United Airlines Global Services RewardsPlus Benefit: Marriott Rewards Platinum Status

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Yesterday, I wrote (access here) new Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier benefit that is United Airlines Premier Gold status.

United Airlines Global Services RewardsPlus Benefit Marriott Rewards Platinum Satus

RewardsPlus (collaboration between Marriott & United) have launched similar offer for United Airlines Global Services members that are now eligible for Marriott Rewards Platinum status instead of Gold one.

You can access this offer on RewardsPlus website here.

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United Global Services is invitation only status and the qualification criteria has never been confirmed and appears to be market specific. Only United flights in business and first class counts and there is a revenue requirement of $30K to $40K.

You can access Marriott’s page for elite benefits here.

Here are the select Marriott Platinum benefits:

50% bonus on points

Guaranteed lounge access/breakfast

Complimentary room upgrade

Enhanced in-room Wi-Fi

Guaranteed late checkout

48-hour guaranteed availability


Good that Marriott Rewards and United Airlines have decided to offer extra benefits for their Platinum Premier (Marriott) and Global Services (United) members.

Marriott Rewards Platinum status is a wortwhile one and comes with upgrades, complimentary breakfast and/or lounge access, early and late check outs among other benefits.

Here are the frequently asked questions by RewardsPlus:

The following answers summarize this limited-time special promotion for eligible Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier members and eligible United MileagePlus Global Services® members through the RewardsPlus program who are qualified by the full RewardsPlus terms and conditions, which can be found here.  By registering for this  promotion, you will be registered for the RewardsPlus program. 

1. What is RewardsPlus?

“RewardsPlus” is a loyalty alliance between the Marriott Rewards® and United MileagePlus® programs, offering enhanced benefits to members of each program. The standard program offerings of the RewardsPlus program can be found here.

2. What is this special RewardsPlus promotional offering?

This special RewardsPlus program promotion includes the following:

MileagePlus members with Global Services status receive:

  • Complimentary Platinum Elite status in Marriott Rewards until February 1, 2018 (open to MileagePlus members with Global Services status between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 only)
  • Registration by October 31, 2017 is required. Eligible MileagePlus members with Global Services status can register for complimentary Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status at RewardsPlusNow.com/GS.

Marriott Rewards members with Platinum Premier status receive: 

  • Complimentary Premier Gold status in MileagePlus until January 31, 2018 (open to Marriott Rewards members with Platinum Premier Elite status between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 only)

Registration by October 31, 2017 is required. Eligible Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier members can register for complimentary MileagePlus Premier Gold status at RewardsPlusNow.com/PPR.

3. What are the benefits of Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status? 

The benefits of Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status* include: 

  • Platinum Arrival Gift of bonus points, a food & beverage amenity or air miles
  • Guaranteed lounge access and complimentary breakfast for two1
  • Complimentary room upgrades2
  • Complimentary enhanced in-room internet access
  • Room upgrades (when available)2
  • 50% bonus on base points per stay
  • Guaranteed 4 p.m. late checkout3
  • Guaranteed room type
  • Dedicated Elite reservation and customer service lines
  • Complimentary local phone calls and fax and discounted long distance phone calls
  • Exclusive Elite offers, Elite redemption rewards

*Benefits vary by brand.

1Available at participating JW Marriott®, Autograph Collection® Hotels, Delta Hotels®, Renaissance Hotels®, and Marriott Hotels®. Resorts are excluded.

2Based on room availability at check-in and limited to a member’s personal guest room.

3Platinum members may check out as late as 4 p.m. This benefit is guaranteed at all hotels, except at resort and convention hotels, where it is based upon availability. Marriott Vacation Club® is excluded from this benefit.

4. What are the benefits of MileagePlus Premier Gold status?

The benefits of MileagePlus Premier Gold status* include:

  • Complimentary access to Economy Plus® (including one companion) at booking (when available)
  • Complimentary Premier Upgrade (including one companion) confirmations as early as 48 hours prior to departure (when available)
  • Star Alliance Gold status, plus lounge access when traveling internationally1
  • Premier Access®travel services, which include designated ticket counter check-in lines, priority security lines, priority boarding and priority baggage handling (where available)
  • Two complimentary standard checked bags – up to 70 lbs (32kg) each
  • 8 award miles for every dollar you spend on your fare with United 2

*For more information on the full benefits of MileagePlus Premier Gold status, please visit united.com/premier.
1When you travel on an eligible same day Star Alliance™ member flight; access to United ClubSM locations available only when you travel on an eligible same day international Star Alliance member flight. See terms, conditions and benefits: united.com/starallianceupgrades.

2Award mile earning on United® and United Express®flights is based on the base fare plus the carrier-imposed surcharges.  For details, see https://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/mileageplus/premier/bonuses.aspx

5. Does a customer have to be a member of both the MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards programs to participate in RewardsPlus?

Yes. Members may join MileagePlus at www.mileageplus.com or Marriott Rewards at www.marriottrewards.com.

