Hilton Honors Properties At Just 5,000 Points Per Night (65 Altogether)!


Hilton Honors got rid off award categories back in March 1, 2017 (read more here) and started to price award dynamically valuing points at 0.5 cents each. Hilton did, however, keep the previous category maximums in place (for now).

Hilton Honors Properties 5,000 Points Per Nights

Hilton Honors doesn’t have a list up on its’ website about hotels by award category so that people could find the best value properties. We just did some work and there are currently 65 Hilton affiliated hotels at the category 1 level requiring just 5,000 points per night.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Note that elite members are eligible for the fifth night free effectively paying 20,000 points (4,000 points per night) for five nights. You can easily get Hilton Honors Gold status by having just four stays within 90 days (read more here) or getting Hilton affiliated credit card in some markets.

Hilton Honors sells points throughout the year (access here) and is currently (at the time of writing this piece) offering 100% purchase bonus (read more here).















United States


During the current promotion, where members get 2,000 bonus points for every night consumed, the price of 5 night award at any of these properties before the end of this month would be just 10,000 Hilton Honors points ($50 if points are purchased at 0.5 US cents each).

There are quite a few 5,000 points per night properties in China, Turkey, Mexico and Russia. Good for those that can take advantage of this award bargain.

I have received notes from readers that have had difficulty pulling up these 5,000 rates at some properties. There have been some “technical issues” with the properties while others may have blocked the standard room award space altogether (Hilton Garden Inn Bali Airport).

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  • Hilton Garden Shenzhen Bao’an! I stayed there during the 5k points promo last year = Free Stay!

  • Krista Hurttila

    Hilton Garden Inn Bali is no longer on that list!! Even though the site is showing 5000pts, the amount of pts you need to use is 15 000 pts now.

    • Magnus Egertz

      It is… try for example june 6-7 and you get 5000 p

    • I have tried to get a definite answer from Hilton Honors spokesperson what is going on with this property now for couple of weeks. They are still working on it.

  • MV

    Hampton Inn Tampico Zona Dorada is not in Romania!

  • Alun Hill

    Very useful list, thank you!

  • Sean Wayman

    I just did a 5 night stay using 5th night free at Hampton by Hilton Zeytinburnu, Istanbul. It’s a great hotel, plus with the 2k per night promo, I got 10k points back 😛

  • alwweb

    Thanks for the list. It is interested that the only US one is close to home for me and not an inexpensive property. I’ve always found it frustrating how many points locations in the US require. Most Hampton Inns are 35k or more. Nice to see there is at least one lower one.

  • Susan

    Can you comment at all on the Grand Wailea dropping the “standard” room redemption rate? It seems to no longer be available at all. It was 70k pts a night.

  • Nick Hevelian

    Thanks for the reminder. Just got 2 nights in Minsk for $50 spend (via 100% points purchase bonus) instead of the $140 or so it was going to cost me. Should’ve realised sooner that it never makes sense to pay cash when you have a 5K property.

  • Andy Ho

    Just missed by 4 days for the current promotion. Stay in Hilton on May 4, any bonus promotion for May?

  • msterpax

    Any insight into if the Singapore Hilton Garden Inn will ever be available again at their initial 10,000 point rate?

    • Nancy Bui

      I was able to book it at 10k points/night for November.

  • Thank you for the tip John, I’ve just completed a mattress run through four of the hotels on the list. One stay even yielded 2,000 Hilton points back on my account, the rest were completed in May, so I got no change.
    Now I have my Gold status with Hilton.

  • Aero137

    The Hampton Inn Columbus-Airport in GA is 5k/night. You have it linked to the one in OH, which goes for somewhere in the 20-30k range.