Another United Airlines Incident: Crazy Check In Agent Cancels Ticket Because Passenger Films The Interaction


United Airlines hasn’t received much good publicity as of late after dragging the elderly man off the plane in Chicago, killed the bunny that was transported from UK to the US and sending French woman to West Coast instead of Paris.

Now, crazy United Airlines check in agent canceled passenger’s ticket after they had dispute about baggage fee and the man started videotaping the incident. United agent incorrectly claimed that the passenger had no right to film the interaction (she was wrong – he could in a public space).

Here’s an excerpt from NBC Bay Area (access the entire piece here):

He says a United Airlines agent canceled his trip for doing what other frustrated passengers have done to prove their case: videotaping an airline worker.

The 4 a.m. confrontation occurred in New Orleans when Oza was checking in for his flight home to San Francisco. Oza says he was told it would cost $300 to check the same bulky bag that cost $125 on the way there.

“The woman was incorrect,” McCarron said. “[Oza] doesn’t have to have her permission to film. He’s in a public area, and he can film as much as he wants. As long as he’s in a public area and so is she.”


The airline employees like the check in agent here don’t like being taped because that is easy way to prove how wrong they are. The passenger here was at the airport that is considered a public space and thus the recording the interaction was fine.

United Airlines still has many employees on the payroll that appear to hate passengers. Nothing has changed over the years. Some believe that they are the police, the judge and the jury simultaneously.

I was once flying out on New Orleans when storm was approaching and everyone was told to leave (this was after Katrina). Only one United employee showed up for work that morning to check in the entire flight. She said to me that next time she won’t show up either.

I love that there is more accountability nowadays when everyone is carrying a recording device with them.

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  • Siwusa

    I feel that people love to try now to escalate situations like this. Why not stay friendly and ask for the supervisor. People can be wrong. And who knows – maybe he was charged on his first leg the lower amount by mistake?

    And in fact – I would definitely not like to be filmed like this, yes it is public space, but the video intentionally concentrates only on one single person. I am glad that our European law backs our private rights more in that way that people can’t just film you whenever and however as long you are not being your weaponized garden fence…

    • Brian Crawford

      Although I agree with your sentiment about escalation, European law does NOT/NOT prohibit filming others in a public space as long as it is not intended to be used for commercial purposes. Your expectation of privacy essentially ends when you leave your private space.

      • Siwusa

        Thanks for correcting me. I thought German Law would equal the EU Law, but maybe there is a difference and we are stricter in protecting privacy in Germany.

        The German law states that if you are filming mainly 1-3 individuals (what is the case here) you have to ask them for their consent. If not its illegal. It does not matter if you use it for private or commercial use.

        It basically translates to “The right on the own picture” in German law.

        Additional – in Germany an Airport would not be a public (government controlled) space. Therefore you would actually need an approval by the airport company (which is not really enforced, but..)

        • Kasupke

          Well, I watched the video… and I am shocked. But not by the lady working at the counter… Passenger is drunk or at least close to drunk (he admitted according to the host of the news show) and disrespectful (why start filming?). He is not drawn away, punshed at or something else. He is just told that it would cost a price to check his bag (higher than on the previous flight, but there is no harm done to him). That price appears to be to high in his opinion. But instead of reasonably asking for a supervisor to clear the situation, he starts filming the lady and violates her privacy (no matter if it is prohibited by law, it is a violation of personal privacy to be filmed in that way).

          It seems some people think that employees of a service company are just robots for their pleasure or service and there is no need to be friendly. And when something goes wrong just start filming and bring it on social media and refer to the employee as crazy…

          To the law side:

          German law is one of the most restrictive laws when it comes to personal privacy in the western hemisphere – especially when it comes to filming and being filmed.

          And when it comes to the EU, there are countries where you have to take a look at the criminal offense of espionage:
          – in Greece for example it is prohibited by law to film at military installations, public transport, harbor installations, airports and many other designated (by law) areas. Not complying could be punished as espionage. (may be not enforced that hard at airports, but anyway it is a criminal offense)

  • m

    typical misinformation
    you can record IMAGES in public places
    eleven states require two-party consent to record AUDIO

    theres a difference

    However, La is not one of them, so the customer was correct. In some states they would not be.

  • stacey

    this airline has a culture of us vs. them — they just hate passengers. so glad that more people are recording their interactions with UA staff. i’m just loyal to them for their FF program … everything else sucks.

