IHG Hotel Logos Changing Again: “AN IHG HOTEL”

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Seems that InterContinental Hotels Group has finally decided that they need to more strongly push the name of the chain IHG and follow what Marriott and Hilton have both already done for years.

An IHG Hotel

You will soon have “AN IHG HOTEL” added to all various IHG brands. I would assume that they exclude top tier brand of InterContinental.

You can access IHG here.

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What does IHG means for most people? Absolutely nothing. At least in the case of Marriott and Hilton it is their “mother” brand.

Perhaps AN INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL would have been a stretch in case of these lower brands but Marriott and Hilton don’t seem to care to be associated with their select service ones.

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  • satdee

    There always are plusses & minuses with associating your ‘Parent Brand’ with the ‘lesser brands’ in your portfolio; the biggest risk being of diluting the hard earned brand equity of the parent brand. Btw, Mr John, isn’t it a bit of a travesty, if the InterContinental Chain does not say “an IHG Hotel”, when the Group itself is called InterContinental Hotels Group? Just saying 🙂

  • Neal

    IHG should be focusing on improving their brands rather than wasting time adding a confusing IHG bit under all their tacky brand logos.

  • Richard

    IHG is meaningless to the overwhelming majority of the traveling public. The loyalty program discounts the individual hotel brands. I am currently at the Holiday Inn Express Sathorn and the staff handed me a piece of paper thanking me for Spire status. I finally asked what benefits I receive for Spire status and the clerk offered me a complimentary bottled water; a complimentary bottled water to add to the complimentary bottled water waiting for me in the room.