InterContinental Ambassador Free Weekend Night Certificate Changes (Physical)


IHG Rewards Club has separate recognition program called Ambassador for stays at InterContinental hotels that one can sign up for (cost $200) and I recently wrote about it (read more here).

InterContinental Ambassador Free Weekend Night Certificate

One of the benefits of being an Ambassador is a Free Weekend Night voucher that can be used towards a two night weekend night stays where the second night will be be complimentary when this certificate is turned in. Member must book certain Ambassador Free Weekend Night-rate plan (read more here).

You ca access InterContinental Ambassador program here.

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InterContinental has now updated this certificate layout (you can see the old certificate below).

InterContinental Ambassador Booking Link

The new certificate (see the featured photo) has the member’s name, account number and some sort of certificate number for validation purposes printed.

Note that InterContinental or IHG Rewards Club doesn’t reimburse properties anything for use of these Free Weekend Night Ambassador vouchers.

Theoretically they have not been transferable previously but they have not included any personable information and thus has been easy to give to another Ambassador member (you must have always been an Ambassador member to use them).

Some InterContinental hotels, however, have made sure that the same member has not used more than one certificate during any 12 month period.


This make gifting, selling or trading of these Ambassador certificates more difficult if not impossible.

As properties don’t get reimbursed anything for usage of these certificates and they are occasionally quite valuable (especially if someone books suites), perhaps someone has been printing these and IHG is now putting a stop to it (making properties authenticate using the cert number)?

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  • Sergey Fedorov

    If I book Ambassador certificate rate now, but will join Ambassador program later on and subsequently get physical certificate even later (but before actual stay booked), will this booking work with new type certificate? Or validation number has to be used while making a booking itself?

    P. S. Can’t really understand why in 21 century they can’t process this thing digitally and one has to wait for weeks (!) to be able to use the benefit, for which he/she has paid.

    • You don’t need the validation number to make the booking.

    • Ader

      You can’t book with AMB rate unless you are a ambassador

  • Zeljko

    NH Rewards (NH Hotels Group) gives sometimes those vouchers for free as a birthday gift for registered members (even for Blue/Basic ones).

  • ihg newbie

    can i book this without me actually staying? i want to book a stay for my son but using my account and the free certificate.

  • Gary

    Finally received mine today. The package was missing the usual luggage tags and code for points… usually 5-10k as I remember. Will revert here when my email inquiry is answered.

    • Gary

      Gave me 5k points without a code necessary and sending luggage tags separately.

  • colin

    I am guessing John (LL) received new style bogo with recent receipt of RA pack finally arriving?

    Still not received RA Pack with keytabs+booklet etc after 3rd Jan 2017 renewal, though was late Feb (or in March) I received RA Letter with membercard for 2017 and an old type Bogo cert.

    BOGO Cert terms are “not for sale or barter” and barter would mean swap for non-monetary item of value ie points.

    However gifting is neither barter or sale, so by t+c is allowed to give to fellow Ambassador to use. With original recipients name on reverse hotels may be awkward over that though ?

    I also received 2x Bogo certs (manually requeted of Amb Services) during Nov2016 as I complained that I should have usually received in Sep2016, and would otherwise need to cancel my April2016 booked upcoming Nov2016 IC-ParkLane bogo weekend as no bogo cert supplied.

    I still have my 1x Nov2016old type Bogo valid till Dec2017 plus similar old style 1x 2017 supplied bogo valid to Mar2018