    • Siwusa

      And people who fly to tend have an ignorance for respect and friendliness. For some reason I probably would have kicked that guy from the plane as well – just because I can and I think he sucks. 🙂

      • stacey

        typical dictatorial behavior/abuse of power … “just because i can and i think he sucks” — wow, what made you hate passengers so much

        • Siwusa

          I hate people in general who behave like they have been raised in a barn or wilderness. I do travel quite a bit, and I always like to be extraordinary friendly – and look at that – the reactions I get are from friendly to extremely surprised that people can be more then “can I” and “I am”. Please, Thanks and wishing a great day are just the basics.

          I have been in the same situation as the guy above. British Airways wanted to charge me for my bag even though I had paid for it. They didn’t see it in the system. I asked for the supervisor. He wasnt able to find a solution – I then just paid and found afterwards a solution with customer support. It happens. It worked out.

          At this point I think some passengers just want to ride on the compensation-wave and cash in. Something whats luckily not possible in Europe.

  • simplyfantabulous

    This is New Orleans, folks. The place ran under Napoleonic Code back in the day, and Sharia Law might win if they put it on the municipal ballot now.

  • Press Record

    Let’s be honest, and agree that the United employee would have not had a clue whether it really was illegal or not to record her (this is something even lawyers can struggle with, off the top of their heads, given many factors may have to be considered – it’s rarely cut and dried), but just claimed so because she wanted the recording to cease (and didn’t really care whether this was true or not). People bullshit like this all the time.

    Regardless of whether or not it was illegal to record the dispute, cancelling his ticket on the sole grounds that he was recording the dispute is totally illegitimate and an abuse. She should have called over a supervisor, and if the staff continued to push that the recording was illegal, should have referred it to the local police to deal with.

    Yes, sometimes passengers use recordings to spin matters too (it’s usually obvious though if they engaging in their own bullshit) but given the considerable power imbalance between passengers and out of control airline employees, I think it’s reasonable for the protection of legal interests to record in some situations. This is because airlines will otherwise back their staff, even if they know they have acted unlawfully or unethically, in most cases otherwise (it’s not in their interests to do otherwise).

    Because, lets face it, nothing chills bad behaviour like a permanent undisputablr record of it.

    • Kasupke

      So if someone would start filming you in a very offensive way, you would approve it without any hesitation? The way he started filming her in that video is clearly disrespectful and offensive, so I agree: bad behaviour is undisputable if recorded. Gladly the passenger recorded this so we could experience HIS bad behaviour.

  • Attention All Passengers

    The agent should have just SHUT UP or just keep calmly repeating what they (the passenger) needs to do to fix the situation – take weight out of the bag or pay the fee. Period. Most likely his bag was twice as heavy as when he flew in.
    I’ve been in this situation many times with passengers and the best thing to do — is do what they do — repeat, repeat and repeat. You can tell me a thousand times that you didn’t have to do x,y, or z before and 1,000 times I will repeat the rule or the fee or the options. If you want a supervisor I will get the supervisor – heaven knows they get paid more than me to be the referee.
    Film me all you want – I had that happen to me once and I turned the tables – I smiled and waved into the camera like I was the passenger’s friend from the old country. They quickly gave up. The point is that the agent has the ball in their court, no need to lose control. Really, the more obnoxious people are is the time to stay calm – it drives them crazy.

  • Attention All Passengers

    It really is infuriating to be filmed by someone knowing they are going to put it out there on Social media. Who of you want to be filmed doing your job and being criticized by the consumer, especially if they are wrong ?? However, all the more reason to simply go silent, play dumb, walk away, whatever it takes. Do people really think they can whip out their iPhones as an instant “pay-back” or threat ? It’s disgusting and a very inflammatory, provoking of people to get them riled up. Maybe there should be cameras at every gate, every check-in podium, every kiosk so that passengers can be filmed with all their obnoxious, unreasonable childish behavior !

  • vsevolod4

    This is a sloppy and biased article — calling the agent crazy and jumping to conclusions that the passenger’s view of the story is correct. And the ad hominem attack on United staff is uncalled for. Shame on you, Loyalty Lobby.

  • Danny

    She could of canceled his ticket due to his intoxication. It appears she canceled it due to his video recording of her. If I was a United employee, I would call a supervisor in on any possible conflict with a passenger. That would be the smart move.

  • kempvet

    I’m against filming unless the entire story is filmed, not just the escalated back end. By the way, if you purchased a cheap ticket, expect to give up your seat at the last moment if you have to. A few years ago here in Australia a policeman was almost fired because he was videotaped punching a suspect on the shoulder, all the pussy YouTube SJW people had wet dreams that a cop’s career could end, then a still photo show the thug was holding the gun holster of the cop and all the cop was doing was following his training to protect his gun. armchair back end critics piss me off.