Reader Question: Points And Night Credit Earned On InterContinental Free Weekend Night Voucher Stay?

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A LoyaltyLobby reader sent me an email about the use of the InterContinental Free Weekend Night-voucher that Ambassador members get with their yearly kit.

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Here’s the email from the reader:

I recently stay at an Intercontinental Hotel (London the O2) as a Spire Ambassador member using the Ambassador Weekend Certificate (the “BOGO”) and was told by the hotel that 

(1) the rate is 50% off (because I use the BOGO), so no points would be given for the two nights

(2) no qualifying nights would be counted for the two nights

The hotel said that they have confirmed this with IHG group Help Desk and said this should be the correct treatment of points regarding Ambassador rate/ BOGO.

I didn’t argue this with the hotel and called the IHG service center instead.

They did however give me an opposite answer.

The acknowledged that the points will be counted and calculated by the actual room rate I paid. For example, if I paid USD 300 for the two nights (using BOGO), I will receive 300*10=3000 points ( and the spire elite bonus 3,000 pts as well)

And after the customer service staff checked again, the two nights are both deemed qualified nights.

Therefore, I’m little confused about the policy.

Is there any official policy or regulations on how the points and qualifying nights should be calculated when customers use BOGO?

If possible, would you please help me ask IHG group (because I want to be anonymous on this thing…)?

You should get a credit for two nights and points for the amount that you pay (first night plus any potential incidentals). It really depends, however, how the property reports the stay to the IHG.

The stay may first post as a non-qualifying one that then requires you to contact the Ambassador service center to have it fixed. They may only post one qualifying night but at least the revenue should be correct.

If you send 5 to 10 email rounds with the Philippines, they usually give in and post the two nights at the end.


These certificate stays usually post correctly. Properties don’t pay any extra whether they post one or two qualifying nights. They do pay a fee for posting the correct revenue, however.

It is sometimes maddening having to deal with the Ambassador “Service” center in the Philippines. You usually have to do several email rounds before any issue is properly resolved.

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  • Robert Kennedy

    Also the voucher is not 50% off, it is “pay for the first night, get second night free”. If the first night is $100 and the second night is $400, you only pay $100, not $250. 50% off may work in your favour if the second night is cheaper of course but that is not how it is supposed to work.

    • karl

      This is completely wrong. This may have been the case 5 years ago, but it certainly isn’t nowadays. Using the AMB weekend link, you book and then pay a “slightly” increased rate for the 1st night of the weekend voucher, with the next night being “free”.

      • Robert Kennedy

        That’s what I said… unless you mean the hotel is completely wrong.. in which case you are agreeing with me. Either way we are saying the same thing!

        • karl

          “If the first night is $100 and the second night is $400, you only pay $100, not $250.” – No, this is what I was referring to. It used to work like this, but not anymore.

          • Robert Kennedy

            Are you sure? I thought the consensus was that you only ever paid the rate for the first night even though when you book through the ambassador site it does quote the price for both nights. You are saying that you pay the average of the two nights?

          • Robert Kennedy

            and obviously I understand that the ambassador rates are not the cheapest available cash rates. my example was based on the price for the first night being $100 and he second night being $400 when booking thru the amb portal

          • karl

            Not sure how they calculate it, but it is more of an average of the 2 night plus a little bit more. In the old days, you could just rock up with your voucher and the second night would literally be free.
            So, your “first night is $100 and the second night is $400, you only pay $100” scenario used to be the case.

  • karl

    As an aside, IC O2 is a rather ruthless business hotel, with little time for loyalty guests. It doesn’t surprise me that they attempted to assert incorrect policies regarding stay credits. Not a shining example of the IC brand, it must be said.

    • Robert Kennedy

      I liked the hotel and I got a good rate but they didnt send me the welcome fruit and I had to ask for it the next day.

  • Jamo

    I used one earlier this month in Washington DC and they award points based on the actual invoiced amount, so that was the amount I paid (for both nights, one being free) and incidentals.

  • Edwin

    I am facing this same issue now too with my stay last week. IHG is so inconsistent with their program. And when I look at my credit card statement now, they even charged me the full rate!! IHG Rewards management is getting horrible. For another stay, I booked and paid for 2 nights. Just because I checked in after midnight they refused to credit me as 2 nights stay… and no one responded to me!!

    • Jade

      You should write about the hotel names , so we can avoid these hotels.

    • Barbarella

      It happened to me once with the IC in Budapest when I arrived on a delayed flight and they simply cancelled the entire reservation because I did not show up before midnight and they needed to make a “new reservation” when I showed up at 1 am. But the customer service (the very notorious slash rather infamous here Manila connection) adjusted it promptly and I got points for both nights and a 2 nights stay credit.
      Although I do admit that IC hotels can be rather a pot luck. From a stunning 5 star treat like f.I. IMHO Phoenician in Beirut to a rushy touristy Barclay in NYC. Also, in my opinion.

  • Barbarella

    I always get a credit for 2 (two) nights toward the qualification status when using AMB certificate. Regarding the second night being “free” this is not a literally meaning. Unfortunately.
    If the 1st night is $150 and the 2nd night is $250 they charge me $200 (i.e. being 50% of the $400 total). It never happened to me paying just for the 1st night rate.

    • Jade

      John(L.L.) and everywhere else said clearly , you only have to pay just the first night.

      I think those IC hotels you have stayed are all wrong.

      Maybe, because of IC’s booking system is badly designed. You can see only the average rate after the booking.

      (But Not at the booking. You can check the first and the second night separately at booking.)

      • Barbarella

        What do you mean by “everywhere else” “clearly” etc.? If you book an AMB weekend rate for 2 nights and the first one is being priced at $175 and the second one at $185, and then you go into rate details on IHG page the rate gets equaled and it shows $180 and $180 from my experience (the last one being IC in Buenos Aires). Please be so kind and post some screenshots where the AMB wkd reservation shows exactly like for a regular 2 nights stay i.e. differentiating 1st and 2nd night rate f.i. 175 and 185. Thanks