlier today. 🙂

  • Mattias Nilsson

    Haha better hope it’s a “first of April Joke” 😂😂😂

    • disqus_M4GjYh0zWA

      Of course it is. They even fooled J.O. by the looks of it 😀

  • Sharon

    Oh, I think I was on one of their secret trial flights last year on April 1st!

    • disqus_M4GjYh0zWA

      Me too. Such a bummer – the flight was an hour late whilst everyone assembled their seats from flat-pack

      • Sharon

        Right…I forgot about that delay!

  • Barbarella

    I was wondering if they would merge with WallMart Airways since one can already earn tier miles on Flikea on their Black Friday Wings frequent flyer program.

  • Carole

    IKEA is blowing up with the April Fool’s jokes today! I got a great email about “Bigland.”