Airberlin & NIKI Schedule Falling Apart? Apology Email From The Company!


Seems that the troubled German airline airberlin has had some operational issues as of late including NIKI that was supposedly to be offloaded to TUI.


Airberlin sent out an email today to its Topbonus members trying to explain the very bad operational performance as of late…..

You can access Airberlin here.

Here’s the email:

AB 1 UAB 2


Airberlin has been cutting routes and leased out some airplanes with crews to Lufthansa’s Eurowings. There has been rumors that Etihad was trying to offload their entire Airberlin experiment to Lufthansa but seems that they don’t want to deal with the debt that would be part of the deal.

The airline has had customer service issues as long as I can recall and only way to get them to pay up is to use to German regulator as a mediator (read more here).

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  • Robert

    if you are elite member with them, you received compensation with this email. as a gold member i got 4000 award & elite qualifying miles, while silver membersgot half and platinum members got double.

    • Ryaies

      That cannot be true for all elite members, as I got nothing (AB Gold)

      • Robert

        Afaik only elite members who flew on Airberlin/Niki (Codeshares seem to work) in the mentioned times received this “general” compensation.

        • Ryaies

          That makes sense actually. LH also gave out miles to a few members back when they had a lot of strikes I remember, but mostly only to the ones that were affected directly

    • BenniHK

      Maybe status match or cards bought from taobao are not eligible? I saw many mainlanders whine in their Chinese forum about “unfairly treated”.

      • Ryaies

        AB is too much of a mess at the moment to actual tell. I live in Germany and got my AB Gold by flying QR and Etihad, but still was not offered anything. Maybe because I only actual fly them once or twice a year?

  • Siwusa

    Customer Service is fine with AirBerlin. Just got approved 800 Euro ( 2 x 400) within 12 days. Its working just fine for me…

    • It’s far from working fine in general.

      • Siwusa

        It does. There are some delays here and there. But since7-10 days the rotations are running stable. Nothing to worry about for now.