Your Experiences Paying With Le Club AccorHotels Points At Time Of Checking Out?


Back in mid-April (read more here), I wrote about new Le Club AccorHotels initiative where members could use their points at the time of checking out. The front desk agent could directly withdraw the points from your account and apply towards the folio expenses.

Your Experiences Paying With Le Club AccorHotels Points At Time Of Checking Out

The Le Club AccorHotels vouchers that one could request online, print out and hand in when checking out are gone before the end of this year. These are handy because the account holder don’t actually have to be present when they are used.

You can access Le Club AccorHotels page for awards here.

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Many hotels are using terrible cash rates when converting those paper vouchers to local currencies while few are using live FX rates.

The benefit of using points directly from your account is that the conversion is then done using rates dictated by Accor and they come from Reuters.

I would like to hear from readers that have used or have tried to use their points to pay for the stay to find out how this works at the property level (or perhaps hasn’t worked)?


I can see the confusion front desk agent trying to access Le Club AccorHotels system to withdraw the points from member account.

You have to bear in mind that the stay likely doesn’t count toward promotions if partially paid using these vouchers whether paper or electronically (at least per the promo T&Cs). There is also minimum amount that should be paid using cash or card to make sure that the member properly gets the night credit for the stay.

The downside of retiring the paper vouchers is that the account holder must be the one staying and likely present at the time of checking out. Previously, one could gift these vouchers by just handing them out to he recipient.

I have 72K points sitting to my account that I will probably use later in the year. Would like to hear from the readers that have tried this new function at the front desk.

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  • Guest1334

    Tried to use at a pullmann. Front desk agent tried several times but then had to give up as system was not available/down. I then logged in to my account to create the paper vouchers which worked at this time so was no general system downtime but ratber on the direct interface that feontdesk is using

  • Swapper

    On May 7 2017, I did my checkout in McGallery Dijon (FR). The room was prepaid. Remained to be paid a dinner as well as Creams bought from the Hotel Spa. I have asked to pay part of the bill with 6000 points. The payment with points went straight forward. I’ve received an SMS with a 4 digit code, I’ve shown the code to the reception desk. They deduced then manually 120 Euros from the Bill. Quick, efficient and easy.

  • Anne Koutsabeloulis

    I tried to do this after a recent stay at the MGallery in Milan. The reception desk firstly denied that points could be used on check out and then when I assured her this is now policy she said she couldn’t do it anyway because ‘we have not been trained’. I thought this was a very poor excuse and I complained to Accor customer service. I was just told that the training is being rolled out!! Poor. Very poor imho.

  • Joe S

    I had to get the paper voucher before my points expired. Thanks for the advice on the Forex as I will watch that to get maximum value from the vouchers.
    I also saw the vouchers are not usable at “Partner Locations”. It looks like the website clearly denotes the Accor and the Partner Hotels. I will confirm with an email prior to booking.

  • Michal

    Hi John, I did it last week. I was quite smooth but I had the take my mobile (confirm some code I’ve got). It was much faster than printing 8 vouchers. However € exchange rate was drastically low (min 10% lower than what I count get in Poland when purchasing EUROs).