Thai Airways Has (Finally) Updated The Champagne Glasses In First Class

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On a somewhat superficial note I was surprised to see today that Thai Airways has finally done something regular First Class customers wished: Updated the glassware, specifically Champagne flutes!

Thai Airways for a long time used very traditional (Thai Style) and strange to handle champagne glasses that simple fell out of the picture in international First Class.

While flying from Tokyo to Bangkok today I was surprised when I boarded and received the pre-departure Champagne (Dom Perignon 2006) in a proper Champagne Flute.

These used to be their old glasses which were on board until fairly recently (sorry for the bad quality of the picture):

They were pretty heavy and just didn’t feel right. It seems someone at Thai Airways must have gotten the message that it’s time to change the glassware and upgrade to proper flutes.

At the same time Thai Airways still serves Dom Perignon (currently the 2006 vintage) on their First Class routes so no cutbacks there either.


It was just a small thing I noticed that was changed on this A380 departure from Tokyo-Narita to Bangkok. Apart from this I didn’t recognize any other changes to the hardware or software on board except that my pre-ordered Lobster Thermidor was still raw inside, not just under cooked but raw! It was quickly replaced (changed to Duck from the regular menu) by the fantastic and apologetic crew.

A good flight overall with a nice new product feature.

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  • DrewT

    My oh my… it must be great, with everything going on with United, to be able to blog about the Champagne Flutes being updated on Thai Airways…

  • The Masked Poster

    Your “pre-ordered” lobster? I take it this means you ordered before you ordered. How does the 2006 wine compare to the 2005 or 07? For those of us who normally travel in steerage, this distinction is important, just in case we should ever find ourself accidentally seated in with the wrong class, heaven forbid. I do find it interesting, though, that the airline has finally come into the 21st century with their stemware. Thanks for the informative article.

    • Thai first class is often easily available using miles and tend to be good value.

  • Khaarl

    Well, even though the flute is the most iconic way of drinking Champagne, it is far from being the best, especially with good / great bubbles. At least they could have chosen a tulipe-shaped flute to concentrate the aromas instead of a shape that just let everything go away.

    The most used glassware brand in Champagne is Lehmann Glass. The most iconic Champagne tasting glass to Champagne houses and high end restaurants is called Grand Champagne designed by Philippe Jamesse, considered the best Champagne sommelier.

    Kamatoku and Meiwa sell it in Japan, here is the link to Kamatoku:

    And here is the link if you want to purchase it in Germany:

    I myself come from Champagne and family has been producing wines here since 1660 🙂
    Give a try to the Grand Champagne, I promise you won’t regret it.

    Also, the La Tour d’Argent in Tokyo should have some. At least I attended a dinner where they used the glass. Same at Les Saisons (Imperial Hotel).

    • Probably should visit your family cellar sometime for the bubble drinks then!

      • Khaarl

        In Finland you have Essi Avelan MW, the goddess of Champagne and Sparkling wines 🙂 You also have the Grand Champagne festival where the Grand Champagne glass is showcased to taste all the greatest Champagne wines available during the festival. You should start there 🙂

      • Khaarl
  • Gary

    Another nonsensical low value post by little Sebastian. C’mon, John!