Are Hyatt Properties Using The New World Of Hyatt Program To Eliminate All Welcome Amenities Including Cards & Letters?


Almost two months into the new WORLD OF HYATT loyalty program it appears that many Hyatt hotels found a way to capitalize on this new structure and eliminated even welcome letters or welcome cards.

Hyatt Diamond members used to receive a welcome card from management and welcome letter outlining the on-property benefits at many properties which seems to have now been eliminated by many.

That Hyatt has completely scrapped the Diamond (now Globalist) Welcome Amenity of 1000 points or alternatively a food & beverage amenity is known and has been official policy since inception.

Properties themselves however appear to have also made plenty of cutbacks that used to cost them effort and money.

Many LoyaltyLobby readers have written us emails and Facebook messages over the past weeks asking if this is official policy or of they can complain about certain missing items to the hotel or Hyatt itself.

I’ve had now 14 nights on 9 stays at various Hyatt properties since March 1st and have rarely received welcome letters or cards. Wine in suites has also been scrapped and in most cases not even fruit was provided in the guestroom.

My personal experience based on the following stays:

  • Grand Hyatt Bangkok: No welcome card, no benefit letter, small fruit amenity in the Suite
  • Hyatt Regency Hong Kong TST: No welcome card, no benefit letter, no fruit amenity
  • Grand Hyatt Beijing: No welcome card, no benefit letter, no fruit amenity
  • Hyatt Regency Osaka: No welcome card, benefit letter has been provided, no fruit amenity
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo: No welcome card on one stay, no benefit letter, small snack amenity
  • Grand Hyatt Taipei: No welcome card, no benefit letter, nice fruit amenity has been provided
  • Park Hyatt Seoul: No welcome card, benefit letter provided at check in, small fruit amenity
  • Hyatt Regency Tokyo: No welcome card, benefit letter provided at regency club, no fruit amenity
  • Grand Hyatt Seoul: No welcome card, no benefit letter, no fruit amenity

It’s obvious that the welcome card which Diamond guests used to receive on a regular basis has now been eliminated at many if not all properties. To be honest I don’t really care about the card. The benefit letter on the other hand is important as it usually includes the hours for Club, Gym, Breakfast and other useful information.

The fruit amenity in the room isn’t really that important to me either but in the case of the Grand Hyatt Taipei for example it has nice fruit including good quality banana and oranges that I like to eat that they still send to the room. Park Hyatt Tokyo used to send a delicious Japanese pear that I haven’t seen for the entire 2017 (multiple stays).


It’s obvious that both Hyatt and their individual properties are trying to slim down as much as possible. I do have a problem with it however that it now makes zero difference if you’re staying at the Hyatt as a Globalist member (just received their ugly, ridiculous membership card in the mail) or a regular guest who reserved his room via a third party channel. Sure you still get the benefits but the personal touch is gone completely and that is just sad.

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  • Who cares about a welcome card? Seriously?

  • TT

    1st world problem with welcome card and benefits letter. come on…

    • ihg newbie

      well, if these first world problems don’t bother you, then i don’t think you belong here.

      • Alan

        If you are here you clearly know how to use the internet so should be able to check online what your benefits are if you don’t already know them – and most here can recite them better than the hotel staff.

        Moaning about not receiving a welcome letter makes you look like a complete tosser.

  • ihg newbie

    previous years, i would have had at least 20 stays with hyatt by now. but i only have 4 stays with hyatt so far this year.
    when i stayed at GH shanghai and PH seoul 2 weeks ago, i got nothing as expected.
    i won’t be trying to requalify for the globalist tier as i am giving most of my business to SPG this year. and i believe i made the right decision.

    • John Everett

      I am the same way as you. I have ZERO stays so far this year and am going for SPG Platinum instead.

  • David Crane

    I am most disappointed about the lack of the 1,000 point welcome amenity. However, so far I have found that the hotels are being extra gratious. I have received some lovely non-requested upgrades. I considered dropping Hyatt but I have to admit that, all-in-all, they are still the best.

  • Solewalker

    You might have had some bad luck. I recently (April) stayed at the GH Erawan, and received card, letter, and fruit for my 3-night stay at the Grand Suite King. I do agree that the letter is very welcome, and saves me from bugging various staff members about questions like what time is food/gym/etc.

  • Paul

    My experience with World of Hyatt has been appalling . As a Diamond member for several year there has been a noticeable degradation in this loyalty program ,in fact so much so that I have decided to avoid all future stays with Hyatt .The difference in treatment between SPG and Hyatt is “worlds ” apart and will never go back to Hyatt . Loyalty at Hyatt is now treated with disdain and I will not beg for the member benefits which happened over and over .World of Hyatt for me is a World of stress !

  • Harry Reid

    Hyatt has totally destroyed their loyalty program. Not only have they cut out previous elite amenities, there are plenty of Hyatts that don’t even honor defined elite benefits.
    I have a ton of HGP points that will take me some time to burn, but when I’m done, I’ll shift my business over to Stariott.