Reader Question: Hilton Honors Keeps Sending Out Diamond Status Emails While Being Downgraded?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader dropped me an email about weird emails received from Hilton Honors indicating that the status would have been renewed through March 2019 when that is not the case.

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Email March 25 2017

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Here’s the email from the reader:

This is becoming a joke. Below is the 3rd email in 3 weeks saying I am Diamond until 2019, but my account on the Hilton web site  was changed to Silver and now is  back to Diamond 9as of  a few days) with a expiration date of July 2017 (not 2019). This seems less and less professional every day.

Current bottom line – 3 emails say March 31, 2019, but the web site says July 2017.

The reader forwarded me three separate emails from Hilton Honors. The one above was sent on march 25, 2017.

Here’s the email from April 10:

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Email April 10 2017

Here’s the one from April 12:

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Email April 12 2017


Difficult to tell what is happening here. Hilton Honors has sent out three separate emails in less than three weeks regarding a Diamond status that should have been valid through March 2019 yet the website now says July 2017.

How status could be valid through July 2017? Hilton Honors grants status by March whatever year. Have other readers had this same experience with emails from Hilton Honors?

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  • Ast

    It is because he pushed the “send me the card” button. It’s just a system bug.

    • alwweb

      Even if it is a system bug, Hilton should honor it. It isn’t that hard to create a web site that works.

  • I’ve also received it (on March 31st) and got very happy thinking it’s some kind of a promotion… but then, on April 1st I still got downgraded. 🙁
    Hilton didnt want to offer me anything in return for their mistake, it wasnt possible to have my status prolonged… only got some points after few emails…

  • Corbett Kroehler

    I can help. While I did not receive the extra copies (merely the one notice), I know from a past status match promotion that the email is binding. In other words, despite the indication in your Honors profile on the website, if any question should arise next year, call Diamond Customer Service to explain. You will be asked to forward a copy of the message electronically and your status will be extended.

    In my case, the problem was equally frustrating – I was granted status match in March of 2016. When we moved into the next year, even though the match meant that I still had Diamond status, my Honors profile showed the tracker of nights stayed as Blue (without the status match). I complained about it to the web team and everyone was clueless. When I spoke with Diamond Customer Service, the explanation was that the website has not received the requisite upgrades to reflect status as granted through a promotion or other non-standard means. Most importantly, when I asked how I was to prove that the status had been granted should a question arise, I was told that the email was binding and was sent another copy of the current year’s confirmation.

    Receiving 3 copies is frustrating glitch. However, in no way does it retract your status. You’re in.

    • Clive

      I guess they will find a way to make it not binding as there seem to be too many people who would keep their status instead of being downgraded, myself included.

  • Sergey Fedorov

    Same thing here. Got e-mail about my Gold being extended, but the website shows downgrade to basic.

  • SebastianDC

    Got email about Diamond being extended to March 2019, but still was downgraded. Sent a few emails with no results. They simply said it was a system error and did not offer anything.

    • Clive

      I’m in the same boat. 🙁

      • Received the same e-mail. I’ve asked customer service and they said that this is an error and “they’re sorry”. That’s all.

  • Chris

    Same happened with me (got an email ‘confirming’ Diamond till 2019) but online shows I’ve gone back to silver.

    BUT on my last stay yesterday when checking in the hotel staff said I’m still showing as Diamond and thus got upgrade and free breakfast. Also on the hotel invoice I’m still shown as Diamond.

    Not sure if this is because I made the booking before April or if there is some deeper dodge in their system. I guess I’ll find out next time I stay with them…

  • GJS001

    I find it odd that the original letter writer has something on their Honors profile page that shows the Diamond status expiring in July 2017. While my account shows my current status, it has never shown an expiry date.

  • Joseph Merrick

    Come on people, most of you know perfectly well that your status has expired. The “trick” with the “send me a card button” did not work and now you’re upset? You have been given a nice status match until march this year for free and now you are getting greedy and want more…

  • colin

    I received the “extended to MAR 2019” email wit purpe background too, just received the once though.

    For me it seems legit extension, but I have been HHD for quite a few years, ie well before the crazy HHD match to anyone with a pulse was given like candy between Novv2015-May2016

    HHD for 2017-Mar2018 anyway, and great to have 2018-Mar2019 in the bag , so no need to split my usual 40 or so nights into 30 stays this year asb no target to meet to hae HHD the next year.

  • Danny

    I am doing the status match again for Diamond since the downgrade to Gold. None of the “tricks” worked for me. As a datapoint it took 7 days for them to change my status from Gold to Diamond to start the challenge. I called several times to ask to speed up the process – didn’t work. So it you plan to do the status match, plan well ahead.

    • Probably good idea to do that a week or so before of your first intended stay for the challenge.