6. Are RewardsPlus and this limited-time special promotion open to members who reside outside the United States?


7. How do members register for this special offer through RewardsPlus?

A. MileagePlus members who have Global Services status between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 can register until October 31, 2017 at RewardsPlusNow.com/GS, while members who have Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier Elite status between March 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 can register until October 31, 2017 at RewardsPlusNow.com/PPR

B. Eligible members log in with their member number. Members must review and accept the RewardsPlus terms and conditions to proceed with registration.

C. Once member is authenticated, the website will display the member’s corresponding Marriott Rewards or MileagePlus member number. If the corresponding Marriott Rewards or MileagePlus member number is not found the site will prompt the member to enter the number and at that point their request will be processed.

D. Member’s account will reflect the updated status in 7-10 days. Members can expect membership credentials to arrive in 4-6 weeks.

8. Do members who receive MileagePlus Premier Gold status through the RewardsPlus program have the same benefits as other Premier Gold members?

Yes. However, the Premier Gold status through this special RewardsPlus offer is valid only until January 31, 2018. During 2017, members must satisfy the published qualification requirements for MileagePlus Premier Gold status or higher to have any such status during 2018.  If such requirements are not satisfied, the applicable member status will be changed to MileagePlus Premier Silver status on February 1, 2018, which is the standard status available through the RewardsPlus program. All MileagePlus program terms and conditions apply. 

9. Do members who receive Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status through the RewardsPlus program have the same benefits as other Platinum Elite members?

Yes. However, the Platinum Elite status through RewardsPlus is valid only until February 1, 2018. Visit MarriottRewards.com/Platinum to learn more about Platinum Elite benefits. During 2017, 75 qualified nights are required to guarantee Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status for 2018; otherwise members will be changed to Marriott Rewards Gold Elite status at the end of this offer in February 2018. All Marriott Rewards terms and conditions apply. Visit MarriottRewards.com.

10. Once a member has the complimentary MileagePlus Premier Gold status, can they reach a higher Premier status?

Yes, but only by reaching all published qualification requirements. For example, to reach Premier Platinum status, a member must earn 75,000 Premier qualifying miles (or 90 Premier qualifying segments) and $7,500 in Premier qualifying dollars with at least four paid flights operated by United, United Express or Copa during a calendar year. For full qualification details, please visit www.united.com/premier.

11. If I already have the status offered through this special promotion (Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status or higher and MileagePlus Premier Gold status or higher), do I need to register for this special RewardsPlus promotion?

No. Please note that if you register the website will accept your registration, but your status will not change.

12. Can Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier Elite members use their Marriott Rewards membership cards at the airport to enjoy the benefits of Premier Gold, like Premier Access and Economy Plus?

No. Eligible Marriott Rewards Platinum Premier Elite members who wish to enjoy the benefits of MileagePlus Premier Gold status must register and be confirmed for the RewardsPlus program limited-time offer at RewardsPlusNow.com/PPR to obtain their MileagePlus Premier Gold status. To enjoy Premier Gold benefits, Premier Gold members must enter their MileagePlus number when booking flights with United.

13. Can MileagePlus members who have Global Services status use their MileagePlus membership cards at Marriott hotels to enjoy the benefits of Platinum Elite status, like room upgrades and complimentary breakfast?

No. Eligible MileagePlus members who wish to enjoy the benefits of Marriott Rewards Platinum Elite status must register for the RewardsPlus program limited-time offer at RewardsPlusNow.com/GS to obtain their Platinum Elite status. To enjoy Platinum Elite benefits, Platinum Elite members must enter their Marriott Rewards number when making reservations with Marriott.

14. In addition to the status benefits, what are the other “points and miles” benefits of the RewardsPlus program and how do they work?

All members enjoy a 20% discount when they convert Marriott Rewards points into MileagePlus award miles. For example, a member will use only 8,000 Marriott Rewards points to receive 2,000 MileagePlus award miles, instead of 10,000 points required with most other airlines.
In addition, all members can earn 10% more award miles when points are used for a Marriott Rewards Travel Package, which includes MileagePlus award miles and hotel accommodations — a bonus of up to 12,000 MileagePlus award miles.

Moreover, MileagePlus Premier members can convert their MileagePlus award miles into Marriott Rewards points at a ratio of 1 mile to 1 point (max of 50,000 miles per member per year). 

Registration is not required for the points and miles benefits offered by RewardsPlus. Customers must be members of both the MileagePlus and Marriott Rewards programs to take advantage of the RewardsPlus points and miles offers.

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  • eason

    Hi, does “Marriott Platinum Elite member” can get united milegeplus permier silver status?
    according to “https://mrrewardsplus.com/en_US/” website. However, the page seems not working..

  • Julie Corr

    Seems like a far better deal for United Mileage Plus members than it does for Marriott Platinum members! Why aren’t Marriott Platinum members being offered United’s highest tier? Why just Silver?