Delta Continues ME3 Nonsense

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Delta Air Lines seems to be the most prolific of the US airlines that is continuing to blame the ME3 carriers for their own service issues and not being able to compete on certain routes where foreign airlines also fly.

Delta Nonsense

Delta has the above advertisement on their inflight magazine claiming that 1,500 American jobs would be lost for every route that US airlines lose due to unfair competition from the gulf carriers.

You can access the Delta’s website for the “unfair” competition here (meant for employees but why it is advertised on their magazine?).


How many times has Delta and its predecessor airlines gone through the bankruptcy protection leaving unpaid debt and employee obligations behind? We are talking about billions after billions here.

The US airlines are mostly safe from the competition anyway because domestic routes can be only flown by US airlines. This is bulk of their business. The industry consolidation has lead to fewer US airlines that now behave like oligopolies. They still have to compete (but wouldn’t like to) on the international traffic. How sad!

And then there is the service or lack thereof both hard and soft with the US airlines in contrast to Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways and all Asian airlines (perhaps excluding a few Chinese ones or LCCs).

Of course the ME3 are not perfect. I have especially criticized the quite harsh conditions of the Qatar Airways flight attendants. It could be one reason why they are mainly from the Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.

I thought that the moaning about the ME3 would have stopped when the Anderson (the previous CEO who just joined Amtrak as their CEO this week) left Delta – but seems that it still continues. Sounds like a broken record to me that needs to STOP!

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  • Dogmatick

    IT really is ridiculous how everything isn’t the US airlines’ fault. They run such unbelievably shoddy operations which have no respect whatsoever for their passengers to the point of beating them up, or if they are Muslim, being downright racist.

    The airline staff have been over empowered in recent times in the US allowing them to overstep and overreach the mark to easily, the reason they’re losing not just to the ME3 but to European carriers as well is because even the Americans don’t want to use them wherever possible.

    How many AA Advantage flyers choose AA over Etihad in premium classes for their free flights for example…

    There is no way BA should be able to continue successfully over the Atlantic being how awful their aircraft are, but they win out over what’s coming the other way.

    No doubt Delta is about to ‘restructure’ ie fire employees and not pay their pensions, and are looking to blame any/everyone else for their own mismanagement

    • Jamo

      Interesting response as you mention a few different points of interest. I think this hits the nail on the head with airline staff dealing with customers and representing the airline in a way which almost suggests they are doing the passenger a favour by flying them.

      I do support American jobs and generally fly AA, who are doing very well these days and almost covering their costs in cargo alone on many routes. I also support British jobs and fly BA very frequently.

      I don’t agree completely on American. AA has improved dramatically over the last few years with much nicer product on the ground, revamped lounges and good premium services. The aircraft in the international business and first are also nice and do compete with the ME3 in business but not close in first. I’d like to see beds on some more East to West, like on the JFK to LAX/SFO. We could do with those on the Miami > as well. They continue to improve though.

      BA on the other hand are definitely in decline and I really hope they change direction soon. The aircraft are tired and Club World, while innovative 20 years ago, no longer is. I have read that they are revamping it yet again later this year, but this is just another iteration of the same cabin layout. It won’t mitigate the irritation many travellers have at the layout. It is an acquired taste – the reaching over, the climbing over with food, the awkward looks from the stranger directly in front of you etc. The first class on the A380 is quite spacious although still no mini-cabin, but on the 747 there is a significant lack of privacy expected on most other airlines at this time. The Concorde room in Heathrow is too small really and if you fly from Terminal 3, there is no dedicated first class lounge space. Many consider this to be important having paid so much for the ticket. I’ve yet to try the new first class wing but will be doing shortly and I’m interested to see how that makes the airport more enjoyable but it doesn’t change fundamental issues which the airline has right now. Hopefully they’ll see sense over this current CEO hatchet man.

      • Jamo

        Note: I have just read that the new BA Club World seat does have direct aisle access so this will be a welcome improvement.

      • Barbarella

        “AA, who are doing very well these days” For whom? For themselves? Or for their customers? Old, pathetic 752 even on such transatlantic routes like JFK-CDG (AA 120/121). The “revamping” of their Admiral lounge in their own flagship terminal 8 at JFK took forever. Mediocre food & dispassionate service in J Class. “Enhanced” disAAdvantage ff program. Let’s not even mention how they handle delays or cancellations. Rude gate agents “I said sit and wait for our announcement” Arrogant phone customer service a.k.a. Guillotinum Desk “on time arrivals are not guaranteed(sic!)”

      • Dogmatick

        I agree on BA entirely, I flew their 380 F last year and was thoroughly unimpressed, just like a business seat elsewhere albeit larger. This year I flew F to IAH on a 777, ancient seat broken IFE tiny screen etc. Were it not free on Avios I would have been ticked off!

  • raplh

    I love the concern of US jobs. What a load of crap. How many good paying maintenance jobs were lost when these same airlines outsourced maintenance to foreign countries. hypocrites

  • Malcolm

    Seems that this ad is directed at Trump – the white knight in shining armour riding to the rescue of downtradden Us workers.

  • Barbarella

    So patriotic of you Delta! Please let us know when your cabin crew starts wearing orange blond wigs as a part of brand enhancement!

  • Bader Al Omar

    The advert should be rewritten “Help us defend Airline CEOs’ bonuses”.. Or “Help us keep you flying in old rusty planes”.. or “Help us be complacent in the quality of service”

  • Neal

    Perhaps if Delta spent even a tiny bit more time communicating with it’s customers about changes (devaluations) to its loyalty program (award chart?), I’d have a tiny bit of support for their concern in this matter. But in the meantime, why should I support this ’cause’ while tomorrow they will likely make yet another unannounced change to their loyalty program.

  • Flyboy

    The very people who will only ‘fly american carriers’ are the typical flyers who will never be able to fly overseas except maybe Hawaii (if they can call it that). These are types of people that will remain patriotic… and will not go on ‘muslim airlines’.

  • Nick Hevelian

    Delta made $6.6bn of profit last year ($4.5bn after tax) and made a similar amount in 2015. They handed $3.3bn of it direct to shareholders.

    This is not an airline that anyone needs to feel sorry for, and one might ask why they’re having to cut US jobs if they can afford to hand over 70% of their retained income to shareholders.

  • baldwin

    Do the ME3 get subsidies from their governments? Can anyone give a flat yes or no?

  • AlmostJesus

    Those lost “jobs” must be super valuable.
    I worked in airline ground handling a few years ago. While I was paid poorly by my contract ground handling country, it did not even compare to the pay at Delta Global Services (DGS) which is Delta’s outsourced ground handling subsidiary.
    DGS was paying a whopping $7.75/hour for ground handlers and gate agents. The standard was to hire them at a “part-time” level which in reality was expected to work as close to 40 hours a week (32 hours post ACA) as possible in order to avoid paying them any benefits. They dangle flight benefits at the lowest priority as the only carrot, yet without any paid time off, they are almost useless.
    They use DGS in order to circumvent union contracts and allow for largely ineffective unions to be in place in their DGS stations. The other ground handling companies at this airport paid $9.75 and $16+ per hour starting.
    So, tell me how that is any better or worse than the ME3? Maybe Delta just prefers for their government subsidy to be in the form of food stamps?