Accor Plus Membership Prices By Country April 2017


Le Club AccorHotels has separate Accor Plus paid membership program for stays in Asia-Pacific that comes with the usual line of benefits such as accommodation and dining discounts.

Accor Plus

The membership price as well as the number of free nights certificates is country specific and cannot be found from Accor Plus website. You need to call in for the info.

You can access Accor Plus here.

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Here are the country specific prices + number of free nights included:

Note that these are the prices as of April 18, 2017. I have included the price in USD using exchange rates as of April 19.

2 Free Nights

  • China RMB 2,388 ($347)
  • Singapore SGD 398 ($285)
  • Indonesia IDR 2,650,000 ($199)

1 Free Night

  • Thailand THB 6,500 ($190)
  • Philippines PHP 8,800 ($177)
  • Vietnam VND 5,500,000 ($242)
  • Malaysia MYR 610 ($138)
  • India INR 12,535 ($194)
  • Hong Kong HKD 2,088 ($269)
  • Australia AUD 349 ($263)
  • New Zealand NZD 349 ($246)
  • Fiji FJD 309 ($148)

Note that there are additional coupons that are country specific depending where you are buying the package.

I would like to hear from readers how satisfied they have been with the program You can leave your note on the comments section below or drop me an email. I will write about this program next week.


All the hotel chains have dining programs for Asia-Pacific and some of them come with free night and other vouchers.

I guess that the main goal is to get locals to sign up and use the hotel Food & Beverage outlets. The price after the usual 50% off discount brings the price more acceptable level for many.

I have been contemplating buying the membership with two free night certs. If you use the free nights wisely, everything else is then extra.

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  • Sergey Fedorov

    There are some reports online claiming that redeeming free night certificates is problematic and some better hotel in practice tend to be perpetually unavailable. Can’t confirm if that’s true or not.
    Last time I have sent an inquiry to Accor Plus wanting to get clarification, they simply ignored it.

    • I remember someone commenting or emailing me that the free night must be booked 30 or 60 days in advance (cannot remember which). Very difficult for me.

      Obviously, you need to be flexible. If you can buy the $200 package and get 2 “free” nights, you get decent value even if not able to redeem at the Sofitel Sydney.

      • Mark

        I’m a member for two years running now.
        Yes it’s kinda silly. For more high end properties Pullman and up you will need at least 3-4 months early booking.

        When traveling solo this doesn’t make a lot of sense given that the food discount is 25% only. Furthermore in some properties they will not acknowledge that 25% off, but will state a specific restaurant is not available.

        • How do you do the booking? Can you see the available dates on the website or do you need to call?

          • rob

            When you log in you get a use free night option.

            I’ve been a member for about 5 years and it used to be easy to use the free night but now I find it almost impossible to use at hotels I want to stay at.

            Also I am Platinum with around 50,000 accor points. The problem I face is if I cancel my accor plus membership I face the risk of loosing my accor membership status and points so I’m locked in.

          • Sergey Fedorov

            OMG, this sounds truly ridiculous. Unbelievable how Accor keeps this idiotic problem over the years and does nothing to fix it.

          • Mark

            Accor is just a ‘slow’ company. Issues don’t get resolved, and in some hotels (never happens to me at Hiltons) they’ll lie about room in a higher class.

          • thatsthatmattressman

            Hi John,

            It is worth including research (to be found on Flyertalk and Australian Frequent Flyer forums) about what Rob mentions below. I ‘hope’ this is going to change this year with the Le Club changes that kicked in but up until recently this is a HUGE problem with the program. There are countless horror stories how the 2 programs get intertwined and how not continuing to pay leads to a forgeiture of Status with Le Club and sometimes bizarre effects like loss of points not to mention reissue of new Membership account #’s.

            They just introduced a toggle on the main screen to do the search to include (or not) the Stay Plus.


            As you can see there is a value attributed to it (usually 150$ to 200$) so some properties will take your voucher then tack on additional fee (in this case 40$).


            Some blockout rooms (ex. 2 Queen + 1 Single) so that it can only be used on a 2 Adult scenario.

            If you come from the website itself they have a toggle that gets passed in to accorhotels like below. They use a URL of:


            When you come from Accorplus they have a more thorough way to check for StayPlus Availability. by default you get this.


            This allows you to then invoke a Month to Month view like this

            Let me know if you need any more details John and I will be happy to send you images or documentation – I like many Aussies know this program too well!

