Compensation Clinic: Le Meridien Putrajaya (Knocking At The Door When DND Is On)


This week the Compensation Clinic-case comes from my stay last week at the fairly new Le Meridien Putrajaya in Malaysia (close to Kuala Lumpur).

Compensation Clinic Le Meridien Putrajaya (Knocking At The Door When DND Is On)

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You can access Le Meridien Putrajaya’s website here.

Checked into the hotel around 8PM (came from the airport). As my flight was late in the afternoon the following day, made sure that my key was valid until 4PM.

Around 1PM someone first calls that they need to check the minibar. Told them to come back after I have checked out.

Ten minutes later same guy is knocking at the door while the RED Do-Not-Disturb light is on. When asked him if he knew what that light meant, he just told that he needs to check the minibar. Closed the door and asked him to consult a manager.

Called the front desk manager and reported the incident. Requested 3,000 Starpoints for the inconvenience. Spoke with him again at the time of checking out. He couldn’t make the decision but had to get someone to approve it. Was told that unless I hear back from him (by email I would assume) the points would be shortly deposited to my account.

Compensation Clinic Le Meridien Putrajaya Deposit

The points posted to my account few days later.


The reason to request points was that the hotel must document the issue with the minibar service and someone foots the bill (internally) for the 3,000 Starpoints.

Obviously, the person checking the minibar wasn’t properly trained by the F&B department. There is no excuse to be knocking at the door after being turned down once over the phone and when the DND light is on.

Cannot get my head around this DND issue at hotels? Nobody should be knocking at the door when the light is on or the card hanging outside yet it happens quite frequently.

The suite upgrade was good (the layout was weird and not very functional) and breakfast was quite nice. I have no idea about the other hotel facilities such as the Club lounge because had no time to use them. The hotel is attached to a rather large mall that should have plenty of stores and F&B facilities.

Took Grab taxi both ways to/from the airport and paid 50 to 55 MYR. Uber would have been available as well but at a higher charge and the pick up address from the hotel would have been some coffee shop 5 minutes away.

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  • Joseph Merrick

    I agree 100%. DND means DND. So unless there is an emergency there is absolutely no reason to ignore the request.

    I wonder what would have happened if you had not answered the door? Chances are the person would have entered your room assuming nobody was in.

    • Patrick Yu

      Last time someone entered my room after 2 secs knock at 1pm (DND on, and late check out requested) in HIX KL. Fortunately I was not naked lol, and the manager offered 20k points after I just told them the situation. Quite nice to know they just want to solve the problem straight away. Will stay with them again in future for sure.

  • maclover

    Many guests leave DND on (some on purpose some accidentally) and later complain that room hadn’t been serviced.
    I wonder how much the “average” guest have to pay extra to subsidize the regular whining customers.

    • superduper

      nope. you put DND on and it means no housekeeping. is it so difficult to understand?

      • maclover

        As I said, many customers put DND accidentally / forget to remove it.
        Some others, place it deliberately to then complain about room hadn’t been serviced
        I, again, wonder how much this minor complaints and subsequent ridiculous compensa action request affect all the other travelers in terms of higher rates and less attentive service as staff will be busy dealing with such minor stuff

        • LFCorsten

          They should call front desk and check if the guest checked out. And compensation is needed. That the learn from their short comings.

          • maclover

            Again, how much costs to average guest this compensation-mania?

    • Joe

      About half the hotels, where I left the DND up, left a note on housekeeping under the door. Basically stated the DND was on, so if I wanted towels, servicing, etc. to call the front desk.

  • Lbeezy

    This actually is pretty ridiculous that they compensated you for something so minuscule on the day of check out especially. Makes it hard for legitimate claims to get compensations. I hope they notate your account for begging to get any compensation on your following stays.

  • Steve Rosenzweig

    I was staying at the Sheraton Resort in Kauai in January and we had some difficulty with the room. We had been moved when I remembered I left something in the other room. I called the front desk and they had someone get it for me. I received a call about ten minutes later from the front desk saying that a service person was waiting at my door, by couldn’t knock because I had my do not disturb on the door. This hotel handled it right!

  • flerk

    Agree. DND is DND. Luckily I have never been disturbed that much. Sometimes I’ll get a phone call asking if I want housekeeping and they refer to the DND but I don’t get people knocking on the door. The only time I had someone knocking on my door was at Crowne Plaza Copenhagen. I had a late checkout confirmed with the reception and housekeeping came. When I told them I have the DND on they left and came back with someone else, (manager or something) and said I need to leave as it is past check out. Quite rudely and I rudely replied that they should check their systems as I have late check out. I didn’t log a complain or ask for compensation as they changed their attitude right away and were quite sorry but still not cool to basically be told GTFO.

  • Austy

    This happens quite frequently in India. If I’m working in the room I may have a DND sign out the front, but may not have the actual room card in the light switch if it’s during the day and there’s plenty of light coming in to the room. Housekeeping automatically assume no one is in the room and just barge right in without knocking.

  • Xavier

    A few years ago I was at The Renaissance at Kuala Lumpur. I’ve made a complaint about the checkin procedure and THE MANAGER comes to my room to bring me a complimentary chocolates box. The thing is that, I’ve had the DND hanging on the doorknob and he was unable to deliver the chocolates, so he decided to call my room and told me “I’m just outside and you have the Do not disturb sign, could you open please?” WTF

    • That happens quite often if they are trying to bring amenities. They call.