Airfare of the Day: British Airways Premium Economy Berlin to San Francisco EUR 671 (USD 716)

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Today’s Airfare of the Day goes to British Airways Premium Economy promo fares between Berlin and San Francisco.

Fare Details:

  • Fare: British Airways (BA) TLN7R8T1.
  • Route: TXL-LHR-SFO.
  • Booking class: T (Premium Economy).
  • Price: EUR 671/USD 716
  • Valid for: Round trip travel.
  • Flight restrictions: The fare component must be on BA metal.
  • Advances reservation/ticketing restrictions: Reservation and ticketing for all sectors are required at least 60 days before departure.
  • Stopover restrictions: Originating USA, one free stopover permitted.
  • Transfer restrictions: Two transfers permitted in each direction.
  • Cancellations: Any time. Ticket is non-refundable.
  • Changes: Any time. Charge EUR 180 + fare difference for reissue/revalidation.

Booking examples:

Using British Airways Low Fare Finder tool was very useful to find availability for this fare:

Fare is available from OCT 13 2017 through spring 2018:

Here is a booking example trough BA’s website:

Mileage Accrual

All One World carriers offer 100 % accrual for T fares. For this route, mileage accrual would be 11916 miles for round trip travel, with a cost of 6 cents per mile.


You cannot beat this price for a Premium Economy product for such a long haul flight. Lately British Airways has been criticized for its particular run to the bottom by downgrading (even more) its premium soft products. My advice: bring your own food.

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  • Scott

    Throw a GUF on this and you are laughing!

  • This is a great fare for American Airlines elites who, starting this year, need to earn a minimum number of elite qualifying dollars (EQDs) as well as miles. EQDs for travel on partner airlines are based on fare class and distance. BA T fares earn American EQDs at a rate of 20% of actual miles flown; in this case, American elites would earn 2,383 EQDs for only a $716 USD fare, over 3x the amount of EQDs than an equivalent fare on AA metal.