Whine Wednesdays: Legs Up On The Bulkhead? Acceptable Or Not?

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This week the Whine Wednesdays deals with an issue that is often lightning rod for frequent travelers and many Facebook groups seems to be sharing photos such as the one below. .

Whine Wednesdays Legs Up 2

Is it ok to put up your legs when sitting on the bulkhead on these single aisle aircraft? I was flying on China Eastern or Southern (can never tell the difference) few weeks ago and fellow pax were stretching their legs.


I have to stay that I tend to sometime rest my legs when sitting on the bulkhead but rather using the pouch intended for reading material as a support.

Actually, I have to say that I don’t mind this as long as long as people stretch their legs against the wall instead of other passengers’ seats. I like to stretch my legs during the flights as well

So what is your take? Should people sitting on bulkhead stretch their legs like on the photo above?

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  • McCaron

    it’s an habit from poorly educated and rude people. People would not put their feet on their own couch or chair at home

    • Ian smith

      Very true, I work in the hotel industry and the amount of boot prints we wipe off the walls/bed sheets is frightening. Nobody gives a damn anymore it is just me, me and me.

      • Barbarella

        Do they leave a copy of their diplomas or ff status being apparently an education indicator these days?…

    • Karens Muljadi

      I think it’s a matter of culture. I am an MBA graduate, OW Emerald, no one can accuse me of being poorly educated/ not well travelled. Yet I definitely put my feet up on the bulkhead too sometimes, with bare feet/socks. And yes, I put my feet on my own couch & chair at home all the time.

      I just don’t get this thing with anglo saxon viewing their feet as dirty.
      What’s the difference between touching the bulkhead with the palm of your hand vs. your feet? Unless we’re talking about people putting up their feet with their daily outside shoes, of course

      • Dolan Tramp

        No, we can still accuse you. You didn’t mention where your MBA is from, so I’m going to assume it’s a standardless degree mill. And the fact that you have OW Emerald only means that you value your employer’s goals over your own time.

        When’s the last time you got athlete’s foot from shaking someone’s hand?

        • Karens Muljadi

          What a troll. FWIW i’ve never gotten athlete’s foot ever. But i have caught influenza a number of times from shaking other people’s hand. Perhaps people in the West should learn from people in Japan/ north Asian countries and start wearing mask/ gloves around as a common courtesy from spreading germs around? Point is, everyone sees things differently and have different perspectives on what’s ok/not ok. So stop deriding others as long as the behavior doesn’t affect you directly.

          • Dolan Tramp

            The West could certainly learn a few things from Japan. But that does not excuse your decision to wipe your ugly fungus farms all over the walls of the plane. SAD!

  • Kflik

    This is ok if no shoes but socks.

  • rdrago43

    The metric for any kind of behavior is: Would you do XX in your own home?

    • Lightek

      Absolutely, if the couch was inches from the wall, I would use the wall as a foot rest

  • Gary

    Not acceptable ever.

  • Barbarella

    An old rule: ask yourself if you can/would/should do it in the front of your mother or your boss. It gives you a clear answer where you come from or what environment you work in.
    People mentioning here/below their post graduate titles (jeez…) or the ff metal they have …should probably put it ahead of their nicknames;(

    • Karens Muljadi

      If you’re referring to me, i only mention my degree or ff status as someone said that putting feet up is a habit of poorly educated people. And yeah, i’m fine doing it in front of my mom too.

      Again, i don’t understand why some people (mainly from anglo saxon countries) consider feet as being so dirty. FWIW, i wash my feet at least twice a day, especially when traveling – i often take shower even during transit. My bare feet is probably cleaner than the palm of my hand as it doesn’t touch anything but my sock/ the inside of my shoes.

      In any case, i don’t smell, i don’t disturb anyone by making loud noise, i don’t take others’ spaces, and for the duration of the flight that bulkhead space is mine. So why the hate against my legs on the bulkhead?

      • Barbarella

        Thank you for sharing your daily hygiene habits. It tremendously enhances the level of today’s social debate

        • Karens Muljadi

          Neither does deriding others with different opinion.

