Fabulous Fridays: Great Elite Upgrades At Hotels!


This week Fabulous Fridays deals with hotel loyalty programs that grant their elite members great upgrades.

Fabulous Fridays Great Elite Upgrades

Earlier in the week, I was about to write a rant about the current state of the InterContinental Royal Ambassador program after few less than stellar stays (walked our from the hotels) and will write more general piece sometime next week.

Well. The photo above is from a new’ish villa at the InterContinental Tahiti where I spent couple of nights earlier in the week (was at this hotel few years ago couple of weeks on PointBreaks!) and where I will be back sometime next week.

Right now, I am at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui (former Hilton) where I managed to get one one of over water Bungalows too.

I will upload videos of these two properties to the YouTube channel (access here) sometime in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the more memorable upgrades from this year:


Couldn’t really spend as much time with the hotels unless these upgrades keep coming.

Let’s hope that the hotels never figure out a way to monetize their unsold “suite” inventory and keep giving them out for the elite members.

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  • Very Jealous Guy

    You got an ‘over the water’ as an upgrade ? I thought this ‘never’ happened ?

    • BenniHK

      Why never? I got upgraded to old wing water villa in ic tahiti, and then first night to beach bungalow + 3 nights premium water villa in ic moorea. (all original bookings were ocean view rooms)
      It’s all about luck I believe.

  • Gary

    John, I’d be interested in knowing your flights to Bora Bora. My wife and I are in the early planning stages for a trip there… we’ll be round tripping from HK. Local airlines ok? We’ll be staying at the Intercontinental. Cheers.

    • There is only Air Tahiti that provides local air service within French Polynesia. You will be fine. Luggage allowance is limited.

      • Gary

        Ok thx- good to know. Cheers.

  • Nancy Bui

    How did you get Intercontinental Tahiti on point breaks?! 5000 points per night? That’s amazing!!

  • karl

    Will be very interested to read your piece regarding recent RA treatment, John.

  • Karl Karlson

    You should tell us your Status at the different Brands – otherwise its not that helpful to read about your Upgrades..