UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt & Bahrain Cut Diplomatic Ties With Qatar (Effect On Qatar Airways?)


It is Ramadan time in the Middle East that doesn’t seem to extend to the politics that we don’t cover here in the LoyaltyLobby unless it affects travel.

Qatar Airways Announcements New Routes, Meridiana Stake & Indian Airline Launch

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain have all decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar. It unclear at this time what does this means to Qatar Airways. Can the airline still operate flights to/from these countries and use their air space?

You can check Qatar Airways flight status here and read more about this on Washington Post’s website here.

EDIT: Qatar Airways has now announced that they are suspending all flights to/from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain on June 6, 2017 (access here):

QR Update

EDIT: Etihad Airways has announced that they will suspend all flights to/from Doha from June 6, 2017 (access here):

Etihad Flight Suspensions Doha U

EDIT: Emirates has now announced that flights to/from Doha will cease on June 6, 2017 (access here):

Emirates Doha


I am not even trying to understand what is going on in the Middle East but this is probably something to do with the Sunni and Shias. When you throw in Al-Jazeera news channel that many Gulf governments don’t like and a successful airline, you have a perfect storm.

Let’s hope that cooler heads will prevail. Qatar Airways will be in big trouble if it loses access to the airspace and airport of these countries.

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  • Mousa

    I can conferm They are banned from using Air , land and Sea ports

    • Gaijinsan

      Airports yes, but I haven’t seen anything yet about airspace.

      That’s going to be a bit of a PITA if they can’t overfly Saudi Arabia and Egypt. I don’t think Bahrain and UAE are nearly as detrimental as they are easily avoided.

      • Nick Hevelian

        KSA and UAE airspace is now closed to all QR flights. Egypt also. Flightradar 24 already shows DOH-LHR flights as routing via Iran.

        • Guess who?

          exactly. (of course, the usual neocon outlets and the supplicant, lazy us media will next follow the massive Saudi PR machine to try portray this as Qatar being “pro-Iranian” — (without mentioning Oman, Kuwait, Iraq etc. also still having cordial ties with Qatar & Iran) which makes even less sense that POTUS declaring in the heart of the anti-thesis of the Arab Spring (KSA) that Iran was somehow behind all the dangerous terrorists of the region…. (it would have been the comedic political joke of the century, if it wasn’t so widely believed, if the dangers at hand weren’t so serious — and if the Saudi PR machines weren’t working so hard to turn a set of lies into “truth”) And so it goes.

          PS: Ya’all heard about the world’s worst cholera outbreak in decades? You won’t because Saudi PR doesn’t want you to know about it. (google Yemen) Al-Jazeera IS covering it — another reason for them to get branded as “terrorists.”

          • cscasi

            Since you are so pro Qatar, please move there and leave us in peace.

          • Seppo Kuusinen

            All of his comments have been well justified, unlike yours. I’m not a fan of Qatar myself but to put the blame on them when Saudi Arabia is on the other side with their background of financing terrorism and poor human rights situation is not fair.

  • Eroul Ismail

    Alternative, QR might need a BIG help from RJ if Jordanian government neutral or not get involve into this in short terms. Both in OneWorld Alliance and they quite near to each other.

  • Danny
  • Well, since this conflict rose over the last years, it won’t have much to do with QR in specific.

  • Guess who?

    Hi John. This is all very dangerous yes. Not that hard to avoid KSA (or tiny Bahrain airspace.) Kuwait & Iraq will happily permit overflights, as will Iran & Pakistan. The latter being so ironic for me. Long time ago, I once flew Gulf Air (predates Qatar Air) and it had to avoid both Iraqi and Iranian airspace then (early 1990’s)….

    ps, this current flareup has NOTHING to do with Shia-Sunni tensions, and even less to do with Qatar’s alleged support of “terrorism.” (unless you go along with the Saudi definition of “terrorism” as anything smacking of freedom, democracy, or … opposing war with Iran) What really worries me is that Saudis may have misread Trump’s bizarre cartoonish behavior in Riyadh (and the intense loathing of all things Iran among so many of his top advisors) as somehow a “greenlight” to settle very old scores with Qatar. (in the mid 1993 or so, the Saudis nearly tried to swallow Qatar whole then, much as Iraq did to Kuwait in 1990…. the Qataris haven’t forgotten….. and THAT’s what this is all about. Goes to the fictions too about the G.C.C.

    • cscasi

      Guess Who,
      Guess what! It’s a fact that Qatar has been a sponsor of terrorists as it has funded them and protected them in the past and probably still does. So, there is no “alleged” about it.

      • Guess who?

        ah, you’ve been reading the Saudi garbage….. (and trumpistas) For them, it’s all very “simple” — anybody the Saudis don’t like (who including domestic activists for political reform and religious freedom) are, by definition, “terrorists.” So Qatar’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood or the more pragmatic political wings of Hamas…. ah yes, “terrorism!” (even the nonviolent manifestations like in Egypt) But to the faux-heads, all Islamists are “terrorists”….. (except puhlease don’t mention the Saudi support for the far more radical Islamists — esp. in Syria and Iraq. (Ask former US Amb. to Syria Ryan Crocker)….. But all that gets mindlessly thrown out as we toss out any references to history….. and say, well, if Qatar thinks better ties with Iran are in the world’s best interests, (as does, btw, Kuwait & Oman), then let’s follow the neocons, the Likud types, and of course the Saudis and the UAE into another “stupid” war. (e.g., and of course, let’s start supporting terrorist bombings all across Iran — and cheer it on — Saudi style)

    • toyotaf1Mohammed Al-Ammari

      I believe you understood the situation wrong, Qatar have been supporting oppositions in the region, they interfere with neighboring countries since 2011, GCC countries tried to tell Qatar that such actions will be taken if they continue, of course everyone took it as a bluff and now the real thing happened.

      Unfortunately I’ll have to cancel 3 separate tickets because I can’t fly through Doha as a Bahraini, nevertheless I really hope matters will be sorted out soon.

  • Jason

    I am sorry none of you seem to understand this is a spat temporary over a group of Qatari royals that took their Falcons hunting into Iraq. There was Euro 750,000,000 in ransom paid some ohich we through Iranian middlemen. That is the issue it will be sorted out by the end of the month