How Long Will The Former Hilton Honors Categories Be In Place?


When Hilton Honors launched the new Points + Money awards on March 1, 2017, they decided to keep the former award category caps in place and introduced a new award pricing tool to check the prices (read more here)

Hilton Honors Award Categories

This means that as long as these former categories are in place the awards for standard rooms would be priced either dynamically (roughly 0.5 cents per Hilton Honors points) or at the former category maximum.

You can access Hilton’s web page for the new features here.

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Hilton recently made changes to the newly introduced award category tool by REMOVING the option to see “New: Point Range” altogether. When I asked Hilton why would they do this the answer was that members can use the website to check the current pricing.

Here’s the previous display for Conrad Bangkok:

Conrad Bangkok

Here’s the current display for Conrad Bangkok:

Conrad Bangkok

The next question obviously is when Hilton Honors is going away with the award categories altogether or when they adjust the award categories for existing hotels?

Hilton Honors made adjustments (both up and down) four times in 2016: January 13 (read more here), March 30 (read more here), July 13 (read more here) and October 12 (read more here). The hotel chain made some adjustments this year also on January 11 (read more here).

When I asked Hilton about the maximum award caps, here’s their reply:

While we are always testing new initiatives and offerings, at this time we do not have any plans to change the current maximum Point caps in place for award redemptions. We rolled out the Points & Money slider to make award redemptions more flexible and know that by having the caps in place we are able to continue to provide our members with the most value during periods of high demand.

You can access Hilton’s web page for the tool that can be used to find the previous category caps here.


It would be very unwise more from Hilton Honors’ part to remove the award caps altogether. Many awards are cheaper under the current Points & Money dynamic model that values Hilton Honors points roughly at half of a cent.

The aspirational awards, however, would become prohibitively expensive if Hilton would move to price them at the 0.5 cents each.

Hilton Honors should be clear how and when the award caps are changed and what are the award caps for new hotels. Try finding an award cap for the Conrad Bora Bora using the tool and you cannot. There is an award cap in place though.

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  • just a matter of time – are you taking bets?

    • We’ll see. Still trying to get something from Hilton in WRITING about this.

  • Lee Van Doren

    The price is the price, $ or points. Get used to it 😉

    • That would kill the aspirational awards for 99.99% of the members that cannot “save” 10M+ points for a 5 day getaway.

  • Mike

    I’m guessing that part of the reason why the old/new range was removed was so that people couldn’t see where redemption costs increased from their recent “enhancement”. While Hilton promised (temporarily, at least) not to increase the top end of the scale, they never promised not to increase the bottom end, which has resulted in a significant number of properties with increased minimum point redemptions.

    • The prices can now be at the former category MAX where they previously were at various levels in between the category floor and the max.

      • Mike

        Yes, but in many instances, the individual hotel’s floor was raised above the old category floor as well.

        • We will have full Hilton Honors property award category list done at the end of this week or early next week (close to 5000 hotels). You can then compare the previous low/max and the max etc.