REMINDER: IHG Rewards Club Points Expire If No Activity For 12 Months!

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IHG Rewards Club (or Priority Club before the name was changed) advertised for years that points never expire. Well. They never expired until IHG decided that they will if no “earn” or “redeem” activity for 12 consecutive months.

IHG Points Expire Twitter

IHG Rewards Club made the expiry change on April 13, 2015 (read more here). This meant that the first time points could expire due to inactivity was May 1, 2016. Those that made effort to extend their points 12 months ago and haven’t had any qualifying activity since then should act soon.

You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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So, I went to the IHG Rewards Club Facebook page to find members that had their points expire. Here was this post from the reader that also sent us the Tweet above:

IHG Points Expire 4

Here’s another one:

IHG Points Expire

One more:

IHG Points Expire 2

Yet another one:

IHG Points Expire 3

And I could go on:

IHG Points Expire 5


Difficult to tell if these emails from IHG Rewards Club went out and, if they did, were they ever received by the members. It would be better if IHG Rewards Club had a softer approach towards those that have had their points expire within the past 12 months. Why couldn’t they reinstate them if the member has a stay?

It is misleading that a program advertises that points never expire for 10+ years (perhaps from the beginning) and then makes a very aggressive change starting to expire them just after 12 months of no qualifying activity.

I just don’t believe that this is a very pro customer move by IHG Rewards Club. Surely they can write off some points every year, but is it really worth it?

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  • Mike Dos Santos

    “90, 60, 30 days prior to expiry are sent out e-mail notifications”… nothing like that last year and not this year, where my points will expire in about 6 weeks.

    • IHG claims that they are sending out these emails. I am not sure if that is the case based on the complaints from the members. You haven’t received any communication from IHG regards this?

      • Mike Dos Santos

        No, John. Not this year and not the last year.

        I’m not traveling abroad this last two years, for family and health reasons, and in Brazil we don’t have too much affiliated international chain hotels, except for Accor, so it’s hard to get any points done.

  • Attention All Passengers

    Can someone tell me if I am filling out surveys daily on (associated only with IHG) if I am “earning” as required ? …… IHG website is convoluted and does not answer this question.

    • It is classified as “other” activity which does NOT count toward keeping your account active.

    • colin

      you need points movement on your account, either adding/debitting counts, so eg bookan award debits and keeps account alive for 12nmore months… and you can cancel award later

      • Attention All Passengers

        Thanks, though I barely have enough points to book (and ultimately cancel) a room for one night. I’ll keep working on it, though. I like IHG but I don’t want a credit card with them for points (I prefer to accrue with HiltonHonors cc).

        • You can book one of those PointBreaks nights at 5K and cancel it few days later. Would extend the validity by 12 months.

  • Fekishe

    What is sufficient activity to avoid cancellation? Is having an award booking for the future (points have been deducted already) enough? What else can non Americans — the I in the international group — do if a stay is difficult to complete within the 12 months since the last stay?

    • IHG Rewards Terms & Conditions state that activity to keep the account active has to be either “earn” or “redeem” activity (staying at a hotel on a qualifying paid rate or redeeming points for an award). Account activity (you can see this in your account details) is clearly differentiated between “earn”, “redeem”, and “other”. So we can likely assume that anything marked “other” does NOT count as qualifying activity to keep the account active (bonus points offers, points purchases, credit card activity, etc):

      • The redeeming and then canceling does work even when it may not have been (intentionally for sure) on the program T&Cs.

    • colin

      Activity is accounts use ie points activity, whether added or deducted in any 12months period.
      Booking an award debits points so keeps account alive, and when you later cancel the returned points no doubt count as increase/add to the balance

  • cruiser

    I don’t think your points will expire as long as you just keep the credit card. It does give you a yearly free night for the $49 fee.

    • It is not a published benefit of the card; however at least the US version of the card (not sure about the international ones) gives you elite status as long as you are a cardholder, and as long as you have elite status, your points don’t expire. So theoretically, I guess you could just hold the card, never use it, never stay at an IHG property outside of your free annual night, and never redeem points, and your points won’t expire.

  • Yann Leung

    I have never received any email from IHG informing me about the changes on policy. If I find my points are going to expire, can I just use the points to book a room and then cancel the reservation before check-in? I know the points for redemption would be returned to my account. These should be regarded as “activities” also.

  • John Galt

    Haven’t seen a thing and I always look for offer emails. I have over 680k so I will be calling them today. Anybody know if the IHG Chase card excludes you from this rule?

    • Victor

      No since you’ll have platinum elite status as a cardmember. From “Points in your account do not expire for all current Elite members, although all of your points may expire twelve (12) months after your account moves to Club level from an Elite level without earn or redeem activity.”