Daily Getaways Week 4: Hilton Honors, Marriott Rewards & Orbitz


U.S. Travel Association Daily Getaways are back for 2017 and Hilton Honors, Marriott Rewards & Orbitz are the sales that I cover from the third week selection.

Daily Getaways Week 1 IHG Rewards Club & Wyndham Rewards

Daily Getaways allows members to purchase points without reaching various yearly limits set by the loyalty programs. These sales go live at 1PM ET on respective days.

You can access Daily Getaways here.

Week 4: May 1 – 4

US Travel Association Daily Getaways Week 4

Hilton Honors

– 100,000 points for $480 (max 1) 275 available

– 30,000 points for $144 (max 1) 450 available

– 250,000 points for $1200 (max 1) 236 available

Marriott Rewards

– $100 eGiftCard for $80 (max 3) 1070 available

– $250 eGiftCard for $200 (max 2) 252 available

– $500 eGiftCard for $400 (max 1) 200 available


– $1,000 Promo Code for $650 (max 1) 55 available


Remember that you can buy Hilton Honors points until May 3, 2017 (read more here) at 100% bonus outside of the Daily Getaways.

Buying Marriott eGiftCards makes sense if you have non-prepaid stays coming up and can pay them upfront buy buying these gift cards. You basically save 20%.

Th Orbitz code is probably not as good as it sounds. You need to use it towards one hotel reservation that is prepaid by the time of making the reservation and the base price before taxes/fees needs to be $1,000. You cannot combine this % off hotel coupons that Orbitz often has for non-chain hotels.

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  • Laurel Wang

    also for the Orbitz thing if you cancel your reservation you won’t get a refund neither will you get your promo code back!

  • Nancy Bui

    Awesome! We scored a sweet deal with Marriott Puerto Vallarta for Labor day weekend. These gift cards would make it 50% off! Thanks!!!

  • HeidiG

    Can I buy Marriott points with the egiftcard? Any one know?

    • You cannot. You must use it to pay for stay or expenses at the Marriott property.

  • disqus_tTCyjAfeVj

    John – I wish you had told us that the Getaways were only available to US and Canadian citizens. Disappointing. I thought the US Travel Association would want to encourage foreign visitors.

    • It depends what credit card you can get to go through on their website. Certainly citizenship is not required.

      • disqus_tTCyjAfeVj

        John The site requires a cc with a US billing address. It does not accept non- US addresses.

        • Sometimes you can out your foreign address in the US form and depending on your credit card company it may or may not go through.

  • heavenlyjane

    More importantly, it is almost impossible to redeem the Orbitz promo code. You have to locate a rare hotel that accepts prepayment. Vast majority are set up so you put down a small deposit and pay the difference when you check in. That set-up does not offer a place to input a promo code when I attempt to book.
    The people who nibble on this prize are going to regret it quickly.