Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus 50% Off Award Sale For Travel May 15 – July 19, 2017


Bangkok Airways has launched new 50% off FlyerBonus award sale that is valid for travel between May 15 – July 19, 2017.

Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus 50 Percent Award Sale Spring 2017

The offer is valid for travel on all Bangkok Airways routes and must be booked between April 15 – May 7.

You can access this offer on Bangkok Airways website here.

Here are the routes with number of points required:

Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus 50 Percent Award Sale Spring 2017 Destinations


You have to bear in mind that Bangkok Airways has rather high “fees” on some of the international awards where redeeming for economy may not make any sense and domestic routes are usually competitively priced.

Here are the terms and conditions of this offer:

  1. This offer is only applicable for online redemptions booked via between 17 April 2017 (from 8:00 a.m.) and 7 May 2017
  2. The valid travel period is between 15 May 2017 and 19 July 2017. Ticket validity extensions are NOT permitted in any case.
  3. The 50% point discount is applicable for both one-way and round-trip online award redemptions in Economy Class (X) and Business Class (Z) only.
  4. The 50% point discount is applicable only on the number of points required for an award ticket. Taxes and fees are charged separately and are NOT subject to any discount.
  5. The 50% award discount is applicable to ALL destinations on marketed and operated flights by Bangkok Airways
  6. NOT valid with any other discount and promotion
  7. Subject to seat availability at the time of booking. Only one passenger name permitted per booking session.
  8. Award Tickets must be issued within 5 days of the redemption date. If award tickets are NOT issued and/or any payment NOT completed within the allotted time limit provided on confirmation, the reservation(s) will be automatically cancelled.
  9. Cancellation on airline award redemptions and point re-depositing are NOT allowed
  10. Open dated tickets are NOT permitted. Non re-routable and flight date changes are NOT permitted (no reservation changes).
  11. An award ticket is considered used if a member fails to check-in and take a flight already reserved and the subsequent segments under the same booking will be cancelled.  Members will not be able to refund surcharges and fees or re-deposit those points to their membership account.
  12. An award ticket that has been bought, sold or bartered by or to a member may be cancelled or confiscated without prior notice and is at the sole discretion of Bangkok Airways. If the award ticket has been utilized, either partially or fully, the member will be liable for payment of travel on a full fare basis. All rights, including the right to bring legal action or to cancel a membership, are also reserved.
  13. Unless otherwise stated above, other Terms and Conditions of FlyerBonus apply.
  14. Bangkok Airways reserves the right to change any conditions without prior notice.

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  • Not Me

    As a Premier member on PG for the last 6 years these promos are the only time I’ll burn points. The cheapest way to earn points is on certain Dom segments which might net points ~$6.50 per. The best redemption segments are Int C cabin (where applicable) and/or Int o/w flights that would otherwise be hit with a o/w penalty. If you can get a redemption of >$1 / pt it’s decent value.
    The assessment not to use points on domestic routes is spot on unless fares are high (taxes/fees run about 800THB) so you’d be looking at HKT-CNX and other similarly priced flights; USM-BKK v.v is often totally blocked or only available for the first/last flights of the day.

    • PG has a monopoly on the USM routes due to owning the airport. No wonder they don’t allow many redemption to/from USM.

      • Not Me

        They also own TDX (Trat) and THS (Sukhothai), both of which are included in the new TG codeshare agreement. USM is their bread and butter with fares rarely under 3K THB and pax are apparently willing to pay these prices. I don’t like Samui so it doesn’t affect me. Unfortunately the only way to determine availability is directly through PG as expertflyer has the incorrect fare classes tagged for awards. Also, PG limits searches to only one seat at a time (assuming you have enough points in your account to redeem). The best bet is always to call and inquire about availability.

        • Wasn’t there plan to have second airport in Samui on the other side of the island? I guess that the runway currently is too short to have widebodies landing.

          • Not Me

            The current airport doesn’t allow anything larger than B734 (TG) or A319 (PG). Also the two slots for TG seem to be a token gesture to the ‘authorities’.

  • Not Me

    One more point that would be beneficial to add though it’s not relevant to this sale per se. PG allows the use of points even if the flight occurs after the date on which those points would otherwise expire and go bye bye (Dec 31, 20xx). I am unlikely to use any points on this sale but often do during the annual Nov 70% off promo for flights the following year; then I burn any points set to expire.