Cathay Pacific Crew Instructor Arrested Over Indecent Assault Of Trainee Air Steward


A flight crew instructor from Cathay Pacific’s safety training school has been arrested over the alleged indecent assault of one of his trainees, a 34-year-old air steward in training.

The incident allegedly happened at Cathay Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong where the airline trains and educates their flight attendants to make them ready for the skies.

The only media reporting about this at the moment is Chinese publication Oriental Daily (see here) but it’s probably just a matter of time until other outlets such as SCMP will pick up on it.

As per the news article, the accused safety training specialist was reported having groped the 34-year-old man’s chest, buttocks, and lower body. The incident took place on April 17th 2017.

The steward filed a police report on April 19th. Police sources relayed to Oriental Daily that a 32-year-old man had been arrested last week (Wednesday, May 10) on suspicion of (indecent) assault in relation to the case. The man was released on bail after an interview had been conducted, pending further inquiries.

According to local media reports, the steward resigned from Cathay Pacific after the incident. Cathay itself didn’t avail themselves to further comments apart from stating that they cooperate with the pending police investigation.


Shameful and unfortunate that this happened to the gentleman who just started his career with Cathay. It highlights that sexual abuse at the workplace is alive and well at all parts of the world and across all genders. Mind you, this victim wasn’t a young helpless teenager but an accomplished adult 34 years of age.

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  • nostresshere

    Does not need to be here. Nothing to do with travel. Sexual harassment is of course wrong but this has nothing to do with travel.

  • Aviationgeek

    The other side of the story is that instructor was framed by the trainee who was fired by CX with unsatisfactory performance. And that’s why no legal action has been taken place so far. Without concrete evidence, how could you jump into conclusion quickly?

  • Regent

    I clicked on the link and I swear to you, it was all Chinese! Not even a picture. A picture says a thousand words.

    Agree with no stress here, this does not belong on loyaltylobby

  • Gary

    I think I can hear little Sebastian typing out a compensation request to Cathay for this now.

    • Marcin

      Yes, I think he should demand at least a RTW ticket in business class for this.

  • Stephen

    Training to become a flight attendant at age 34 does not make one an “accomplished adult”. Perhaps he is one, but you provide no basis to claim that. Journalism 101.