SPG Lifetime Platinum Five Stays Away (Or 21 Nights)


Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) has lifetime Gold and Platinum programs as long as the program stays around (something should happen in 2018).

SPG Lifetime Platinum Five More Stays

When I started with SPG 10 years ago (later than with Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott & IHG), I had no idea that one day I would make lifetime Platinum with the program. As a matter of fact, SPG didn’t even have formalized lifetime program back in 2007.

You can access SPG’s website for Lifetime Gold and Platinum status here.

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The lifetime Platinum status requires minimum of 500 nights and 10 years as a Platinum members. Gold requirement is 250 nights and five years as a Gold member or higher. Years for lifetime status don’t need to be consecutive.

Lifetime progress:

SPG Lifetime Platinum Five More Stays (Or 21 Nights)

2017 progress:

SPG Lifetime Platinum Five More Stays (Or 21 Nights) 2017

I am currently five stays (one coming this Thursday) or 21 nights short of qualifying for Platinum status this year that will be my 10th. I qualified for lifetime Gold back in 2012 (read more here).


I haven’t yet decided when and where I will have that 25th stay for the year that also makes me lifetime Platinum. I can guarantee that it won’t be at Four Points or Aloft!

My friends who where really satisfied with the SPG got me started with the program back in 2007. I had been mainly staying at Hyatt, Marriott and IHG properties at the time with some Hilton stays thrown in as well when promotions were good.

I have had another 100 to 200 nights with SPG that are not included in the total number of nights figure. Doesn’t matter because I couldn’t qualify for the Platinum status before hitting the 10 years as a Platinum anyway.

Let’s see when Marriott Rewards retires the SPG program. The original plan was from the beginning of 2018, but there could be delays with program integration.

These lifetime statuses do come handy. I have Oneworld Sapphire from American Airlines (two million  miles) and Star Alliance Gold from United (one million flown). Bit more than 100 nights short of Marriott lifetime Platinum. Not sure what is happening with my lifetime Fairmont Platinum status once the program is combined with Le Club AccorHotels.

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  • Nick Hevelian

    “I had been mainly staying at Hyatt, Marriott and Hyatt properties”

    You might want to check your copy editing there.

    PS Lifetime Gold doesn’t seem to be worth much but Lifetime Plat would be killer. However, who knows what will happen to Lifetime Plats after the merger process has finalized?

    • Fixed the typo. Lifetime Gold is useful because it maps to Marriott Gold that comes with benefits such as breakfast or lounge access.

  • Flyboy

    Ya. I’ve got Lifetime Plat with AA and now only have 14 stays to go to regain Plat this year and then 32 nights to get lifetime Plat. Woo hoo.

  • Perryplatypus

    Only two nights away from lifetime gold. Glad to get it knocked out this year and hopes it transfers over to Marriott as the same. I’m on track for SPG 50, any thoughts if I should push for SPG75?

    • I wouldn’t make an extra effort (more than couple of nights) to get to SPG75. The 24 thing is never guaranteed. Some hotels approve it while others don’t.