          • Mark

            Hi John,

            Yes, it’s how themattressman states below. It is easier now with the toggle button option, but it doesn’t necessarily show a property across a certain number of dates.

            When I first became a member it was easier, and I can see Pullman/Sofitel properties having availabilities. My wild guess is it’s actually just one room per night per property that’s up for the free night.

            The problem with this card is not necessarily the card itself, but the properties that do not have a single rule on upgrades and late check outs. I had a big argument with a GM of a hotel that next best available room means not the next category but they should keep on offering upwards until they find a free room for upgrade, as if it were really the next best category then they should have written as available room on the next category, subject to availability.

            The late check out is weird as well as for example in Japan, they will tell you that it’s only upto 2pm (?).

      • Jonathan Wong

        I’ve not had much issues with redemption – you can pretty much redeem with any hotel and add on nights if you wish

      • Sergey Fedorov

        I have actually stayed once at Sofitel Sydney for about 120 USD via Expedia.

  • James

    Some package only gives 1 night free… Singapore is 398 with 2 nights free.

  • John Peterson

    Does anyone have examples (screenshots?) of the Red Hot discounts Accor promotes? Are they at many hotels and are the discounts actually “red hot”?

  • Ronald Koh

    Almost impossible to get free night on Sofitel within 9 months

    • Mike

      Just have to be vigilant…. ive got a free night in a Sofitel for June that I only just booked a week ago

  • Calvin C K Lee

    We have 2 cards. The problem is when we have 4 persons dining. Some hotels do not allow us to use the 2 cards for 4 persons, and hence we could only go with 25% discount instead of 50% (2 cards of 2 persons each). And we could not find the rules regarding this situation.

    • thatsthatmattressman

      Hi Calvin, depending on which country you are dining in you should insist on the 50% discount when 4 are dining with 2 cards. It is one of their primary marketing incentives and is an upsell when they offer you the card they always want you to buy a 2nd card promoting this specific benefit. The benefit is offered in Australia, NZ and Fiji but NOT in the rest of Asia. This is from their official Terms and Conditions:

      In Australia, New Zealand and Fiji there is no limit to the number of Cards that can be used per table for dining providing the discount does not exceed 50%.

    • Ramitran

      Just go eat with 2 persons separated with minute or so and ask for a separate bill? Shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Alex

    Can you buy a membership in Malaysia (or Indonesia) even if you don’t live there?

    • Paul Lee

      It seems not, as they will mail the membership card to the country of registration only. Is there any member in Malaysia here? I have a pair of card in HK

      • Juan Cena

        Hi- if you are still interested happy to assist in cardes from malaysia

        • Paul Lee

          Yes, my card will expire on 30/6, any contact of you?

  • Juan Cena

    Been accor plus for 7 years. In malaysia- happy to be contacted re membership from there.
    Regarding booking hotels and availability- popular hotels have very limited availability and often only midweek (for example – have stayed sofitel sydney- booked 3 months prior- was only available on a wednesday night). You can see availability once you log into your accorplus account.

    Note of warning- if you have status as le club you will LOSE this when you join accor plus if you join with same email address or if you try to merge accounts. Accorplus gives you silver. For me this has meant two accounts for 7 years as I was platinum when joined and still am- they bumped me to silver- had same problem 3 years straight – kept them separate ever since. This is another of the quirks of accor- left hand doesnt speak to the right and never has. Customer service at plus is also pretty bad – they like to pass the buck back to le club and so it goes.

    Saying that- we travel extensively and have well and truly got our moneys worth each year – hence the continuation of the membership…

    • Patrick

      Hi Juan,

      I’m interested in the process for Malaysian Accor plus membership. Can you please elaborate more on the process or provide me with your email address to take the conversation offline?

      If it can be delivered to any Accor hotel and residency etc is not an issue with their requirements this could be greatly beneficial to me.


  • Ramitran

    Can you buy this even when not living/travelling in country permanently? Like 1 month in Thailand is it enough to deliver the card if having “permanent” address for a while?

    • Juan Cena

      In my experience- thailand office more difficult to deal with unless you speak and write in thai? If so- start process prior to arrival as malaysia card takes 5-6 weeks to arrive generally. I would imagine Thai office is about the same time frame

    • What I have understood is that they can deliver the package to any Accor hotel in the country which package you purchase.