• Pui

    Judging by the amount of compensation and complaints this might be Sebastian’s HH account?

    • Chak

      Sebastian is German, not Polish, but it should be a warning for him.

      As John said: ” It is bit inconceivable that one would have issues with almost each and every stay.” Did you read that, Sebastian?

  • Ekz

    Because of his kind of low-life people abusing the system businesses no longer take all complaints seriously. Shame on you! HHonors just got better in my view!

  • Ry Wong

    When a loyalty programme was created hoping to create revenue and increase guest satisfaction, this case obviously supports Hilton’s move to stop serving someone who ended up never happy with the service, but keep staying (even the same hotel again and again) plus asking for compensations which brings no real revenue to the company.

  • Real_Diamond

    Well done, Hilton. One bloody Polish cheat down, plenty more to go…………

    • SAK1983

      I am NOT Polish and NOT defending the above case at all, however your comment is racist.

  • Grider

    I’ve stayed at Hamptons Cracow 5 times, and never had any problems. Also i’ve stayed at Hilton Conference Warsaw twice, and it was one of the best stays i ever had.

    Please accept my deepest apologies for my countryman, some Poles think they are clever 😉 like that, but seriously they are only a small group.

    • Nick Hevelian

      Yes, it looks like he is a typical ‘wise guy’ or cwaniak. The kind of guy who would wipe his a$$ on the towel the moment he enters the room and then take it down to reception, shove it in the FD clerk’s face and then demand compensation.

      Such people think that the more they can scam the system and everyone around them the smarter they are. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of such ‘clever’ people in Poland.

  • Gary

    This is fair warning for little Sebastian indeed.

    • V M

      Sebastian is a lot smarter than that low-life Polish con artist. Seb never hunts where he sleeps again:)

  • V M

    This guy is a typical Pole in my opinion and represents everything that is wrong with that nation: first dishonest and cheating, then (when caught) they instantly start the victim game citing terrible history, Germans/Russians, poor economy, you name it! I’m shocked that despite complaining incessantly about some properties and staying in them repetitevely afterwards he even was unscrupulous enough to complain again! This time about Hilton itself that he tried to swindle! Well done! Glad they banned that Polish scum!

    • Denis D

      John, don’t you think this disgusting and pure racist comment offending an entire nation should be removed as quickly as possible? I would think that is also necessary to ban VM.

      • Joe W

        He is not British , he is Russian. I agree 100% that he should be banned . This shouldn’t be a place to express someone’s hatred towards another nation.

      • We usually leave comments stands as long as they don’t contain foul language. I believe that VM’s generalization is unfair.

    • HB861

      I am sure there are plenty of Germans etc.. who abuse the system – not sure why you seem to hate the Poles.. are you British by any chance? (glad the brits are out – good riddance from the EU)

      • cscasi

        I am glad to see Great Britain leave the EU. There are more good reasons for it to do so than bad; that;s for certain. It’s hard to be an independent nation when it always has to bow and scrape to an organization that tells you how much of this and that you can import and what and how much you can export. Big daddy watching over you like one does a child and spanking you every time you do not do exactly as it wants. Hope more leave the EU.

  • Ryan John Sullivan

    This is brilliant! Working in this sector I’d love to do this to many guests! So many complain about literally nothing. “It was cold when I arrived, but and I had to put the heating on” “There is too many towels”

  • colin

    OP is pulling a double con
    1)new second HH account in 2017 to get Diamond Match-Challenge, and further by having 1x cheap paid stay, to get pnts compo to then use at this cat1 5k/night to fulfil HHD challenge at ZERO SPEND. To avoid any cash spend OP even had to hit hotel a 2nd time for points compo

    2)By escalating via LL/John, HH Manager revewed and also found OPs initial account showing same compo form for milking HH hotels , and furthermore using both accts concurrently and also milking compo concurrently

    OP is definitely freeloading on HH, thus is not a guest that contibutes financally and HH is right to show OP the door.

    Well done HH for spotting and stopping this OPs abuse of both hotels and compo, and the diamond challenge

  • Nick Hevelian

    So basically, apart from the stays at Zagreb and Bangkok early on in Account #1, he was using Hilton as a piggy bank and a free ride to Diamond status via Account #2.

    “Ooh, how dare they close my account when all I did was hit the same Cat 1 property multiple times for comp on award stays then get double-comped at other properties while generating no revenue whatsoever. How dare they treat a (non-)paying customer like this!!!”

    What people have to realise is that guys like this have a built-in system protecting them against any cognitive dissonance (i.e. having no morality or conscience) but are simultaneously able to be genuinely outraged whenever their ‘tricks’ (sztuki) are unmasked. It’s a special type of person who can pull this off and I’m afraid that if there was an Olympic category for such behaviour then Poland would probably claim #1,#2 and #3 on the podium.

  • Prawdziwy_Polak

    This whiny t*at with terrible terrible English should just STFU rather than waste John’s time. So pathetic. And he really thinks he did nothing wrong, doesn’t he?

    • LoyaltyLobby has very diverse readership including many non-English speaking countries.

  • Bill___A

    One should stay in a hotel that they like, and if a hotel is consistently generating complaints it is better to stay somewhere else. Hotels are in business to make money, guests need to realize that although they are entitled to a good experience, the hotel is also needing to make a profit.

    • cscasi

      But not if it is at the expense of the guest who has been shortchanged by something or some things that the hotel should have made right but did not or did not care to even try. Not little piddling things but real issues.

  • matthewsf

    “The Hilton affiliated property get charged $200 fee for every file that the Guest Assistance opens for service issues affecting Diamond member.”

    John, I have in the past reached out to GA with general issues surrounding reservations, rates, etc. AFTER the general customer service reps proved unhelpful or unresponsive. This was not a reflection of a response from a property per se (I generally try to make outreach to the hotel’s GM 1st before escalating to the Hilton GA channel). Does GA automatically open a file and charge a fee when contacting them re. an issue/question for a hotel, even though it’s not a complain letter or summary of a stay?

    • I know that they get hit with this fee for complaints. Not sure if this applies to regular questions too handled by Guest Assistance.

  • alwweb

    I shook my head at the number of points in compensation he was repeatedly given on very expensive stays. I stayed at a HGI outside of Boston and it was close to $200/night. On my 3rd morning, there was no hot water. I called down and was told that it wouldn’t be fixed until later in the day or the next day, so I showered in ice cold water in January. I found out later that Diamond members (I think I was still mere silver at that point in time) and some others were given new rooms with hot water to shower in. When I complained, I was given 5,000 points. Since that hotel was at a level of 35k or more for a night stay, I was fairly insulted at the offer, but took it since I don’t like contention. If no hot water is only worth 5k, I wonder what is worth 20k at a hotel where a stay is only 5k a night. Hmmm????

  • Barbarella

    I truly do not like people emphasizing his ethnicity in their comments (perhaps his own co-nationals;)) but it looks like the guy was clearly abusing the compensation system. Sorry. You get what you deserve…

  • Ridoncularious

    “We ask that you seek accommodations at another hotel chain as it is clear that we are unable to meet your expectations.”

    I just love that line. Clear, succinct, and right to the point. 🙂

    • Barbarella

      LOL! Basically “screw you” (pardonnez-moi mon vocabulaire) but with class and dignity. The guy was so cheap.

  • joe

    “I slept mainly in Hampton by Hilton Hotel Krakow, because this property is closest to my home and it’s relatively cheap”

    I think this says it all.

  • Corina

    I hope I will have more luck this time!