Reader Question: IHG Rewards Club Account Hacked & Points Gone?


A LoyaltyLobby reader emailed me a question about IHG Rewards Club hack where his account was taken over and points used.

Reader Question IHG Hack

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You can access IHG Rewards Club here.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

Someone has hacked into my ihg and stole 254,000!! I didn’t even get an email to say they had redeemed it. I am just off the phone and they have opened a fraud case but do you know my “rights”.

These IHG Rewards Club account takeovers were very prevalent the other years before IHG instituted some measures (apparently you were able to try almost unlimited number on account number and PIN combinations on mobile version before kicked out) trying to prevent these happening.

The problem is that most of the PINs that members use are very easy to break:


Almost 11% of all the PINs that people choose is simple 1234. The 20 most common PINs per the table above (access the entire article here) represent almost 27% of all the PINs on the sample.

IHG Rewards Club will eventually return the points to the reader’s account after they have completed their “investigation”.


I don’t get it why IHG Rewards Club still hasn’t moved away from these simple 4 digit PINs that are very vulnerable for hacks? Members should make sure that their four digit PIN doesn’t happen to be any of the easy ones.

Let’s hope that IHG Rewards Club would make their member accounts more secure in due course (wouldn’t hold my breath anything happening soon).

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  • Bruno Almeida

    I had the same problem. Last month 120,000 points have used on 2 reservations. Fortunately, I discovered by AwardWallet, I canceled the reservations and the points have returned. I sent an e-mail to IHG e had no response, but I won 1,000 points of Goodwill Adjustment.

  • Keith Lyons

    Some one got into my IHG account and changed all my personal information. I changed it back and put in a bullet proof password. But somehow they were able to get in again and change it again. I called their call center in the Philippines and complained. . They promised to investigate and get back to me. But instead they gave my account to this other person despite the fact that I had the same account number, email address,phone number,home address and platinum status for 5 years. I tried several times over a couple of months to get it fixed to no avail. Finally I was able to reach someone in the US. They restored my Nspire Platinum and have me 300000 points. But a new account number.

    • Seems that the new account number is the only solution if they have been able to breach the account once.

    • yangaudi

      I have same problem and all my points 230000 are gone!
      It is still very frustrating contacting them and always to Philippines.
      Could you share the US contact you had to fix the problem?
      my email is yangaudi@gmail

  • James Herd

    My Spire benefits account was hacked in Thailand, but after talking to the staff in the Hotel, it was hacked from China, which is quite close. Apparently it happens all the time, and this hotel gets “reward bookings” made with stolen points. They often get an email from IHG centre advising not to let this guest check in, and cancel the booking.
    Again after several months I got a NEW account, but after 20 yrs, I had to remember a new account number. I also had to go to the TOP contact the CEO, and then his PA before I got satisfaction and my points refunded. I GOT NO COMPENSATION and the lady in question was not very sympathetic to my cause.
    It is happening all the time and normally originates China or Russia.

    • Just very unfortunate that IHG doesn’t take account security more seriously.