Delta Changes Partner Award Mileage Requirements Without Any Notice On April 7, 2017

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Delta Air Lines has been tinkering with the number of SkyMiles required for partner awards that seems to have gone up anywhere from 15% to 20% without any prior warning from the airline.

Delta Changes Partner Award Mileage Requirements Without Any Prior Notice On April 7, 2017

This change was first noted on a FlyerTalk post (access here) where member noticed that the number of SkyMiles required for an award had changed from 70,000 to 85,000 (transatlantic partner award in business class).

You can access Delta SkyMiles here.


Not sure why Delta felt that they now had to make changes to the SkyMiles partner awards? They are already expensive compared to other airlines and the SkyTeam ain’t the best alliance (Star Alliance and Oneworld are both far better).

Delta stopped publishing award charts few years back claiming that customers don’t care about them. Obviously the reason was that pushing through these devaluations is easier when award charts are not out on their website.

Delta is a fine carrier (usually – not during the operational meltdown over the pas few days) and I wouldn’t have issue them if the price and schedule would fit me. I would not, however, choose them for the “loyalty” program they run.

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  • Lordkent

    Similar increase happened with what now appears to be a Delta Subsidiary “Virgin Atlantic” Seems that following AA’s massive withdrawl of their Best Award Offers like – OneWorld Explorer its now the norm for Major Airlines to Change First -.Announce Second.

  • Malcolm

    I’m not sure why Delta partner with Amex who issue their card. Amex is a charge card as opposed to a credit card, so the balance is due each month or face a 29% carrying charge. I will have to watch them as I use Alaska airline points on Delta. Thanks for the post.

    • Jason O

      Malcolm, Delta’s Amex is a credit card, not a charge card. It doesn’t have a 29% carrying charge. It charges interest if you do not pay in full, just like any other credit card issued by Visa or Mastercard or Airline cobrand card.

    • Xavier

      Malcolm, AMEX has charge cards and credit cards too. Delta’s AMEX is credit, AMEX ICC (for instance) is a charged card.

  • PayItForward

    Too many goodwill and service-recovery miles issued for those major “melt-downs” ~ 3 of them in the recent months? Give out the miles first then make the miles worth lesser.
    Seriously, I am holding less and less hope of “maximising” my cache but it is the airline’s version of inflation. It is nice to see the huge balances though even if they are not worth a lot.

  • James D Dionne

    I just achieved “Gold” status and was looking forward to my next layover in MSP in the sky lounge. I just found out that I cannot access the lounge even though my app says I can. Thanks Delta. Unless rectified, I will now be giving “cannot recommend delta” to each and every survey they give me for this blatant bait and switch. Any class action laywers want to bite on this one?