UPDATE: IHG Rewards Club & MasterCard Priceless Up To $100 Gift Card Promo (Cards Now Arriving)


IHG Rewards Club and MasterCard run a promotion called Priceless (read more here) where members could get up to $100 virtual or physical gift card after two stays.

IHG Rewards Club Pricesless MasterCard Promo

IHG Rewards Club has had some fulfillment issues when it comes to getting the gift cards out. The promise was to have these delivered within 4 to 6 weeks.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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IHG Rewards Club Pricesless MasterCard Promo Virtual Card

Many members (myself included) received an email from company handling these gift cards today. I had chosen a virtual gift card for online use. You can choose the name and address under which the card is issued.

Note that you only have until September this year to use the funds.


I’ll probably attach this card to my Amazon.com account and drain the funds that way. Companies count that not all the funds are used or people forget to use the cards on time. Don’t make this mistake.

I had requested the card nine weeks ago. Seems that it took quite some time for IHG to fund the promotion. Cannot see why the card otherwise wouldn’t have gone out per the promo T&Cs.

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  • Bob

    I received the card 2 weeks ago. I have tried to use it at several grocery stores and department stores. All rejected. How do you link it to Amazon?

  • msterpax

    I have also attempted to use this card at multiple online retailers (including Amazon) and all attempts have failed. Has anyone been able to use one of these cards successfully? Is there a chance that the virtual cards being issued are invalid or simply have no balance associated with them?

  • Jamie Curtain

    Get stripe and charge the card yourself, this way you don’t need to spend the money and you only have to pay the stripe fee

  • Barbarella

    I received my e-card over a month ago. Multiple problems: card denied several times at many online retailers. Absolutely horrible experience. Customer service of card issuer reminding me of some documentary on subprime credit card market…

    • I just used the virtual card to purchase $100 Amazon egift card that went through just fine. Will apply that to my account. Wanted to clear this $100 card without leaving any balance.

      • Barbarella

        Thank YOU John! Yay! It worked. I should have done it in the first place