Hilton Honors Master Property List With Former Categories & New Point Maximums


Hilton Honors moved award from hotel categories back in early March (read more here) and started dynamically price hotel rooms valuing points at roughly half cent each.

Hilton Honors Master Property List April 2017

Hilton Honors, however, promised to keep the former award category maximums in place. No hotel regardless of the price would cost more than the previous category maximum as long as they have standard room available for sale.

You can access Hilton Honors here.

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Hilton Honors currently lists the previous minimum and maximum prices along with the former category on its award pricing tool (read more here), but recently withdraw the info about the new estimated minimum and maximum.

So, we decided to compile a list of all Hilton Honors properties as of April and have 4,832 of them on the PDF and Excel spreadsheet below. I recently wrote about the properties that are just 5,000 points per night (access here) and 10,000 (access here).

You can use the Excel to sort the the list the way you wish to see if there are very valuable properties for you.

We can also use this to keep Hilton Honors honest. They promised that no hotel will require more points than their previous maximum as long as the standard room is available for sale. Let’s see how ling this promise will last.

Hilton Honors Master Property List April 2017 (PDF):

Download (PDF, 2.11MB)

Hilton Honors Master Property List April 2017 (Excel):

Download (XLSX, 437KB)


When I published the 5,000 and 10,000 properties, several readers were asking if it could be possible to get the info about all Hilton Honors properties. Here it is!

I wonder why Hilton Honors and many other loyalty programs have this information readily available on their websites? It helps program members to better plan the use of their points. That is good for the long term health of the program as well.

Let me know what bargains or good use of points you found from the lists above by leaving your comments below!

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  • Henry

    Thanks, John. This is handy.

    • mary

      I actually love this. I have been staying at the same Burlington, MA HGI for a very long time – 30,000 points. Now, I pay only 21,000. The MIN may not be bookable every time but when it does happen it’s a nice bonus.

  • Henry

    Erm … I guess I spoke too soon. 🙁

    > You can use the Excel to sort the the list the way you wish to see
    > if there are very valuable properties for you.

    Unfortunately, Excel says no sorting because of ‘protection’ and wants a password!

    • Seems that there could be something wrong with that Excel file. It should be sortable. Let me see if I can fix that.

    • Just an update. You can use the filters to slice and dice the list on Excel.

  • hanson

    thanks for creating that list, but hilton amsterdam will never be available for the MIN POINTS REQUIRED

  • Cwyfan

    Now all we need is a chart that shows the minimum and maximum room rates for a basic room for 2 to go along side this.

  • justin

    The new minimums are a bit of a joke since they are virtually never available at that point level. I searched a 5 night stay at 2 properties (not counting the 5th night free), and the lowest I found at Hilton Asheville Biltmore Park was 29,000 (supposedly 15,000) and at Hampton Inn Salt Lake City/Murray was 20,000 (supposedly 14,000).

  • Mike

    Ignoring the recent C+P change (which was a massive devaluation of that portion of the program), the list of hotels that actually had an explicit price increase (through raising the minimum points needed) is smaller than I thought it would be — only 344 out of 4,832 (or 7.1%).

    I suspect that the implicit price increases (through tying the reward cost to the price), on the other hand, are more widespread, though the data cannot be gleaned from this spreadsheet to do that analysis.

  • alwweb

    This is great! Thank you. I love lists like this. It makes it easier to make an informed decision.

  • This is great, thank you!

  • Cormac

    This is amazing thank you!