UPDATE: U.S. Laptop Ban Expanding To Flights From Europe & UK?


The Times (read more here) was reporting in late April that the laptop ban from the ten Middle Eastern airports would be likely extending to flights from Europe and perhaps include UK as well.

UPDATE U.S. Laptop Ban Expanding To Flights From Europe

Yesterday, the CBS (US network news) was reporting that this plan was still under consideration and announcement could be imminent or take few weeks.

Here’s an excerpt from CBS News (access the full piece here):

The U.S. is considering expanding a ban on most carry-on electronic devices larger than a cellphone on U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa to “likely” include flights departing the U.S. for Europe and the United Kingdom.

Department of Homeland Security officials are currently still weighing the advantages of expanding the ban against possible disruptions it will cause. Government officials have been meeting with U.S. airlines on a nearly weekly basis and intend to do so again later this week. Officials don’t expect an announcement before Wednesday, but say a decision could come in the next few weeks.


The electronics ban from the Middle Eastern airports has already reduced inflows of passengers from the said region and Emirates has announced cuts to its US (read more here) frequencies.

If this same bad would extend to include Europe and UK, there would be significant drop in the transatlantic travel hurting airlines relying on this traffic such as British Airways,Virgin Atlantic and US ones.

Let’s see in the coming days and weeks if something will come out of this (crazy idea) ….

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  • Aaron

    If this becomes law, am I entitled to a refund of my booked flights to the US?

    • eric

      I would say that it’s highly unlikely that you can claim a refund based on that

  • Jimbo

    Insurance companies do not have any opinion about this? For example one single camera object might easily be worth 2000 – 4000 $ and the way bags are currently handled doesn’t do well for them for sure.

  • ghina travels

    Maybe BA will drop its ridiculous fees for flights to London?

  • Jamie Curtain

    I haven’t read a single piece of the risks yet of putting all laptops, tablets,… together in 1 box.
    Lets assume we have around at least 200 devices, all with LIB / Lion batteries stored together in 1 big designated aircraft container.
    Its not the 1st time batteries (like in the Note 7) explode / self ignite, this happened many times in the past before with other manufactors, especially in low budget markets such as the China phone market where low quality batteries are used.
    Now imagine 1 battery is set on fire and you have 200+ other batteries next to the burning phone, what do you think will happen?
    Isn’t the risk of 200+ burning / exploding phone / laptop batteries much bigger than whatever terrorist suspect they have for a larger battery device?

    • Max Mustermann

      “Isn’t the risk of 200+ burning / exploding phone / laptop batteries much bigger than whatever terrorist suspect they have for a larger battery device?”

      It’s correct, but the brain of these Trumpsters isn’t that capable of doing such complex analysis.

  • Ullemann

    And here is a very recent info:
    It does not look good.
    I am afraid we may be forced in a few months to show up, at the airports, without luggage wearing only our underwear. Good Luck !!!