Check Your Email For SkyMiles & $$$ Off Delta Voucher Due To Operational Meltdown


It took Delta FOUR days to recover from a weather issues that affected Atlanta the other Wednesday. The airline was forced to cancel hundreds of flights days later due to IT issues that affected crew scheduling among others.

Delta Email

Now, the airline has been sending out compensation emails for those affected with this meltdown. SkyMiles members have been offered compensation miles or miles combined with Delta electronic $$$ off voucher.

You can access Delta’s website here.

Delta has been sending out 20,000 SkyMiles for members affected by the chaos. Some members have been receiving the miles along with $200 Delta travel voucher.

Remember that if there are any expenses you incurred due to Delta’s IT meltdown, you should contact the airline and ask them to reimburse them. The airline can blame weather for the issues that affected the airline on Wednesday but not what happened days later.


Delta was very lucky that United incident happened when they were still having issues getting passengers to their final destinations due to issues with IT.

I hope that affected passengers will hit Delta with their additional expense claims due to incompetence dealing with the storm aftermath.

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  • alwweb

    Interesting. I was only delayed about 90 minutes due to the melt-down, but my waiting in Boston was extremely unpleasant due to the lines, lack of seating, etc because everyone was delayed, cancelled, or bumped. The only thing I received was a very lame generic apology email mentioning only weather with no mentions of compensation. I was trying to get from Boston to Columbus, OH on Thursday night. People that were being bumped were being told they couldn’t get home until Saturday night. It is a good thing United screwed up worse than Delta or they would be in the news more for this one.

    • Delta definitely got off the hook because the United incident was “sucking” all the oxygen (media time possible). You can always drop them an email and said others received compensation miles and you nothing. Perhaps they throw some SkyMiles your way then.

  • Scott Steckel

    I had two flights cancelled due to this Delta outage. I complained and was told I had to wait until the end of the month for a response. I received the 20,000 miles as hush money but no voucher. When I heard back from their complaint department, they said they could not offer me anything more. Any idea how I can get more miles out of them? Their service really sucked. I was offered no notification of flight cancellations, no help rebooking and no hotel despite potentially being stuck away from home for 3 additional nights.