IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-Promo Dashboard Not Updating


The IHG Rewards Club Accelerate-promo just ended that was valid for stays between January 1 – April 15, 2017 (read more here).

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate Dashboard Not Updating

Members have been able to track their progress of completing various hurdles by access the promo dashboard that has ended updating over the past couple of weeks.

You can access the Accelerate Dashboard here.

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Here’s my “Stay More, Earn More” hurdle:

IHG Rewards Club Accelerate Dashboard Not Updating

And here’s the points posted to my account:

IHG Rewards CLub Spring 2017 Accelerate Dashboard Not Updating Hurdle


Something weird is going on with this Dashboard. I was following that all the hurdles were completing as they should have to earn the final 38,000 points bonus.

Seems that, although the Dashboard is not updating, the bonus points are indeed posted to accounts (at least were to mine).

I was able at the last moment to catch an issue with one of the hurdles that required redemption activity. Hadn’t read that correctly the first time around and ended up canceling an award stay that I had made (not completed) and redeeming 2,500 points for IHG foundation instead. For some reason trying to redeem any books, magazines or songs wasn’t working. Always an error message.

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    When will the new list of point breaks be released?

  • Michael

    How long does it take to track stays on promo page? Finished my quest this week but two stays are missing. They appear on the normal web page but no bonus is being added…

    • Mahomed Jogiat

      Same problem I currently have . Shows but not posted . I guess we will have to wait .

      • Michael

        Received email from service, should take three week’s till promo dashboard updates.

        • Mahomed Jogiat

          Through a separate link I see my stays show updated on promo dashboard but I was told by the call centre that the points should take three weeks to post .

  • Gary

    Same here, John. Usual stuff with their promotion pages. I’ve noticed that one can’t even properly navigate to the Accelerate page from My Offers link this go round, but rather from a separate link altogether.

    Only positive thing is that hotel stays on the main IHG rewards page are posting in 2 days lately. Oddly, the Accelerate page hasn’t updated since March 28 in my case… despite 4 Intercon stays since then.

    • The stays are posting much better than in the past (few years back) for sure. The only issue is that if you extend your stay you most likely need to contact IHG afterwards to have them fix it.

  • Jason

    This is not new. I have had this problem for years.

  • Nick Hevelian

    I had my final stay on April 15 (checked out on morning of Apr 16). All the other bonuses are stacked on top of this so I need it to count in order to get 30K points.

    Can anyone confirm if a stay made on the final day is qualifying?

  • fotoking

    Contacted IHG they said it can take upto 3 weeks.

  • Reuben

    I just got told up to 6 weeks. A bit worrying.

  • Ry Wong

    John’s Accelerate 17Q1 offer seems really harsh – stay 35 nights as a hurdle? That’s talking about nearly reaching Platinum in just Q1.

    • It was bit crazy but ended up doing it! Actually went over by couple of nights.

  • Michael

    My dashboard is updated today, mission accomplished!