          • Barbarella

            Sir, please do keep your feet wherever you deem proper to continuously emphasize your “educated” slash “well traveled” attributes. I do respect your “opinion” as I do respect those believing that the earth is flat and that the landing on the moon was staged.

    • Dolan Tramp

      Right? And it’s an MBA! If there’s one kind of school out there that you can graduate without ever becoming educated, it’s business school.

  • Common Curtesy

    People should remember that there is a difference between public spaces and private spaces, and places you own/control and those you don’t.

    In a private space, that you control, it’s almost anything goes… but in a public space, which isn’t one you can just do whatever you like, you should remember it’s a shared space and be considerate to others around you.

    That means not putting your shoes or bare skin on everything, especially if it wasn’t designed for that.

    I think it’s ok to put socked feet on bulkheads, provided they are clean and your legs don’t block anyone. I’d also consider you do it discreetly, not be all legs akimbo showing off your in-seat yoga poses.

    Shared spaces, particularly enclosed spared spaces that you are rather artificially all jammed together in, for many hours, requires communal consideration, and yes, a moderation of behaviour, Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, and you should be mindful of others (just as they should be of you too) in such communally shared areas.

    The problem these days is that people are far less used to communal living etiquette, taking a “what’s best for me” approach.

  • Eric Haseltine

    Why is this even a discussion? No, it’s not ok!

    • FeetOnTheBulkhead

      Yes it is. I did it and it felt perfectly normal.

  • Razz

    I do not see this as being problematic provided folks keep their socks on, and one is on a single aisle, or if on two- or three-across seating, with the same group. Definitely not OK if putting feet on a seat back, which can be easily felt by the person in front of you.

  • David

    It appears they’re wearing slippers as opposed to street shoes but I still think it’s uncouth no matter what your cultural heritage, educational attainment or personal hygiene. I recall an AC A320 flight in business class sitting in 2A (2B was empty) and after the meal service cleared away, noticed a pair of bare feet resting on the aisle armrest about 20-inches from my drink glass sitting on the centre armrest tray! I turned around and immediately requested the “gentleman” in 3B return those feet under the set in front of him, not on it! As I was doing this the FA noticed and approached to make the same request.

  • Danny

    Do you do this in a restaurant? Do you do in the doctor’s office? Do you do in church?
    Why are you doing it on the airplane? Poor manners and unacceptable.

  • lorem__ipsum

    Gross! Taking feet on the bulkhead to a whole new level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=pfuQ_Q8WUFo

  • Dr. Tan

    I think if it is with socks or slippers (e.g. from hotel), I wouldn’t mind.
    If it is with street shoes, I would mind.
    If it is bare foot, well …

    I do agree with Common Curtesy 2 hrs ago

  • Sabine

    I always have special slippers just for flying. And I always use space to put my feet up higher than ground (otherwise I could just sit for approx. 15 mins, because they would start hurting when sitting just still all the time). I don’t see any reason why they should not do it as they seem to have special slippers as well. It’s not ok bare foot or with street shoes. But socks or special slippers are definitely fine. You have to sit there for hours and hours, so why not sit comfy?
    And yes: even in meetings or somewhere else I always sit having one foot up the chair I’m sitting on (hard to describe). No one ever was offended by that.

  • Robert Kennedy

    These guys are wearing matching slippers which look like they put them on just for the journey rather than their regular street shoes. If they were street shoes I would agree that it is a bit bad.

    If these are clean slippers that they just put on for the flight, I would say it is fine.

    Socks on bulkhead is fine and anyone who says otherwise is weird imo.

    Bare feet I agree is the worst, even if it is not unhygienic(which it probably is), it is just something that is regarded as unpleasant and therefore rude.

    Ultimately I see nothing majorly wrong with this photo.

  • Malcolm

    Raising your legs does help circulation, so yes I would do so, but not for very long. I would also keep not only my socks on but also my pants! I have seen images of someone who didn’t.