Reader Question: Hilton Best Price Guarantee Issues?


A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about an issues that he was having with Hilton’s Best Price Guarantee program (many has). I have covered issues surrounding this program on numerous previous posts that you can access here, here, here, here, and here.

Hilton's Best Price Guarantee

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You can access Hilton Honors Best Rate Guarantee here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Avid reader of your site and I just wanted to share my experience with an extremely disappointing episode with Hilton’s I recently made a reservation for the Waldorf Astoria Beijing on a Flexible Rate (which allows free cancellation up to 1 day before arrival) – the rate that I got from Hilton was CNY 2,250 (SGD 458) a night before applicable taxes.

Within a couple of hours, I submitted a Best Price Guarantee claim form for the exact same room type with the same cancellation policy that I found on – the same room with the same bed configuration was priced at SGD 321 (CNY 1,578) before taxes. 

Hilton 1 U

Hilton’s Best Price Guarantee claims to “honor the lower price AND take an additional 25% off the room rate for each night of [the] stay”. Technically speaking, I should be offered a room rate of CNY 1,183 (SGD 241) before applicable taxes per night after the 25% off. Instead, I got an email notifying me that the competing rate that I submitted was not to be found (I can still find the competing rate 24 hours later).

It turns out that the Corporate Guest Relations Specialist has decided to search for the rate on despite my submission for In fact, on her email, she claims to have reviewed but the attachment that she sent through shows that she has gone through instead. 

Hilton 2 U

It is disappointing to see that a publicly listed rate on a reputable OTA is not honoured despite having the same room name, bed configuration and cancellation policy. I am not sure if this is a mistake from the Corporate Guest Relations Specialist’s part but such decisions undermine the authenticity and trust that people have in a program. I have thus replied to the email explaining that the rate they were looking up was not the one that I submitted for – this was their response:

Hilton 3 U

I can’t say I am impressed with this outcome – obviously there are rate differences between and but it is publicly listed rate, shouldn’t Hilton be honouring the lower rate? I then suggested for them to include the condition of the hotel’s local currency into the terms and conditions of this Best Price Guarantee:

Hilton 4 U


There are way too many issues surrounding this “guarantee” that I would only use it as a last resort and if you are willing to use a lot of time to get your claim approved.

I had one successful claim few months back but it required several rounds of emails of which the last one was rather “strongly” worded. Their reason for originally denying the claim was completely bogus.

The reader can always file a claim against Hilton through Attorney General (preferred method) or via BBB (toothless organization). I just wished that Hilton would honor (pun intended) their claim as honorably as Starwood does.

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  • Jason Blue

    If you file an attorney general complaint, which state do you do it in? In the state of the hotel’s corporate headquarters?

  • Jason A

    So where do you file the attorney general complaint? Do you do it in the state of the hotel’s corporate headquarters? Or do you do it in your own state?

    • You can pick and choose, The state where you live in or where Hilton’s HQ is.

  • Richard Kempton

    I had a BRG claim denied last year “due to foreign exchange conversion differences” even though I booked and paid using the local currency and the third party website also pricing and charging in the local currency. Hilton’s BRG uses any BS lie to deny valid claims.

  • Joseph Merrick

    From my own experience Hilton’s Best Rate Guarantee does not exist. They have not once honoured (pun intended) a claim I made, always squeezing their way out of it one way or another (not answering for days until the better rate is not listed anymore, claiming it is a different room when in fact it isn’t etc pp). The sole purpose of this “guarantee” is to get people to book directly with them.

  • Rolf

    The best price guarantee from any hotel chain always comes with the the same result. using the same generic answer stating that you are not able to obtain the best price guarantee. I always use a several meta search engines before booking a hotel room in order find the best available price and booked cheapest rate them contact the hotel management to obtain the price guarantee. It works 50% of the time

  • James

    I’ve just had a price match guarnetee for Hilton in Financial district San Fran. It reduced the weekly cost from in excess of $1,000 Down to $700 so extremely happy and this was the first time I’d used the service. It was quick efficient and easy to complete, Hilton matched the rate and then took the 25% off, guess it must have been first time luck reading these comments.

  • Nancy Bui

    I’ve been successful with Hilton BRG more than I’ve been with SPG’s, though SPG has done well for me, too. does a good job with price matches too. The key is to be specific with your request and sometimes I contact the hotel directly. For instance, I made a nonrefundable booking with Hotel J in stockholm and found lower price on SPG declined my BRG, so I emailed the hotel a screenshot of booking price and kindly ask they match or else i’m forced to book elsewhere. They sent back a nice note that my booking has been matched and upgraded my room to an oceanview room. It was gorgeous!!!