UPDATE: Le Club AccorHotels Pay With Your Points At Front Desk (No Vouchers Needed)


Yesterday, I wrote (access here) about new Le Club AccorHotels initiative where members no longer need to use paper vouchers AT hotels. They can now withdraw points directly from your account and apply towards folio.

Pay With Your Le Club AccorHotels Points Coming

You still must redeem minimum of 2,000 points (40 euros) and must redeem in lots of 2,000 points (can apply as many as you have).

You can access Accor’s page for redeeming points here.

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You can issue vouchers until September and they are phased out by the end of this year. When redeeming points at the front desk, the system will automatically convert the amount to local currency (if not Euro). The guest will receive an instant notification and need to provide a code to the front desk for the transaction to be processed.

This instant redeeming of Le Club AccorHotels points should now be available at all participating hotels.

You can continue using points at a time of making the reservation.


It is certainly better that Le Club AccorHotels does the currency conversion (some properties have used fake rates) as long as they use live one.

Not sure how this code thing is going to work? I would assume that it is via the app because many don’t have access to their home phone numbers during travels for receiving SMS messages.

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  • Lionel

    What happen if I decide to redeem some points when checkin out? Will the stay still count toward status acquisition or extension?

    • McCaron

      of course not, only cash counts

    • You must make sure that there is at least some spend. Remember that officially stays that are partially paid with vouchers are not eligible for any bonus points or miles promotions.

    • Chun F Hsu

      For my own experience, I’ve tried to redeem points at booking time through official website. No status points nor club points were counted. The fare is deducted on the receipts.

  • Peter M

    can I pay for F&B with pounts?

  • Guest678

    Just tried to pay at reception when checking out. Frontdesk agent tried for several minutes then found out that some system is not working. Fallback was to request voucher online in the traditional way and print it at the hotel…

    • Probably some issues right now when this was just launched. I would assume that they are fixing the issues and could be something to do with the front desk training as well.