Le Club AccorHotels Silver/Platinum Status For Fairmont President’s Club Premier/Platinum Members


Le Club AccorHotels has been sending out emails late last week offering Silver or Platinum status for Fairmont President Clubs Premier and Platinum members.

Fairmont President's Club Platinum - Le Club AccorHotels Platinum

Accor acquired the FHRI (Fairmont, Swissotel and Raffles brands) back in 2016 (read more here) and the loyalty programs are still separate.

You can access Accor’s web page for the status match here and for elite benefits here.

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Here’s body of the email that Fairmont sent:

Fairmont President's Club Platinum - Le Club AccorHotels Platinum Email


The email that Fairmont sent out includes apparently one-time code that is used to upgrade new or existing Le Club AccorHotels account to Platinum status.

It remains to be seen when the Swissotel and Fairmont programs are going away and integrated to Le Club AccorHotels. I believe that in order to keep Fairmont elite members happy they need to spice up the benefits AccorHotels status benefits.

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  • Holiday_Hero

    Hi john 🙂
    is it possible to book an Accor hotel for a friend, using my points balance & my card for the small money amount.

    Its a gift for a friend.

    I used to be able to give away hotel vouchers from my account, but i dont see that p
    Option anymore.

    • I guess that it could work out as long as you can designate your friend to be the second guest on the reservation and you are not required to show up. You are obviously not allowed to ask for money but whatever happens between you and your friend is nobody else’s business.

  • Ridoncularious

    Hmm, my wife and I, both FPC Platinum members, have not received these emails. On the one hand, I hope they’re still coming. OTOH, we’ve both been Accor Platinum members before and find that program to be much, much less of a plan than FPC.

    We’re hopeful that Accor will step up when FPC is fully integrated but not holding our collective breath. In the mean time we’ll enjoy what may be our last year of FPC benefits at their current levels.

    • Interesting. I would have assumed that they sent these out to all FPC Platinum members but seems that this hasn’t been the case.